Lifetime Steel Post Vs. PostMaster Fence: Which One To Pick?

If you’re looking for the best protective fence for your premise, surely you’ve come across the PostMaster and Lifetime posts’ debate. The vital difference lies within their constructions and overall look and appeal. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re interested to know more and make an informed, best-fit decision for your home, keep reading. We will elaborate on their key differences and some similarities too. So, let’s dive in!

A Quick Comparison Table

TypeOver 10 different typesLine, corner, gate
DurabilityHigh strengthGreat for harsh weather
ConstructionAnti-rot, warp, bend, and twistAnti-rot, warp, bend, and twist
InstallationProfessional help neededDIY or professional
Warranty12-year warrantyLifetime warranty

Key Differences Between Lifetime Steel Post And PostMaster

  • Type
Lifetime Steel Post
Lifetime Steel Post

The Lifetime posts come in various shapes and types such as galvanized, powder-coated, black-coated, hurricane clips, and more.

On the other hand, PostMaster specializes in posts with around three sizes fit for residential, commercial, and restaurant premises.

Both of these brands own various models and different colored brackets.

However, Lifetime posts seem to attract consumers more as their posts are catered towards the mass whether they’d like to choose for their chain, picket, or metal range for their residents or commercial spaces – Lifetime has it all!

  • Durability

Did you know that the PostMaster fences can withstand winds up to 73 mph? Thanks to their sturdy posts – it’s true!

Moreover, the galvanized steel composition comes with a non-rotting feature, which works best especially, in rainy regions. Postmaster truly brings in excellent performance which prevents the fences from getting shaky due to mere weather conditions or even post installation.

Replacing these is a charm too, as the installation is simple and effective.

In retrospect, even though Lifetime has multiple editions, all their models have chain-like strength and durability. Their commercial, vinyl coated, and galvanized constructed fencing lets users install them in a jiffy with any tweak they like while not compromising on quality.

  • Construction

The PostMaster galvanized steel fence posts offer a wide assortment to choose from, depending on your preferred style and landscape.

However, the main winner here is that due to their grade-A material construction, the posts never crack, warp, twist, or rot no matter what the weather or other external conditions are! It offers military-grade security and operation while never sagging during its lifetime.

Lifetime posts are quite the same too. Unlike traditional wooden posts, these never warp, twist or bend. The steel posts hold their ground firmly, with zero sagging and an exclusive preventive solution!

  • Installation
PostMaster Fence
PostMaster Fence

People often get intimidated by this bit, as installing a fence around any resident needs vital commitment and accuracy.

Fortunately, both Postmasters and Lifetime knew this deal and tailored it accordingly.

You can acquire professional help for installing your Postmaster post. However, the good news is that you can also DIY it!

If you’re keen on such projects, go for it as it’s very much possible. Even first-timers acquire wonderful results on their first attempt with PostMaster’s purchases.

Lifetime, on the contrary, recommends taking their professional help, especially when you’re splurging on their chain fences for commercial and private properties.

  • Cost

Budget is one factor that users can’t slack upon. So, let’s give it to you straight. The Lifetime posts are affordable, whereas PostMaster is a tad bit expensive. Now, for both brands, the price range will vary based on the model and accessories you pick to go along with them.

So, you could make an informative tradeoff here. However, that still doesn’t change the fact that PostMasters have higher prices, but users still make this investment due to their impressive list of features and protectiveness.

  • Warranty

The PostMaster posts come with a limited lifetime warranty, and in contrast, Lifetime has a 12-year warranty limit. However, these warranties are correlated to their build and construction and can serve even longer if treated and maintained regularly.

Which Post Is Better For You?

So, which one should you pick? Good question. Let’s sum up what we know thus far.

Lifetime Steel Post

The best choice will differ from one user to the other. However, it will all boil down to your budget and requirements.

Now, Lifetime posts cost half the price of generic PostMaster ones.

Lifetime is also suitable for those who are looking for options while picking their post material with high durability.

Both brands’ performances are exemplary in terms of warranty, longevity, sturdiness, and durability. However, users who don’t mind the extra buck love to splurge on PostMasters more as they have lesser yet, modernistic designs and highly demanding protective features too.

Now, we all know both of these have solid galvanized steel construction yet, there are still some keynotes to remember while deciding. So, ensure that your budget is countered in while you come to terms with your ultimate decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best metal fence posts?

Galvanized metal frames work the best due to their highest strength, durability, and versatile styles. These have chain-like fencing construction making them three times more robust than generic wood fences.

How long does a steel post last?

Steel posts have a powdered coat and galvanized finish which makes them highly durable and as long-lasting as up to fifty years if maintained properly.

Which fence post is best?

Some of the best fences are also made from timber and concrete. These also have a galvanized finish which prevents chipping, cracking, splitting, wrapping, and rotting of the protective barriers.

Are steel fence posts worth it?

Steel fence posts are definitely worth the hype as they cost less but, provide unparalleled protection and durability.


Now, here’s the deal, there’s certainly a better performer when it comes to the Lifetime steel post vs. PostMaster rivalry. Due to the versatile selection of Lifetime posts, people are more inclined toward the brand.

However, it’s not the same for everyone!

If you’re looking for budget-friendly yet, durable and high-performing posts, rest assured, Lifetime posts will own up to it for the long run. Ensure that your budget matches your needs, and you’ll have a winner!

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