Kraftsman Vs. Kaufman Trailers: In-depth Differences

Utility trailers are an essential tool for many homeowners, businesses, and contractors. When it comes time to purchase a new utility trailer, two of the top brands on the market are Kraftsman and Kaufman. But which one is the better choice for your needs?

Here we’ll compare the key features and benefits of Kraftsman and Kaufman utility trailers to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

ConstructionSteel frameAluminum/tube steel frame
FlooringMarine-grade wood or steel mesh optionsAluminum or wood options
SuspensionLeaf spring or torsion axleLeaf spring
AxlesName-brand (Dexter, Al-Ko)In-house brand
FinishGalvanizedPowder coated
Warranty5 years on frame3 years on frame
CostMid-range pricingValue pricing
TowingHeavier models affect efficiencyLighter weight improves efficiency
CustomizationWide range of upgrade optionsLimited options, custom manufacturing available
Best ForFrequent/heavy towing, commercial useOccasional/light towing, value buyers

Overview of Kraftsman Trailers

Kraftsman Trailer

Kraftsman is one of the most well-known and popular brands when it comes to utility trailers. They offer a wide selection of trailer styles and sizes, from small 4×6 foot utility trailers up to large 8.5×20 foot models. Kraftsman trailers are known for their quality construction and durable materials.

Some of the key features of Kraftsman trailers include:

  • Durable steel construction frames – Kraftsman uses heavy-duty steel for trailer frames rather than cheaper aluminum frames some competitors use. This results in a stronger and more durable trailer.
  • Variety of flooring options – Kraftsman offers wood, steel mesh, and diamond plate flooring, allowing buyers to choose the best option for their needs. The wood flooring is marine-grade for moisture resistance.
  • Quality axles and suspension – Kraftsman equip their trailers with leaf spring or torsion axle suspension along with name-brand axles like Dexter and Al-Ko. This improves the ride quality over rough terrain.
  • Corrosion resistant finishing – Kraftsman trailers come with a galvanized finish inside and out to prevent rust and corrosion even when hauling wet or corrosive materials.
  • Customization options – Kraftsman allows buyers to upgrade components like ramps, gates, and more to build a custom utility trailer suited to their specific hauling tasks.
  • 5 year limited frame warranty – Kraftsman provides a 5 year warranty on trailer frames, showing confidence in their construction quality.

Overview of Kaufman Trailers

Kaufman is another leading brand in the utility trailer market known for competitive pricing while still delivering quality and reliability. Kaufman offers a diverse selection of open and enclosed trailers for personal or commercial use.

Some of the key attributes of Kaufman utility trailers include:

Kaufman Trailer
  • Value pricing – Kaufman trailers are aggressively priced, making them appealing options for buyers on tight budgets looking for an affordable trailer.
  • Lightweight design – Kaufman uses aluminum rather than steel for many trailer components, resulting in a lighter trailer weight. This improves fuel efficiency when towing.
  • Tube steel construction – The tube steel frame design provides a good combination of durability and reduced weight.
  • Single and tandem axle models – Kaufman offers both single and tandem axle models depending on hauling needs, allowing buyers to choose the right configuration.
  • Enclosed trailer options – In addition to open flatbed styles, Kaufman produces enclosed trailers for weather-sensitive cargo.
  • Custom manufacturing – Kaufman can build custom trailers tailored to specific requirements, though lead times are longer than standard models.
  • 3 year limited warranty – Kaufman offers a 3 year limited warranty on their utility trailers after purchase.

Now that we’ve provided an overview of each brand, let’s compare them across some key factors you should consider when choosing a utility trailer.

Kraftsman And Kaufman Trailer Comparison

  • Construction Quality

When it comes to construction quality, Kraftsman edges out Kaufman thanks to the use of steel framing and better components. The heavy steel frame and leaf spring suspension result in a more robust trailer less prone to damage over years of use.

Kaufman uses lighter materials like aluminum and tube steel to reduce weight and cost, but this sacrifices some durability.

