Lexel Vs. Through The Roof Sealants: In-depth Differences

Lexel is a new adhesive caulk into the Sasho products list, whereas Through The Roof has been here for quite a long while. Through The Roof adhesive is available in more colors, and Lexel is only available in two colors.

However, Lexel is a more durable and rugged adhesive than Through The Roof. They have made Lexel to be used on more variety of materials as compared to Through The Roof adhesive.

Both are great products to consider, but one must know the unique applications for specific operations.

A Brief Comparison Table

Comparable FactorsLEXELThrough the Roof
Color DifferencesAvailable in white and clear colorsAvailable in White, Clear, and Black Colors
CapacityAvailable only in 10 to 5 Oz’sAvailable in gallon and smaller sizes
UsageIt is designed to use on a variety of materials more in numbersIt is designed to use on less number of materials
PurposeIt’s a tough liquid elastic sealant for every jobSeals leaks that asphalt can’t
Tensile Strength21193
Clarity (NTU)66
MaterialRubberCo-Polymer rubber
Works better onWet SurfacesWet and Dry Surfaces
Reviews and RatingLowerHigher

Comparable Features Of Lexel And Through The Roof

  • Color Differences
Through The Roof Sealant
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The fundamental difference between both adhesives is they come in different colors.

Lexel gives you only two colors, which include white and clear.

Compared to that, Through The Roof gives you three colors.

These colors include Black, White, and Clear.

One can decide which finishing is needed while applying the adhesive on different materials.

  • Price

The difference in prices between both sealants is not very significant. But we know that even $1 is enough to make a difference.

In that case, Through The Roof is less expensive with the same quantity as Lexel sealant.

  • Capacity

Since Lexel is a new addition to Sasho products, they only produce it in smaller packaging. You can find this sealant packed in 5 to 10-oz tubes.

At the same time, Through The Roof Sealant is available in various sizes, including a gallon option.

Since the adhesive is being used and recommended by most customers, they have made its extended version.

  • Usage
lexel sealant

Lexel Sealant covers many materials, including Aluminum, Vinyl, Brass, Fiberglass, PVC, Copper, Silver, Steel, Plexiglass, Polycarbonate, and more.

Also, these can be applied to Drywall, Stone, Porcelain, Wood, Brick, Canvas, and more surfaces.

However, Through The Roof covers only a few materials and surfaces. These include Aluminum Flashing, Galvanized metal, Downspouts, Slate, Ductwork, roof Jacks, and other things like that.

It’s another difference one can find between these adhesives.

  • Tensile Strength

The tensile strength of a sealant determines the ease and comfort a sealant can relax when removed. Where there is a lower number of tensile Strengths, it’s always better.

In this case, you can find the Lexel with 21 tensile Strength and Through The Roof with 193 tensile strength. Lexel is the better choice when you need a sealant that can be removed easily.

  • Clarity (NTU)

It specifies how better finishing a sealant will provide when it is applied on a specific surface or material.

The lower the number, the better it will be. Keeping this straight, both products provide the same clarity level with the same NTU number, 6. You can take it as a similarity, not a difference.

  • Material

Both sealants differ in the materials with which they are manufactured and made. Lexel is made with pure rubber, whereas Through The Roof is made with Co-Polymer rubber.

Co-Polymer rubber is different from pure rubber because it is made with two or more monomer pieces.

  • Works Better On

Lexel works only well when the surface is wet. Compared to that, Through The Roof can work on both surfaces, whether a dried or wet surface.

Therefore, you can make a difference and apply these liquids based on different surfaces and materials.

  • Elasticity

Lexel provides you with more elasticity and stretching than Through The Roof will ever do. Being more elastic, it dries up quickly and strengthens the bond between things, materials, tools, and surfaces.

However, such elasticity is not found with the Through The Roof sealant.

  • Reviews and Rating

Comparing both sealants on their fame, they both vary differently. Lexel has fewer reviews and ratings by fewer customers.

In Contrast, Through The Roof has more ratings and reviews. Also, it is recommended by more individuals. Because most customers do not have any idea about Lexel yet.

Which Adhesive Sealant Is Best To Consider?

Through The Roof Sealant

Since you have seen their most significant differences, it would be easier to decide which sealant is better for which type of job. You might have used Through The Roof before, and Lexel could be new.

However, you must try Lexel because Sasho has made it cover more materials and surfaces. This sealant is a little expensive and unavailable in more quantities, like gallon capacity.

It has lower tensile strength and excellent elasticity to work with your desired surface. In my view, both products are great to consider depending on your needs and requirements.


Conclusively, Sasho has made both products for a unique application. However, it’s easier to compare Lexel Vs. Through The Roof when you know their essential qualities.

Lexel would be better if you need a more durable and lasting joint. But Through The Roof is also not leaving you behind.

But one can choose any sealant based on the demands and application. The price would vary a little bit. Yet, in the end, you’ll get what you are looking for!

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