Hydroseal 75 Vs. DryLok Waterproofer: Key Differences And Features

Moisture is a prime concern in our homes and other areas. Keeping our house dry is important through waterproofing. It keeps the humidity levels of the house concrete or floor lower.

But choosing the right waterproofing products is important. Otherwise, you won’t get a reliable result. Hydroseal 75 and Drylok are the two popular choices among them. 

So, let’s shed some light on Hydroseal 75 vs. Drylok, shall we?

A Quick Comparison Between Two Waterproofing Epoxies

Keen to learn about Hydroseal 75 and Drylok briefly? Go through this comparison for a quick overview. 

SpecificationsHydroseal 75DryLok
MaterialWater-basedWater-based & oil-based
Usage areasWaterproofing, protective coating, patching, resurfacing, etc.Retaining walls, basements, dry storage, living spaces, etc.
Color optionsStandard white, gray, beige, and pasteBlue, white, gray, and beige
Curing Time4 days5 – 7 days
Number Of Coating2 coats2 coats
Shelf LifeUp to 6 months before openingUp to 4 months before opening
Price$0.59 per Fl Oz$0.44 per Fl Oz
Durability10-15 years7-10 years

In-depth Differences Between Hydroseal 75 And DryLok

It is not enough to pick the best waterproofing product just by seeing a comparison table. You want to learn their precise details by going through some important specifications. 

So, check out this part.  

  • Material 
Drylok Waterpoofing Epoxy

The first important aspect is to decide which material you should choose for the waterproofing product. 

Drylok is made of both water-based & oil-based materials. You can choose either option. Oil-based waterproofing material is a better choice for a wooden project.

They can retain the original color of the wood and its accurate wood depth.

On the contrary, Hydroseal 75 products are only water-based to ensure safety, simplicity, and a natural look. Plus, they bond incredibly well with surfaces and have little smell too.

Compared to Drylok, Hydroseal 75 has a better water-based material due to its high-quality ingredients. Its formula for making the item is slightly different too.  

  • Usage Areas

When choosing a waterproofing product, we prefer it to be as versatile as possible. Hydroseal 75 is a highly versatile product to use on various surfaces.

For example, you can use it on seawalls, crack filling, floor cove, or old foundations for resurfacing or patching purposes.

Applying it on Wet leaky basements, Concrete Flooring, Plywood Floors, Decks, or Elevator Pits is possible to waterproof it.

On the contrary, you can apply basements, living spaces, retaining walls, dry storage, hobby corners, and many other areas.

  • Color Options

Though color choices are not highly important, they can slightly affect the product’s original appearance.

Standard white, gray, beige, and paste are the four colors available for Hydroseal 75. In contrast, Drylok is available in four color options: gray, blue, beige, and white.

Both options have four common colors apart from 3 common colors. You can choose any preferred color that is compatible with the surface you want to apply.

  • Curing Time

Are you in a hurry? You might be looking for a waterproofing product that requires less time to dry and cure.

Hydroseal 75 will take around four days to cure on average, which is pretty fast compared to many competitors, including Drylok.

On the contrary, the curing period of Drylok is around 5 – 7 days, a little bit higher than the other option. Its formula takes time to adhere better on the applied surface.

  • Number Of Coating 
Hydroseal 75  Waterpoofing Epoxy
Hydroseal 75 Waterpoofing Epoxy

 To ensure a proper waterproof seal, you want to apply several coating. Both Hydroseal 75 and Drylok need two layers of waterproofing for the optimum result.

Plus, you need to wait 24 hours for Hydroseal 75 and 48 hours for Drylok after applying the first coating.

A minimum of 3 days is required after applying the second coating for Hydroseal 75.

In contrast, you want to wait 4-5 days after applying the second layer for Drylok.

So, both products take more time to dry and cure after the second coating for better adhesion and precise results. 

  • Shelf life

Knowing how long a product will last after purchasing it is important. Generally, you should not wait for a long time to apply a product once you buy it. Its freshness may reduce over time.

It is a good rule of thumb to use a Hydroseal 75 waterproofing product within six months after purchasing it. If some amount is left after applying it, aim at using it as early as possible.

On the contrary, the average shelf life of Drylok is around four months. The internal compound decays its quality gradually. The earlier you use it, the better it is.  

  • Price

When it is a big project, it requires a considerable amount of waterproofing product to cover the entire job. You may prefer to have a budget-friendly option without compromising quality.

The average per Fl Oz of Hydroseal 75 is around Hydroseal 75 $0.59. But Drylok has a less price tag, costing around $0.44 per Fl Oz.

So, Drylok is a more affordable option than Hydroseal 75. But considering their quality is also important. 

  • Durability

Both waterproofing materials have decent durability. But Hydroseal 75 can last 10-15 years on average, while Drylok has 7-10 years of durability.

The expensive option has a better lifespan due to its high-quality adhesion. External factors won’t affect it. It can easily last for an added time. 

Which One Will Be The Best Fit?

Choosing a particular waterproofing product requires you first to determine where you will use it. If you want to apply it for only one or two particular options, you can select either option based on their recommended surfaces.

But Hydroseal 75 is a more versatile option than Drylok. You can use it on more than dozens of options easily. Drylok is an affordable option, ideal for people with a strict budget.

If your priory is more on quality than cost, Hydroseal 75 should be your ultimate option. It has extreme durability. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does Hydroseal 75 cost?

The average price of Hydroseal 75 is around $0.59 per Fl Oz, while one gallon can cost around $100 or less. 

How Many Coats Of Drylok Should I Do?

It is a good rule of thumb to use two coats of Drylok for waterproofing seal. One coat will not be enough if the surface is highly exposed to moisture.

Will DryLok stop water?

Drylok creates an effective waterproofing seal to prevent moisture or water from popping up through the floor surface.

Does Drylok seal concrete?

Drylok has an effective curing compound, which you can use for both old and new concrete to minimize dusting and control moisture from weakening the concrete.

Is Drylok extreme water-based?

Some Drylok products are oil-based, but most of them are water-based. Generally, water-based materials are more effective for creating a waterproof seal for most floor surfaces. But a few surfaces are good to comply with oil-based formulas. 

Final Thought 

So, which option have you decided to choose from these in-depth details on Hydroseal 75 vs. Drylok? Both options are no less. But they are ideal for different surfaces. 

Also, you may consider its price, durability, curing period, and availability before picking a particular one.

Hopefully, you have successfully chosen the correct one after considering various aspects of your house and other things. Make sure it works perfectly for the concrete floor you want to get a waterproof seal. 

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    Hydro-seal 75 2nd can be applied 2 to 4 hours after the first coat on walls, but we like to allow floors to cure overnight before applying 2nd coat.

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