Koch Cabinets Vs. KraftMaid: Which One Should You Pick?

During the construction work or remodeling of your kitchen, cabinets are considered to be a significant investment. It would have a good impact on increasing the valuation of your house. That is why picking the right cabinet is crucial for any homeowner.

Both Koch and KraftMaid cabinets are very renowned in the market. Knowing about the different features these bring in, you will be able to pick the right one for you. Here, the main difference is noticeable in the price and quality of the cabinets.

In this blog post, you will get to know different aspects of both Koch Cabinets and KraftMaid Cabinets. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsKoch CabinetsKraftMaid Cabinets
PriceKoch Cabinets are more affordable compared to the KraftMaid Cabinets.KraftMaid Cabinets are more expensive than Koch Cabinets.
Market shareKoch Cabinets could not gain enough market share due to some logistic issues.KraftMaid Cabinets could gain significant market share due to the planned dealership of the offerings.
AvailabilityKoch Cabinets are available in the country by some selected dealership options.KraftMaid Cabinets are available all around the country through so many dealers in the most notable localities.
Storage optionsKoch Cabinets may offer a lesser option for storage compared to the KraftMaid Cabinets.When it comes to storage options, KraftMaid Cabinets offer enough storage to the customers.
WarrantyKoch Cabinets come with a limited lifetime warranty, mostly for 5 years after the purchase date of the product.KraftMaid Cabinets offer a lifetime warranty on the products, in simple words, your investment is protected as long as it is owned by you.
Customer supportsKoch Cabinets offer limited customer support.KraftMaid Cabinets come up with extensive customer support.
Cabinet Finish OptionsKoch Cabinets come up with a limited range of finishes.KraftMaid Cabinets come with a broader range of finishes. Moreover, the customers are mostly more satisfied with the finishes of these cabinets.
Resale valueIt may have a lesser resale value.Due to the brand, better reviews, and finish quality, KraftMaid Cabinets will have more resale value.
Feedback from the customersKoch Cabinets does have some positive feedback, but not as much as KraftMaid Cabinets.KraftMaid Cabinets come with significant numbers of positive feedback from customers.

These are some notable features of both Koch Cabinets and KraftMaid Cabinets. These clearly show which one will be more convenient for you.

Key Differences Between Koch Cabinets and KraftMaid Cabinets

If you are still undecided about which one to invest in, then knowing about the mentioned features in detail can surely do the job.

  • Price of the cabinets
Koch Cabinet
Koch Cabinet

Pricing becomes a significant determining factor when thinking about the purchasing decision of a product.

It would depend on your budget significantly.

Here, between Koch Cabinets and KraftMaid Cabinets, KraftMaid would cost you more, but the difference is negligible when you weigh the quality it offers to the customers.

  • Market share of the cabinets

Due to nationwide better dealership arrangements and being able to create brand consciousness among the customers of the cabinets, KraftMaid cabinets has gained more market share.

In this aspect, Koch Cabinets unfortunately are not doing well, mostly due to logistic issues and not being more popular with the customers.

  • Availability

KraftMaid Cabinets are available all around the country through so many dealers in the most significant locations. On the other hand, Koch Cabinets are available in only some selective dealership locations in the country.

  • Storage options

Customers look for cabinets with ample storage options. This is where KraftMaid Cabinets absolutely stands out, by offering enough storage options to them. But in some designs, Koch Cabinets may offer a lesser option for storage compared to the KraftMaid Cabinets.

  • Warranty

Koch Cabinets come with a limited lifetime warranty, mostly for five years after the purchase of the cabinets. But KraftMaid Cabinets offer a lifetime warranty on the products. Hence, the customers would feel more secure while investing in KraftMaid Cabinets.

  • Customer support

Between Koch Cabinets and KraftMaid Cabinets, KraftMaid offers better customer support. It is visible in so many reviews from their existing customers.

  • Cabinet finish options
Kraftmaid Cabinets
Kraftmaid Cabinets

The cabinet finish would determine the overall look of that particular cabinet.

Here also KraftMaid Cabinets stays ahead by providing more, and better finish options compared to the Koch cabinets.

  • Resale value

Due to better quality, durability, warranty, finish, and market availability, the resale value of KraftMaid Cabinets is most likely to stay higher compared to the Koch cabinets.

  • Feedback from the customers

Due to the quality, better customers support also other attributes, KraftMaid Cabinets have got better feedback from the customers. Koch cabinets have also got a few positive reviews, but not as many as KraftMaid Cabinets.

After having a detailed idea of the features of both Koch Cabinets and KraftMaid Cabinets, I hope by now you have already made up your mind.

Which Cabinet Is Better For You?

Well, the answer is pretty simple here. If you are okay with spending a bit more money for better cabinets that would last for a long with a lifetime warranty option, then you would surely pick KraftMaid Cabinets.

The reasons are pretty simple and already mentioned. It comes with better storage, finish, customer support, lifetime warranty, warranty, appreciated resale value, and whatnot! Even considering the reviews from the existing customers, you would pick KraftMaid Cabinets surely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Koch cabinets any good?

Yes, Koch Cabinets are very well known for better craftsmanship, service, and better storage.

What are the highest-quality cabinets?

These are some of the highest-quality cabinet brands, KraftMaid, Ikea, Wellborn Cabinet, CliqStudios, Starmark Cabinetry, and so on.

Are KraftMaid cabinets considered high end?

Though KraftMaid cabinets are very high-quality, they come at a very affordable price.

What are Koch cabinets made of?

Koch cabinets are mostly made of solid wood to ensure durable construction.

Wrapping Things Up

If you are thinking about Koch cabinets and KraftMaid cabinets, it is pretty clear that KraftMaid Cabinets are the better choice between Koch cabinets and KraftMaid Cabinets.

This is due to their availability in more locations across the country, better storage options, lifetime warranty, customer support, cabinet finish options, and higher resale value. They also have received better reviews from customers than Koch cabinets.

I am sure you would also agree with most of the mentioned points and pick the one that would serve your purpose better. Cheers!

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