Levolor Whisper Vs. Snow Cellular Window Blind Shade

Levolor cellular window blinds are designed to offer you ultimate perfection regarding light filtering, quality, energy efficiency, and intelligent use. However, the different types of blinds within the collection differ.

Levolor Whisper or Snow is one of the most common debates yet to be settled. The main difference between the two blinds is that whisper is grey while Snow is white.

The other differences between the two window blinds are discussed in the guide below. Let’s get started:

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationLevolor WhisperLevolor Snow
Available optionsAvailable in six optionsFour options
Materialsatin finishcellophane-like material
Energy efficiencyOffers more efficiency than snowOffers enough energy efficiency
InstallationExpensive and complex to installEasy and simple to install
FunctionalityDoes not have a cordless optionHas a cordless option
Tilt Mechanismcan tilt up to 45 degreesCan tilt up to 90 degrees

Key Differences Between Levolor Whisper And Snow

  • Color

The main difference between Levolor whisper and snow is the color of the blinds.

Although Whisper blinds come in different options, most of them lean towards the grey color. This is different from Snow which has a whitish appearance.

  • Available options
Levolor Whisper Cellular Window Blind
Levolor Whisper Cellular Window Blind

Levolor offers an option of customizing the design and pattern of the blinds based on your taste and allows you to match your home.

However, Whisper offers six options when it comes to design.

These are; ivy room, crushed satin, linen, pintuck, and modern scroll, under the room darkening category.

Linen right design is the only option under the light filtering option.

Snow is available in four design options: Amalfi light filtering and Amalfi room darkening, impression, and crushed satin room darkening.

Both options offer up to customization depending on the light in your room.

  • Material

Levolor whisper shade blind has a satin finish, while the Snow color is in a cellophane-like material. However, the difference may not appear if you see them in different lighting conditions.

The huskiness of the material does play a significant role in determining if the shades are light or dark. The design of the shades also affects its coloring, which is one reason there are differences between snow and whisper blinds.

  • Energy Efficiency

The whisper blinds offer better energy efficiency since they have better insulation than snow. This is because the huskiness of whisper shades prevents heat from entering and exiting through your windows. On the other hand, the lighter material used to make the snow shades does not do this, making them more prone to heat loss and gain.

The huskiness gives whisper blinds a thermal resistance of R1, which means that they will lose no heat compared to a layer of glass with a thermal resistance of 0.5. The cellophane-like material used to make snow blinds has a thermal resistance of only 0.3. This makes snow shades even more prone to heat loss.

  • Installation

Whisper and snow have manual options, but snow has a cordless tensioning option that whispers lacks.

The installation process for the manual version of whisper blinds is easy. However, it can be challenging to follow the instructions if you are not experienced. This is what makes whisper a bit expensive compared to snow window shades.

The installation process for snow involves many steps that are easy to follow and simple.

  • Functionality

Whisper and Snow are designed to be easy to use since they have tensioning systems. The difference between the two is that whisper has a manual option while Snow has a cordless option and a manual option.

The manual option on whisper blinds involves using a string or wire to adjust the blinds’ tension manually. The cordless option consists in installing a small device in each window and adjusting the pressure manually. The manual option is better if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

The cordless option is best if you want to adjust the tension of your window shades by pulling a lever.

  • Tilt Mechanism
Levolor Snow Cellular Window Blind
Levolor Snow Cellular Window Blind

If you don’t like the light that comes in through the windows, the tilt mechanism can make all the difference to your room’s mood.

Whisper windows can tilt up to 45 degrees, while the Snowblind allows you to tilt up to 90 degrees, depending on your needs.

The ability of the blinds to tilt up to 90 degrees makes it easy for you to tilt down in case there’s much glare that makes it hard for you and your family members, especially children, to concentrate.

The different angles also help keep daylight and heat away from your home.

Which Is Better, Levolor Whisper Or Snow?

The type of shade you choose will be determined by the amount of light you want to control in your room. While whisper offers six design options, Snow offers 4. This gives whisper an advantage.

Levolor allows you to customize your design based on the amount of light you control in your room. The two shades go for the same price and offer the same properties of intelligent home use, energy efficiency, elegant look, and ten years of warranty coverage which you might not even use in the long run.

Although there are differences in the design of the blinds, they both have a sleek style with a smooth texture that makes them look elegant. Both blinds can be used to create privacy in your room or office.

Your style will also determine which window shades you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Levolor shades good quality?

Levolor shades are made to suit your needs perfectly. If you want the best window filtering shade from Lowes, try Levolor cellular blinds. They have a high-quality fabric, and you get a ten years warranty.

Are Levolor blinds energy efficient?

Levolor blinds are designed to provide the best energy efficiency advantage over other window filtering blinds. The window blinds are also high quality and offer options for light control.

Is Levolor’s room darkening blackout?

Levolor room darkening cellular shades can completely blackout a room. These shades are ideal for daytime sleepers, movie lovers, and nurseries.

What is a honeycomb blind?

 Honeycomb blinds are designed to resemble honeycombs when you look at them from the side.


Although there is a difference between Levolor whisper and Snow, the main factor for choosing one over the other boils down to individual preferences. However, it is essential to remember that whisper has more options.

This comparison covers everything you need to know about these two window blinds. The other differences discussed here should not be viewed as flaws but as added benefits.

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