KX7 Concave Reviews 2024: Is IT Worth It?

KX7 concaves will be your perfect companion if you plan to cultivate high-yielding crops. Engineers have designed the KX7 concave for machine optimization and enhancing crop production.

You can find the KX7 concave Massey Ferguson, Gleaner, John Deere, and Case IH combines. The machine will increase the airflow disruption and improve the capacity for better production.

KX7 Concave Reviews highlight the benefits and disadvantages of the machine to assist your selection criteria.

Features of KX7 Concave 

You got a brief idea about KX7 Concave machines from the introduction. Here is a detailed discussion of the features of KX7 Concave machines to prove the product’s worth.

  • Improved Grain Quality 
KX7 Concave

Farmers often face problems with quality crops during harvesting.

As a result, they have to throw away tons of crops, which incurs huge losses.

KX7 Concave helps you to enhance the quality of the grains and other crops.

Hence, you can harvest more crops and reduce the wastage of crops.

In addition, improved quality of the grains and crops will result in high profit. Therefore, including KX7 Concave machines will benefit farmers and your harvesting business.

  • Clear Samples

After improving the crop’s quality, KX7 Concave also provides clean and tidy samples. The machine cuts off every tiny corner of the crops to remove the dirt or blemishes.

KX7 features sharp blades that counter pollution and blemishes to provide clear samples. Farmers and agriculturists can handle the hassle of washing the crops so many times before packaging.

You can cultivate and ensure the best product than other farms by using KX7 Concave machines. 

  • Reduction of Rotor Loss

Minimization of rotor loss is the main highlight of KX7 Concave machines. By using KX7 Concave, you can harvest crops and meet the expected demand without facing loss. 

Many farms incur a considerable loss by littering plenty of grains during harvesting. The prime reason for such failure is the inability to predict the expected amount of crops. 

You can tackle the rotor loss and retain the kennels by upgrading to KX7 Concave machines.  The machine has proved to average fewer losses than other aftermarket products. 

Therefore, if you want to save millions of dollars and ensure high production of crops, you should opt for the KX7 Concave machine. 

  • Zero Plugging Required 

KX7 Concave machines are famous for their modern technologies and higher efficiency. The zero-plugging feature helps you to cultivate crops in moist conditions. 

You might need help harvesting grains and beans during high moisture seasons. KX7 Concave models feature advanced technology that provides high performance during any conditions. 

Moreover, the KX7 Concave requires zero plugging. As a result, you don’t have to worry about charging the machine or any disruptions midway. 

  • Improved Productivity
KX7 Concave For Harvesting

KX7 Concave machines improve productivity by increasing threshing ability and capacity.

You can quickly harvest many crops with the KX7 Concave models. 

In addition, the unique angled threshing feature of the KX7 Concave offers two times better threshing than general concaves.

Experts have tested and recognized KX7 as a proper fit. 

You can ensure the perfect weld of pulses, grains, and corns through the KX7 Concave machine’s robotic welding. As a result, the crop samples will yield high and gain better profit in the market. 

  • Better Separation

Poor separation is a big headache for farmers and agriculturists. It is essential to conduct separate operations for crops like corn and soybeans. 

You can easily mitigate the separation problem and focus on cultivating more acres with the help of KX7 Concaves. 

  • Replacement Features

Kondex, the company that manufactures KX7 Concave, has a great reputation for its service. You can replace the machine parts during emergencies, and it’s just one call away.

Moreover, KX7 allows you to exchange individual boxes for upgrading the threshing process and maintenance. The replacement feature is suitable for the residents of rocky areas.

Therefore, if you are looking for quality service, KX7 Concave is the right place. 

What Could’ve Been Better For KX7 Concave?

Besides the exceptional features and quality, KX7 Concave machines have some drawbacks. Here are some areas major areas that KX7 Concave should improve.

  • Incorrect Combinations

With so many options available, farmers often mix up the combinations of KX7 Concave. As a result, the incorrect combination causes severe damage to the crops.

To tackle this issue, the dealers of Kondex have separated the combinations based on the area. Dealers have a good idea about the specific area to accommodate the perfect variety.

  • Pricing and Cost 

KX7 Concaves are more expensive than traditional concaves. The complete kit of KX7 Concave costs around $5,200.

Moreover, the KX7 Concave MaxRound Massey Ferguson will cost around $1,800. Again, the price of the whole set of KX7 Concave Premium Box is about $6000. 

Keep in mind that you also have to bear the expense of delivery and installation. Therefore, a budget-tight consumer might hesitate to buy the KX7 Concave.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

How many KX7 Concaves do I need?

KX7 Concave machines use double assemblies compared to traditional concaves for non-AGCO combines. You can enjoy an easy installation process and other configurations.
However, you add an extra MaxThresh to counter slightly more threshings.

What are the advantages of KX7 Concaves?

KX7 Concave machines can configure the concave according to your preferred crops. Moreover, KX7 concaves improve productivity by enhancing the capacity and threshing process.
In addition, you can replace the maintenance boxes and ensure better threshing of the crops.

Do KX7 Concaves require any machine modifications? 

No, you don’t have to modify the specifications of KX7 Concaves. Engineers have designed the machine to fit in any model without modifications.

Are KX7 Concaves made in America?

The American company Kondex manufactures KX7 Concave machines directly from their warehouse.


The KX7 Concave review provides a clear vision of the pros and cons of the product. The combination of advanced technology and quality service makes KX7 Concaves a lethal device.

Even though KX7 Concaves cost more than others, the benefits will suffice your requirements. You can cultivate high-yielding crops and increase the productivity of your farm with the help of KX7 Concaves.

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