Hydro-Gear 3200 Vs. 3400 Transaxle For Lawnmower

Like many, are you confused between Hydro-Gear 3200 and 3400 commercial transaxle too?

Then read my Hydro-Gear 3200 vs. 3400 reviews and determine which one is the best choice for you. You will learn all the necessary features and differences from this article.

ZT 3200 features a 10 cc pump and 16 cc motor, whereas ZT 3400 comes with a powerful 12 cc pump and 16 cc motor. Besides, ZT3200 weighs 33 lbs., and ZT3400 weighs 34.5 lbs.

Let’s explore other essential details you’ll need to pick up the perfect fit.

A Quick Comparison Table                                                                    

Here is a quick comparison table between Hydro-Gear 3200 and 3400 transaxle:

AspectsZT 3200ZT 3400
Transaxle TypeCommercial-Grade Transaxle For Lightweight VehiclesCommercial-Grade Transaxle For Mid-Level Vehicles
Available Transmission Model3 Available Models3 Available Models
Pump & Motor10cc Pump And 16cc Motor12cc Pump And 16cc Motor
PerformanceInferior To 3400Superior To 3400
Features & BenefitsOffers Fewer Features & BenefitsOffers More Features & Benefits
Performance PackShock Valves, Cut Steel Gears & A Charge PumpShock Valves, Cut Steel Gears & A Charge Pump

In-Depth Comparisons Between Hydro-Gear 3200 And 3400 Transaxle

Now we’ll see some comprehensive key differences between these two products so that you can understand them better.

  • Transaxle Type
Hydro-Gear ZT 3200 Transaxle
Hydro-Gear ZT 3200 Transaxle

Hydro-Gear ZT-3200 is a commercial-grade transaxle for lightweight vehicles.

It offers some extra engine power to lightweight commercial vehicles.

You will get a durable 1-1/8 inches axle shaft that can produce an impressive 470 ft. lbs. torque and can take a heavier load.

On the other hand, ZT-3400 is a commercial-grade transaxle for mid-level commercial vehicles.

You’ll receive truck-like performance and unparalleled maneuverability in tighter spaces with 500 lbs-ft output torque.

Besides, it will provide your engine with the extra power to take some heavier loads with a 1-1/8 inches axle shaft. So, ZT-3400 is designed for heavier vehicles compared to the ZT-3200.

  • Available Transmission Model

Both ZT-3200 and ZT-3400 Transaxle come with 3 different transmission models. These models provide different outputs and performances. Let’s see how these models are distinct from each other.

ZT-3200 has 3 transmission models. They are ZJ with 20.69:1 overall transaxle reduction, ZL with 24.74:1 transaxle reduction, and ZM with 27.23:1 transaxle reduction. However, you’ll receive similar input speed and output torque from all three models.

Similarly, ZT-3400 also has three transmission models. ZS with 21.04:1 transaxle reduction; ZU with 23/16:1 transaxle reduction; and ZY with 21.09:1 transaxle reduction.

You will also get similar input speed and output torque across all three transmission models.

  • Pump & Motor

Since ZT-3200 is for lightweight vehicles and ZT-3400 is for mid-level commercial vehicles, they have different motors and pump sizes.

Hydro-Gear ZT-3200 comes with a high-efficiency 10 cc pump and 16 cc motor. In contrast, ZT-3400 comes with a 12 cc pump and 16 cc motor for any lawnmower. This highly efficient motor will offer a reliable and quiet performance every time.

As we can see, ZT-3400 features a more powerful pump and motor to work with mid-grade commercial vehicles.

  • Performance
Hydro-Gear ZT 3400 Transaxle
Hydro-Gear ZT 3400 Transaxle

With powerful and efficient pumps and motors, you will receive superior performance from both machines.

ZT 3200 produces from 470 lbs-ft to 637 Newton meters of output torque.

Besides, it will assist your engine in boosting speed up to 9 mph.

In contrast to ZT 3200, ZT 3400 can produce 500 lbs-ft to 677 Newton meters of output torque. You will get up to 3600 rpm input speed.

On top of that, it will add a 10 mph speed to your vehicle’s engine.

As ZT 3400 comes with a more powerful motor and engine, you’ll undoubtedly receive better performance.

  • Features & Benefits

Knowing the features and benefits of these two transaxles will help you determine which one will be best for your purpose.

ZT-3400 offers a commercial-grade transmission with its 10 cc pump and 16 cc motor. Its durable axle will help your vehicle’s engine to take heavy loads.

Besides, you will get an optional internal expansion tank for easy installation.

On top of that, standard shock valves offer added system protection and extend the lifetime of this commercial-grade transaxle.

On the other hand, the ZT 3400 is designed for mid-level commercial vehicles with a 12 cc pump and 16 cc motor. You will get excellent maneuverability in tight spaces from this machine.

Besides, it offers reliable and quiet performance for mid-level commercial vehicles. Its optional internal expansion tank will help you install it quite easily.

  • Performance Pack

You will get some necessary items with the ZT 3200 and ZT 3400 transaxles for easy installation and servicing. No matter the differences in their spec, both machines come with a similar performance package.

You will get Shock valves, cut steel gears, and a charge pump with the transaxles. As a result, you can easily install it, fix any issues, and service your machine.

  • Vehicle and Transaxle Weight

A Hydro-Gear ZT 3200 weighs around 33 lbs. and is compatible with 1500 lbs. gross vehicle weight. Conversely, a ZT 3400 weighs 34.5 lbs. and is compatible with 1600 lbs. of gross vehicle weight.

Besides, both transaxles come with an axle shaft diameter of 1.125 inches and Tapered 4 or 5 Bolt Flange shaft options.

  • Warranty

Since ZT 3200 and ZT 3400 belong to the same manufacturer, you will get similar warranty terms from both transaxles.

All Hydro-Gear transaxles come with a 6-month part and labor warranty. So, both transaxles are backed for any manufacturer defects for up to 6 months.

Which Transaxle Is Best For You?

From my above discussion, it’s clear that Hydro-Gear ZT 3400 is superior to ZT 3200. It comes with a more powerful pump and motor.

Besides, you will get more speed and better performance from ZT 3400. So, I would suggest you buy ZT 3400.

But ZT 3400 is designed for mid-level commercial vehicles. So, if you have a lightweight vehicle, you can choose ZT 3200. Otherwise, you must select ZT 3400 transaxle.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the difference between ZT 2800 and ZT 3100?

Hydro-Gear ZT 2800 provides a max forward speed of 8 mph, whereas ZT 3100 offers a 9 mph max forward speed. Besides, ZT 3100 is compatible with max vehicle weight. It means you can use ZT 3100 with heavier vehicles.

Is the Hydro-Gear 2800 serviceable?

Hydro-Gear ZT 2800 is the highest grade and most rugged estate-grade residential transaxle available in the market. It comes with a performance pack, and you can easily service this machine.

What weight is Hydro-Gear oil?

Hydro-Gear transaxles are compatible with some specific oils. You can use either 20W-50 motor oil or 15W-50 synthetic motor oil with these machines. Using these oils will make your transaxle durable and high-performing.

How do you identify Hydro-Gear?

You can identify any Hydro-Gear products by looking at their attached labels, product models, and serial numbers. You will have to provide these numbers if you seek any assistance or repairs.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between two commercial-grade transaxles can be a real challenge. Miss a factor, and you might end up with the wrong choice.

But after reading my Hydro-Gear 3200 vs. 3400 reviews, there is no way you will make a mistake now.

I have done my part, revealing all the necessary features to you. Now it’s time you purchase the one that offers you the most benefits.

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