Hallman Range Vs. Ilve Range: Which One Should You Go For?

Cooking ranges are pretty long-term investments. This is why people prefer getting good ranges like the Hallman and Ilve ones.

Hallman has a smaller product range, more color options, and is less durable and affordable. Ilve has a better product range but fewer color options and is more durable and on the more expensive side.

Since cooking ranges are a pretty big investment, it is important to pick the right one. Hallman and Ilve both are good, but which one should you go for?

Here’s a comparison to help you decide.

A Quick Summary of the Comparison

Product range and buildSmaller range, more color optionsBigger range, fewer color options
Performance and durabilityGood durability, less noisy ovenBetter durability, noisier oven
PriceMore affordableLess affordable

Key Differences Between Hallman And Ilve Ranges

Both brands make quality cooking ranges, that’s for sure. Even some of their designs are similar. So the difference is mostly in other departments.

Product range and build, performance, durability, and price are the major differences between Hallman and Ilve cooking ranges.

  • Product Range and Build
Hallman Range
Hallman Range

Both brands have a pretty big product range, but there’s still a slight difference.

Hallman has a smaller product range compared to Ilve. But they make it up with their color options.

Hallman has more color options compared to Ilve.

Most people like to choose liberally, that’s why product range matters.

Hallman understands that so they stepped up their game, but they’re still a little behind. Their product range is hefty but it is still a little behind Ilve ranges.

What Hallman lacks in product range is very much covered with its color options. They have lots of colors and they’re available for pretty much all of their products.

The colors go well with the vintage-inspired design of the cooking ranges so you’ll have no trouble integrating them into your interior planning.

Ilve on the other hand is almost the opposite. They’re most famous for their vintage-inspired nostalgie series, but they also have other series of cooking ranges.

This makes their product range overall bigger than Hallman’s. The non-vintage cooking ranges are more sleek and minimal, and easy to incorporate into pretty much any interior style.

Ilve only has good color options for their nostalgie series. For the others, they stick with the basic metallic colors.

  • Performance and Durability

With how much hassle a kitchen goes through, having a durable cooking range is important. Hallmark is slightly behind in this department, their ranges have a tendency not to last too long.

Good thing is, their cooking ranges don’t make much noise. Ilve cooking ranges last longer, but the ovens can be noisy.

Hallman ranges are kind of a controversial cooking range choice because of their durability issues. They’re notorious for acting up too soon after installation and are very prone to taking damage during shipping.

But their ranges run smooth and the ovens don’t make much noise.

Ilve is pretty popular for its durability. You’re almost guaranteed to get a good number of years on the ranges unless you’re one of the unlucky people.

The only problem is you’ll have to deal with a little noise. The oven fans can be loud compared to other brands like Hallman.

  • Price

This is one of the biggest reasons why Hallman ranges are popular. They look like high-end brands but don’t cost that much. The price tags make it more of a mid-end brand.

Ilve on the other hand is far less affordable and falls under the high-end brand’s category.

Which One Should You Go For?

Both Hallman and Ilve make quality kitchen tools. Not just in terms of material but in terms of design and service too.

Ilve Range
Ilve Range

And that’s the thing, both brands are so similar in quality that it is hard to clearly compare them. Picking one of the two options is even harder.

So there is no straight answer to this, it all depends.

But you don’t have to hang in the middle. Ultimately, the choice is yours. So go with the one you prefer personally.

That’s the easy way out. If you want a more objective approach, you’ll have to do some serious pros and cons calculations before jumping in.

If having more color options is important for you and you want something a little quieter, Hallman is a pretty good option. Their product range is pretty good, and with the extra color option, it becomes better.

The ranges are pretty sturdy. The best part is that the ovens aren’t noisy like other range cooking brands.

Plus Hallmark is much more affordable compared to similar brands. The only problem with Hallmark is the longevity of their cooking.

The ranges last for a shorter time and have a higher risk of being damaged during shipping. If you can look past that, Hallmark is a seriously good option.

If you don’t mind spending the extra bucks and want something more durable, go for Ilve. They have a bigger product range you can choose from.

The non-vintage series have fewer color options but the product range covers them. Ilve ranges are also super sturdy and last longer compared to Hallman.

The only problem with Ilve is their ovens. Their ovens can feel noisier because of the fans inside. You won’t have to plug your ears but you’ll know that your oven is on.

If you’re okay with that, Ilve is a very good option.

Overall, Ilve is the better choice in this case. But if you want more color options or want something more affordable, Hallman is as good as it gets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Hallman and ILVE the same?

Not exactly. Hallman ranges are very similar to Ilve nostalgie but that’s about it.

Is ILVE a high end brand?

Yes, Ilve is one of the high-end kitchen tool brands.

Where is Hallman range made?

Hallman ranges are handcrafted in Italy.

Are Hallman ranges made in Italy?

Yes, Hallman ranges are made in Italy.

Is ILVE made in China?

No, Ilve products are made and assembled in Italy.

Final Verdict

With how tricky the kitchen business is, it is better to know what you’re getting into before buying your cooking range. Ilve and Hallman both are really good brands, so the winner of the Hallman range and ILVE is hard to decide.

Objectively, Ilve is the better option. But if you want something more affordable then Hallman is a solid option too.

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