Hunter I-20 Vs. PGP Sprinkler (2024): In-depth Differences

Are you confused about choosing between Hunter I-20 and PGP sprinkler?

When selecting a lawn sprinkler, you want to consider your lawn size and the flow rate of your water system. Here, we will go through an in-depth discussion to help you choose the best sprinkler. Let’s dive in!

Hunter I-20 Sprinklers have a radius of 4.9 to 14.0 m, whereas Hunter PGP Sprinklers come with a 6.4 to 15.8 m radius. The flow rate for I-20 is 0.07 to 3.23 m³/hr and for PGP is 0.10 to 3.22 m³/hr. I-20 has preinstalled nozzles, but PGP doesn’t have any.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsHunter I-20 SprinklerHunter PGP Sprinkler
Radius4.9 to 14.0 m6.4 to 15.8 m
Flow0.07 to 3.23 m³/hr0.10 to 3.22 m³/hr
Inlet Size¾” BSP¾” BSP
Operating pressure range20 to 101 psi20 to 101 psi
Specialty NozzlesPreinstalledN/A
Nozzle choice3427
ApplicationsResidential, commercial, athletic fields, reclaimed water, and high vandalism areasResidential and low-pressure areas
Warranty5 years2 years

Key Differences between Hunter I-20 And PGP Sprinkler

  • Radius
Hunter I-20 Sprinkler

Hunter I-20 Sprinkler can spray water 4.9 to 14.0 meters from the middle of the circle side of the circle.

Hence, it has decent coverage to easily water small or mid-sized lawns.

In contrast, Hunter PGP Sprinkler can easily cover 6.4 to 15.8 meters of space.

This makes them a perfect choice for a more extensive lawn. But make sure to maintain sufficient areas between Sprinklers.

  • Flow

The flow rate of Hunter I-20 Sprinkler is 0.07 to 3.23 m³/hr. You can effortlessly adjust it. This will ensure a better irrigation system as the water can reach areas quickly.

On the other hand, Hunter PGP Sprinklers come with a flow rate between 0.10 to 3.22 m³/hr. Though it is slightly slower than the other option, it combines better for its higher coverage.

  • Inlet Size

Both sprinklers require a ¾” BSP inlet. You will connect it to the water supply to ensure a free water flow to the sprinkler valve.

Make sure to measure to install it correctly. You can use a piece of string for an appropriate measurement. For smooth water flow, your sprinkler pipe needs to be more extensive than the sprinkler inlet.

  • Operating Pressure Range

Both units allow a pressure range of 20 to 101 psi. These two sprinklers are excellent for achieving low, middle, and higher water pressure. This makes them highly versatile.

But avoid using more than 80 psi unless your household appliances have the capabilities to endure. Usually, you can spray easily by maintaining the psi between 40 to 80.

  • Specialty Nozzles

Nozzles play a crucial role in changing the direction and speed of the water flow, which is located at the upper area of the sprinkler head.

Hunter I-20 Sprinklers come with preinstalled nozzles. You don’t need to install them separately. In contrast, Hunter PGP Sprinklers don’t have any nozzles. Separately buying them is necessary.

  • Nozzle Choices

You need 34-rated nozzles for Hunter I-20 Sprinklers. In contrast, Hunter PGP Sprinklers require 27-rated nozzles.

It is better to install larger nozzles if you want to work with lower water pressures. This will prevent the reduction of sprinkler time per rotation and unbalanced water distribution.

  • Applications
Hunter PGP Sprinkler

Depending on size and features, it is crucial to use a sprinkler system at the appropriate place.

You can use Hunter I-20 Sprinklers in Residential, commercial, athletic fields, reclaimed water, and high vandalism areas.

On the contrary, Hunter PGP Sprinklers are a better choice for Residential and low-pressure areas.

This comes in handy for household areas, where there is a strict rule on water pressure standards.

  • Warranty

Hunter I-20 Sprinklers have five years of warranty. This makes the product more reliable. Hence, you can keep yourself worry-free for a long time.

On the other hand, Hunter PGP Sprinklers offer only two years of warranty. Though they are not as convenient as the other option, you will not see failure issues too soon.

  • Price

Hunter I-20 Sprinkler is the latest product that has many advanced features. It features FloStop control and efficient nozzles to make the spraying session smooth and hassle-free.

On the other hand, Hunter PGP Sprinklers have an affordable price. This makes it a perfect choice for households where you don’t need extremely powerful units.

Which Sprinkler Is The Best For You?

Choosing a quality sprinkler requires first considering your location and water pressure level. Hunter PGP Sprinkler appears a great choice if you want to use sprinklers for household purposes.

It can cover larger-sized lawns without compromising the water flow significantly.

On the contrary, Hunter PGP Sprinklers are perfect for commercial and high vandalism areas, where you can utilize higher water pressure. But avoid using more than 80 psi unless you don’t need it.

This may cause gradual damage from continuous practices. Here is a little more about it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does PGP stand for Hunter?

The full meaning is “professional gear-driven pop-up.” They are authentic products from Hunter’s.

What is the difference between PGP and PGP Ultra?

PGP Sprinklers have a 0.10 – 3.22 flow rate and a 6.4 – 15.8 m radius. In contrast, PGP Ultra sprinklers have a 4.9 – 14.0 m radius and a 0.07 – 3.23 flow rate.

Which is better Hunter or Rainbird?

Though sprinklers from both Hunter and Rainbird have a high-quality, Hunter is slightly more durable than Rainbird, especially their rotors, heads, pipes, and tubes.

What are the different types of Hunter sprinkler heads?

Hunter sprinkler heads are available in different types such as Spray Rotary, Drip or Soaker, adjustable or fixed nozzles, pattern or filter based, etc.

Bottom Lines

So, which option have you decided to choose, Hunter I-20 or PGP Sprinkler?

As we mentioned already, first, know how much water pressure your household water system allows and how strong the pipeline is. Weaker pipelines will be affected by higher water pressure.

Hunter I-20 Sprinklers appear an ideal choice if you prefer many advanced features in QuickCheck™ arc mechanism, Non-strippable drive mechanism, and automatic arc return. But Hunter PGP Sprinkler is also suitable for residential purposes at an affordable price.

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