Winner: Kraftsman

  • Towing Performance

Here Kaufman has an advantage thanks to the lightweight design of their trailers. The use of aluminum and tube steel cuts down the overall trailer weight, putting less strain on the tow vehicle. This improves towing efficiency and stability.

Kraftsman’s steel-framed models are tougher but heavier. For larger trailers and loads this can make a difference in handling when towing.

Winner: Kaufman

  • Customization Options

Kraftsman offers buyers more choices when it comes to customizing their trailer. You can upgrade components and features like ramps, gates, toolboxes, tie downs, fenders, wiring, and more.

Kaufman has a more limited range of options to choose from, though you can request fully custom trailers to be manufactured. Kraftsman’s wide array of addons gives them the win for customization possibilities.

Winner: Kraftsman

  • Affordability

Kaufman trailers tend to have lower price tags across comparable models to Kraftsman. The lighter materials and focus on value helps Kaufman keep manufacturing costs down.

However, Kraftsman fans argue you get what you pay for in terms of better construction. Nonetheless, the lower initial purchase price of Kaufman makes them the budget-friendly choice.

Winner: Kaufman

  • Warranty Coverage

Kraftsman provides buyers with a 5 year limited frame warranty on all utility trailers, compared to just 3 years from Kaufman. The longer warranty period on the most important trailer component shows Kraftsman is confident their frames will be free from defects.

Only needing to worry about the frame for 3 years versus 5 gives Kaufman the loss.

Winner: Kraftsman

Based on these comparisons, Kraftsman comes out ahead in terms of construction quality, customization, and warranty coverage. But Kaufman takes the points for towing performance and affordability. Determining the right brand for you depends on the importance you place on each factor.

Recommendations for Choosing Kraftsman or Kaufman

Here are some quick recommendations on which brand may be a better choice for different buyers:

  • For homeowners or occasional towing, Kraftsman provides the best mix of quality construction and custom options to create the perfect utility trailer.
  • For frequent towing over long distances, Kaufman’s lighter weighttrailers enhance efficiency and prevent wear on tow vehicles – saving you money at the pump.
  • For buyers on tight budgets, Kaufman utility trailers provide good basic transportation at lower prices.
  • For commercial use, Kraftsman’s rugged steel construction stands up better to daily wear-and-tear on the worksite.
  • For customized trailers, Kraftsman makes it easy to upgrade with the specific features you need. Kaufman can accommodate requests too but with longer lead times.

This comparison covers some of the most important considerations, but there may be additional factors that are priorities for you. Taking the time to thoroughly assess your needs and research these two brands is worthwhile to select the best utility trailer.

And of course, closely inspecting build quality first-hand and testing towing performance on a test drive can give you a better idea of which brand is right for your applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best brand of utility trailers?

There are several top utility trailer brands to consider including Kraftsman, Kaufman, Big Tex, Pace American, Wells Cargo, and Bri-Mar. Kraftsman leads in terms of quality and durability while Kaufman offers good value. But the “best” brand depends on your specific needs and budget.

Who are Kaufman trailers competitors?

Major competitors for Kaufman Trailers include Kraftsman, Big Tex, Pace American, Haulmark, Lark, and Continental Cargo. Each brand competes on factors like pricing, construction quality, features, and more. Kaufman positions itself as a value leader.

Who owns Kaufman trailers?

Kaufman Trailers is owned by the Kaufman family and continues to operate as a family-run business from its headquarters in South Haven, Michigan. It has remained family-owned since the company was founded in 1964.

Who makes top brand trailers?

Among top trailer brands are Kraftsman, Big Tex, Kaufman, Pace American, Haulmark, Wells Cargo, Bri-Mar, and United. But many factors determine what makes a top brand, like quality, capability, value, service, customization, and reliability. Buyers should research brands thoroughly before purchase.

Final Thoughts

This comprehensive comparison highlights some key differences between Kraftsman and Kaufman trailers in construction, towing abilities, customization, affordability and warranty. While Kraftsman leads in quality and durability, Kaufman offers lighter weight and lower cost.

Use this analysis as a guide, but evaluate which factors are most important for your utility trailer needs. Taking the time to research thoroughly will ensure you select the right brand and model to suit your hauling applications.

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