Eclisse Vs. Cavity Slider Pocket Doors: In-Depth Comparison

The Eclisse is the standard of excellence when executing your design, while the Cavity is more economical and less complex. But Eclisse has the edge over Cavity because of its unique features like locking handles, cylinder locks, and non-metallic material.

Ultimately, you’ll be choosing between aesthetic appeal and quality.

The other differences between the two pocket doors are discussed in this pocket door guide below: Let’s get started.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsEclisseCavity slider
SecuritySecurity features cannot compare with CavityOffers improved security
InstallationRequires a specialist for installationEasy to install
Damage resistanceResistantLess resistant to damage
Overall look and feelHigh-end lookAverage looking
Noise ResistanceIt cannot compare to a cavity slider when it comes to noise isolationBetter when it comes to noise isolation
Interior Wood Decoration  Has wood décorIt has no wood décor
Weather ResistanceIt can be used in any weatherIdeal for cold weather
SturdinessAre not sturdy like the CavityLast longer
PriceExpensive than the cavity sliderCheaper than Eclisse

Key Differences Between Eclisse And Cavity Slider

  • Security

The Cavity door has a steel locking bar. Eclisse doesn’t. If you live in an area with high crime rates, the Cavity would be a better option, as it keeps your home secure from intruders.

  • Weight
eclisse pocket door
Eclisse Pocket Door

Cavity doors are made from extruded aluminum and glass, which are light and easy to install.

This makes them easy to lift into position by yourself or with the help of a builder.

Their light weight also makes them easier to take down when the time comes.

Eclisse Doors are made from solid wood, making them heavier and more robust, but this comes with one advantage: they are far less likely to be damaged.

  • Damage Resistance

The Eclisse door consists of a two-part system, which creates a sturdier structure. This means your door is less likely to get damaged over the years than the Cavity door.

  • Overall Look And Feel

There’s no denying that Eclisse Doors are better looking than Cavity doors. However, they may be a better choice for some homes with a minimalist design ethos.

They look great in modern interiors, but there are better choices for people who want an old-fashioned traditional look. The Cavity door is a typical wooden slider, so it’s better if you like that classic country feel.

  • Noise Resistant 

The Cavity has a thicker frame which helps to prevent noise from escaping and being heard outside of your home. Eclisse Doors are created using larch wood which is hardwood and very sturdy.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Eclisse door doesn’t make noise. They often creak and crackle when opening and closing, causing a high-pitched noise you can hear from within your home.

  • Interior Wood Decoration

The Eclisse Door comes with stylish interior wood decoration. The Cavity door doesn’t have any interior decoration attached, so this is one way in which it may be considered an inferior product.

  • Installation

An average DIY enthusiast can install cavity doors, but as Eclisse Doors are made from natural materials, every door requires specialist installation. This means you will have a hard time if you try to install them yourself.

So, watch this installation video from Eclisse first!

  • Weather Resistance

Both the Eclisse and Cavity doors are crafted from high-quality materials, making them both resistant to weather. However, if you live in a frigid climate, then you may find that the Cavity door is a better choice as it has more insulation than its counterpart.

  • Sturdiness

The Cavity door is sturdier than the Eclisse door. You need to make sure that you install it in a solid location and use it with care, but the fact that we said this means that it is very durable and robust.

If you want something which will last a very long time, then choose the Cavity door, but if you want something which looks great on your home, then the Eclisse is the better option.

  • Price

The first and main difference between these two products is price. Both doors have a gorgeous finish, but the Eclisse is often more expensive than price Cavity.

The price difference exists since Eclisse currently has no competition regarding quality. Cavity sliders are unique pocket doors. However, for their retail price, you can get better pocket doors.

Which Is Better, Eclisse Or Cavity Slider?

Cavity Slider Pocket Door

The truth is, both are astounding.

If you want something better than the Cavity at a higher price, then Eclisse will be the ideal choice for you.

The cavity will be perfect for your pocket doors if you want to save money.

Eclisse doors are better than Cavity doors in terms of security. They are also more suitable for a modern home interior.

Both are fantastic pocket doors with beautiful designs and functionality you can count on. It would be best to consider all the factors discussed before making a final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of door is best for a pocket door?

Provided the door has the correct measurement, thickness, and durable material, any door can be used for pocket doors.

Is a pocket door a cavity slider?

How a cavity slider moves depends on whether it is a pocket door. A cavity slider sliding towards a wall’s opening can be a pocket door.

Are there different types of pocket doors?

Different pocket doors are made of various materials and produced for other parts of the house, including the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, etc. Your budget and taste will determine which pocket door you get.

Where are cavity sliders made?

Cavity slider doors are manufactured in New Zealand.


Your home interior is an extension of your soul, and you want it to look great. The right door can make the difference between having a functional and stylish interior for the rest of your life or replacing your sliding door in a few years.

The comparison above on Eclisse and Cavity slider compares the two pocket doors in depth.

From the guide, Eclisse is a high-end pocket door with better soundproofing than Cavity. The cavity is also a good pocket door but cannot compete with Eclisse.

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