Door Sweep Brush Vs. Rubber: Which One To Pick?

You come across many solutions when you fill that gap at the bottom of your door and the door frame. Choosing between a door sweep brush and rubber is pretty tricky.

The main difference between the two-door sweep choices is the sealing factor. Rubber door sweep works better for sealing purposes and provides better protection against water or critter.

Alongside this, there are some little differences here and there that vary based on the situation. So, it would be best to make an in-depth comparison when choosing between the two.

That’s what I have prepared for you here so that you can choose what’s best for your situation.

Let’s jump into the comparison right away.

A Quick Comparison of The Two-Door Sweeps

SpecificationsDoor Sweep BrushDoor Sweep Rubber
SealingNot goodVery well
ToleranceHigh toleranceNot that great
ResistanceNot the bestTop-notch
MaintenanceEasyA bit difficult

Key Differences Between Door Sweep Brush And Rubber

  • Sealing
Door Sweep Brush
Door Sweep Brush

The primary thing about using a door sweep is the sealing ability you need.

The type of door sweep you should use depends mainly on the sealing quality. There is a clear difference in the sealing capability of the two choices.

If your door has a large gap at the bottom, I highly recommend using rubber door sweeps.

Rubber or Neoprene door sweeps have a better sealing ability, providing great weatherproofing. Especially if the door encounters a lot of rain or water, you will need to use the rubber door sweeps.

As for the brush door sweep, it’s just not strong enough to keep your door gap weatherproof or critter-proof. So, once in a while, you will see this issue where water tends to seep under the door.

Therefore, going with the rubber door sweep is the best solution for the best possible sealing. It’s the only choice between the two if your door has a large gap.

  • Flexibility

How does the flexibility impact choosing a door sweep? The flexibility will decide how easy it is to open and close the door and whether it works.

In terms of flexibility, the brush is a better option than rubber. A meeting works perfectly when the bottom gap of the door is a bit narrow. The brush door sweep doesn’t get stuck in the narrow gap, so you can easily open and close the door.

On the other hand, rubber is a bit more solid and rigid than a brush. Considering that, you will have difficulty with the rubber door sweep when the gap is too thin.

Sometimes, the door can get stuck, and you must use brute force to open or close the door.

Based on that factor, I would say going with a brush will be a better option if the gap is too thin. But if there is a significant gap where the rubber door sweep can move smoothly, you can go for that without a doubt.

  • Tolerance
Door Sweep with Rubber

The tolerance of door sweep brushes is more about the durability you get from the two types.

How long the door sweep last will have an impact depending on the type you choose.

I have to say starting with the rubber is not something you expect.

Even though it’s much more complicated and seems sturdier, you don’t get that kind of results. They are more prone to wear and tear and get damaged over time.

In contrast, the brush will last a bit longer than that. Because no matter how many times you move, the meeting can withstand the torture. They don’t get any wear and tear anytime soon.

So, in terms of tolerance and durability, a brush door sweep is always the better choice over rubber. Especially if the gap is too small between the bottom part of the door and the door frame, the brush will last a lot longer than rubber.

  • Resistance

Resistance to specific conditions will always be a consideration for your door sweep. You will want a door sweep that has several resistance features to make it more effective and last for a long time.

With rubber door sweeps, you get excellent abrasion resistance. They work very well when you have an abrasive floor in your home.

Also, they are perfect against water and critter as well. Altogether, you get good resistance coming from the rubber door sweep.

As for the brush, there is not much resistance. You already know the texture of brush door sweep. They aren’t as sturdy as rubber or other materials.

They are pretty fragile, so you can’t expect too much resistance to some rough issues like abrasion or critters.

Based on that, I have to say rubber is a better choice than the two in terms of resistance. You get more value out of the rubber door sweep than the brush.

  • Maintenance

Let’s face it. Nobody wants something that takes a lot of work to maintain or clean up. Easy maintenance is always an advantage to consider. And there is a significant difference between the two door sweeps regarding maintenance.

Right off the bat, it’s straightforward to maintain a brush door sweep. There is not too much to clean, as they are already in a brush form. They don’t get too much dirty, so you don’t have to clean them up that often.

In comparison, rubber can be difficult to maintain. They get dirty quite a lot. After a while, they start appearing very ugly. You have to go through a cleaning session very often.

Which One Is A Better Option For You?

door sweep

Now, you can’t get a solid answer when deciding which is better. It would help if you considered the different factors that go into the door sweep type.

A rubber door sweep is a way to go if you want the most resistance and sealing capabilities to make it more weatherproof. They are better against water damage.

On the other hand, if you want easy maintenance and more extended durability, then a brush door sweep is a perfect choice. They are resistant to moisture, but you don’t get too much against water or critters.

The easiest way to decide is to check the gap on your door bottom. A rubber door sweep is an option if it’s a significant gap. But if you have a tiny gap, go with the brush door sweep because a rubber one will make the door get stuck.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are rubber or brush door sweeps better?

Rubber door sweeps are better for water protection. Brush door sweeps work better for better durability and less maintenance.

What is the difference between door sweep and threshold?

The main difference between the door sweeps and the threshold is that the threshold leaves a gap between them, but the door sweep doesn’t have any gaps. The door sweep seals the gap all the way.

Are all door sweeps the same?

No, there are different types of door sweeps, which aren’t the same. Each of them has its unique features that are suitable for particular situations.

How do I choose a door sweep?

The first thing you have to do is measure the gap. Once you get that down, you can check out the features and benefits of using the different door sweeps. Then, you can quickly determine which door sweep is perfect for you.


Summing it up, a door sweep brush vs. rubber can be a tricky choice. But once you know how they are different, you can easily choose one of them.

Of course, the gap between the door and the door frame is a consideration. A more significant gap is more suited for rubber door sweep. And a thinner gap is more suitable for brush door sweep.

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