Gambrel Roof Ventilation Problems (And How To Overcome Them?)

Gambrel roofs are a great way to have a large space in your attic. You can even turn it into a separate small room in some cases. 

And it just adds elegance to your house that you can’t match with some other choices.

But amidst all of that, you have to face some Gambrel roof ventilation problems. The shape they have can impact the ventilation of the roofs to the point where you may start struggling to have them. 

Don’t know where to start? 

I have got you covered; let’s get through the problems and the solutions you can try.

Ventilation Problems You May Face With Gambrel Roof 

Gambrel roof ventilation

Now, there are several different ventilation problems that you may go through when it comes to the Gambrel roof. These are some fundamental issues that you face with the roof system, and luckily, they are solvable as well. 

First, let’s check out the problems and then take you through the solutions.

  • Intake Airflow Problems

The first issue with improper ventilation is the fact that there won’t be proper air circulation in your home through the roof. This means air can’t get inside through the roof properly because there is not enough ventilation.

This can lead to different damages like moisture or poor heating. When outside air can’t reach inside, it slowly decays the quality of life inside your home. 

And at some point, you will start feeling suffocated by the air inside your home.

So, outside air not coming into your home can be a big issue that you have to deal with immediately.

  • Problems With Air Exhaustion 

Well, while you want outside air to come in, another important aspect of ventilation is exhausting the existing air. You have to make sure the air inside your home is also going out properly. 

However, with Gambrel roof systems, it’s a huge problem that you have to deal with.

The gambrel roof system doesn’t have enough openings to let the air out of your place. The air intake system can’t work for air exhaustion if you are wondering about that. 

You will need to implement a different system in your Gambrel roof to keep the polluted or contaminated air inside the house.

In short, you have to make sure that the air is going out of the home from your Gambrel roof. Otherwise, you will surely face issues like condensation and suffocation when you are inside your house.

Typically, these are the two major problems that you will face with your Gambrel roof when it comes to ventilation. While you may not have to solve these issues urgently, you will surely need to figure something out in the long run. 

That’s why I have this solution to try out.

Solutions To Try Out For Gambrel Roof Ventilation

fixing Gambrel roof ventilation issues

There are some straightforward solutions that you can try to solve ventilation problems in your home with the Gambrel roof. These are some solutions that you can implement by yourself, or you can try opting for professional services to do them for you. 

Let’s get through that part now –

  • Installing Soffet Vents 

Soffit vents are amazing solutions to the problem of air intake in your home. You can do this by different kinds of stuff like cutting openings with tools like a saber, or using a saw, then installing some grilles. 

You can also use a hole saw and get your desired opening. You can finish it off with the installation of round grilles.

When using this, make sure you are doing it on a continuous soffit, as it helps wash the complete roof with air. This way, you can easily avoid too much heat buildup and avoid any kind of damage to the roofing material.

  • Trying Eyebrow Vents 

Aside from Soffit vents, you can also try using eyebrow vents for air intake in your home. Eyebrow vents work great when you install them on the overhanging part of your roof on the lower end.

With the eyebrow vents, you will have to think about the number of vents you install. Because it needs to be of the correct number, you won’t get the results you desire to get. 

The number of vents relies mainly on the size of your attic.

  • Placing Ridge Vents 

Now, here is a solution that you have to try out for exhausting the air out through the roof. You can install ridge vents on the upper part of your Gambrel roof. It helps the air is escaping through the roof.

The place ridge vents are one of the best solutions considering they are cost-effective. And at the same time, they are very much efficient as a result you can get a lot out of this system.

  • Installing Ventilation Fans 

Last but not least, you can always install ventilation fans to let out the hot air in your roofing system. No matter what anyone says, this is the best solution available for you in terms of effectiveness. 

You can notice the results immediately in all extremities.

Since they are quite powerful devices, the air quickly goes out of the roof. Now, the only issue you may have with this solution is the fact that it’s a bit noisy and awkward to have around the space.

But when it comes to cooling your space and preventing moisture-related issues, this is the best fix that you should try to implement.

So, these are the solutions that are available for you. They all usually work, but they differ in the impact or effect they have on your ventilation.


Summing up the Gambrel roof ventilation problems, I would say you just have to think about the air coming in and air going out. These two can cause problems like moisture damage and condensation, which you will surely want to avoid at all costs.

As you already saw, the solutions are pretty easy to follow up on as well. And once you implement them in your house, you end up with something amazing in terms of roofing for sure.

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