Le Creuset Lapis Vs. Marseille: Which Cookware Is Better for You?

When you are thinking about having a perfect meal, then finding good-looking and perfect cookware can bring all the difference. While looking for a high-end option, Le Creuset Lapis and Marseille is a great choice. But which one to pick between the both?

Both of these come with a certain difference from one another.

In this blog post, you will get to know about the notable feature that both of the cookware brings in and how it differs from each other. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you will make an informed decision for yourself.

A Quick Comparison Table

Getting the information most quickly will make it easier for you to decide without investing your time. I understand that that is why in this part of the blog post you will see the features of both Le Creuset Lapis and Marseille cookware in tabular format.

So, here you go.

SpecificationsLe Creuset Lapis CookwareMarseille Cookware
BrandLapis cookware comes from the Le Creuset brand, and it is offered by Williams Sonoma as well.Marseille Cookware comes from the Le Creuset brand as well.
BrightnessThe blue shade of Lapis is not as bright as the Marseille, it looks more like cobalt.The blue shade of Marseille Cookware is very bright.
DesignLapis Cookware comes with a classic design and glossy finish.Marseille cookware has a very modern look and matte finish.
MaterialIt is made with enameled cast iron.It is also made of Enameled Cast Iron.
PriceThe Lapis cookware would cost you more.Marseille Cookware will cost less than Lapis Cookware.
Heat ResistanceDue to the enamel coating, it is more durable and heat resistant.Marseille Cookware is also very durable, and it is true for heat as well.
Dishwasher SafeIt is safe for the dishwasher.Marseille Cookware is also safe for the dishwasher.
Handle MaterialMade of iron and designed for optimum grip.Iron material.
WarrantyLifetime warranty.Lifetime warranty.
Manufacturing CountryFranceFrance

Hence, these are some mention-worthy features of both Le Creuset Lapis and Marseille cookware. If you are still unable to make up your mind regarding both of these, then the next section will cover these features in detail.

Key Differences Between Le Creuset Lapis And Marseille

If you want to know about the features of both Le Creuset Lapis and Marseille cookware then you will find this part of the blog very helpful to make an informed decision for sure. Let’s get started.

  • Brand
Le Creuset Lapis

Primarily, both of the cookware come from the same brand, and that is Le Creuset.

But Lapis Cookware is offered by another brand, Williams Sonoma as well.

They primarily get the cookware from the original manufacturer to finally distribute among the buyers.

  • Brightness

There is a difference between the two cookware when it comes to the brightness of color.

The blue shade of Lapis is not as bright as the Marseille. According to some users, it looks more like cobalt.

  • Design

The design of both cookware is very thoughtful. Lapis Cookware comes with a classic design and glossy finish. Some customers prefer this glossy-looking cookware. But the Marseille cookware comes with a very modern look and matte finish.

  • Material

Both Le Creuset Lapis and Marseille are made of the same material. This material is what ensures the longevity of the cookware. So, the material is enameled cast iron.

  • Price

Le Creuset Lapis Cookware would cost you more, due to the durability and the exclusive design that it offers. On the contrary, Marseille Cookware will not cost you that much.

  • Heat Resistance

Both Lapis and Marseille come with an enamel coating on top of the primary material. That makes it enough heat resistant to endure a significant quantity of heat. Both of these brands have enough reputation about it.

  • Dishwasher Safe

When you purchase cookware for your home, it would be quite obvious to think about how to wash it after the cooking procedure is complete. Here, both of the cookwares can use the dishwasher as a safe cleaner.

  • Handle Material

The handle material of Le Creuset Lapis and Marseille is made of iron. Lapis Cookware offers a handle that would ensure a firm grip on the cookware while working with it.

  • Warranty

Le Creuset Lapis and Marseille both offer a lifetime warranty for their customers.

  • Manufacturing Country

As Le Creuset Lapis and Marseille both cookwares are from the same manufacturer, the manufacturing country is also the same for both. It is France.

I know, both of these cookwares seem to be perfect options after looking at the mentioned features. But in terms of design and pricing, there are certain differences.

Which Cookware Is Better For You?

Le Creuset Marseille cookware
Le Creuset Marseille Cookware

So, here comes the answer to your long-awaited question of yours.

If you prefer the modern, matte finishing and brighter design with a slightly lower cost, then Marseille Cookware is the one you should pick for yourself.

But if you do not mind spending a bit more money on your cookware and you like the glossy design then Lapis cookware is the best pick for you.

However, it is your need and preference, that would determine the suitable cookware for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the most popular color for Le Creuset?

Flame is the most iconic color offered by the renowned brand Le Creuset.

What color is Le Creuset Marseille?

Warm blue is the color of Le Creuset Marseille.

What Le Creuset colors are discontinued?

Azure blue, Sky blue, white, Chocolate, Granite, Cobalt blue, Burgundy, etc. are some discontinued colors of Le Creuset.

What is the most popular Le Creuset?

Casserole Dishes, Bread Oven, Dutch Oven, and Signature Roaster, are some of the most popular products from Le Creuset.

Wrapping Things Up

While thinking about le Creuset Lapis vs. Marseille, no wonder it gets trickier. Le Creuset Lapis and Marseille are both excellent cookware options. Both of them offer a lifetime warranty, are made of enameled cast iron, and are dishwasher-safe.

The main difference between the two is in their design and pricing.

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference and budget of yours that would determine the best pick for you. I am sure you are going to pick the most suitable one.


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