Door Not Closing Tight Against Weather Stripping: Reasons And Solutions

When doors are slammed shut, it is not supposed to move much depending on the weather stripping is in a good condition. But there may be multiple occasions on which you may find the problem of the door not closing tight against the weather stripping.

Just like every other problem that you face on a daily basis, there are some solutions to this particular problem as well. In this blog post, you will get to know about the reasons and solutions to this problem.

So, let’s get started without any further delay.

Why Does My Door Remain Open Against Weather Stripping?

weather stripping uneven gaps

There can be a couple of reasons that can work as a catalyst in creating this problem. It is really essential to figure out the reasons that are creating the problems in the first place.

Once you find out the reasons, your quest in getting the solution to the problem is halfway done, trust me!

So, what are those reasons that cause the problem of closing the door of your home against weather stripping? Is it easy to find out any solution?

Let’s find out!

  • Incorrect Installation

The installation job of the door of your home is crucial here. If there is some fault in it, then you may have to suffer in the long run.

When the installation job is poorly done, then expect to get the door closing issue off and on.

Once, you find out the issue during the installation work, it would be better to reach out to an expert for fixing the job that got ruined in the first place. Delaying it would have some serious consequences later on.

  • Having Old Door
door won't stay close tight against weather stripping

This is another common reason that the door is not closing tight against the weather stripping.

As a door gets older, it may get warped due to natural reasons. Door warping is the process of distortion of wood when fibers keep changing unequally.

That is why it is found the old doors getting contracted and expanded.

  • Compressed Weather Stripping

The weatherstripping that is held against the door framing of your home is often getting compressed. Due to this scenario, it becomes almost impossible for the doors to close tight against the weatherstrip.

As a result of it, the door remains open, or it becomes really easy to open the door for anyone with just an insignificant push.

  • Weight Of The Door Pulling Down

When you build your door in a way that it is bound in the upper corner of the jamb, then there is a reason behind it.

When any such thing happens then understand that, it is happening due to the door pulling down for weight from an angle of the top corner of the door as a result of it the door is not getting closed. 

These are some notable reasons that are working behind the door not closing tight against the weather stripping problem.

What Are The Probable Solutions To This Problem?

fixing weather stripping uneven gaps

Here are some solutions to the mentioned issue that you can focus on.

  • Cleaning And Sealing Door Frames

You can not expect your entrance door to get closed when there is an issue with the door frame. It is the basic structure of a door that holds it. So, fix the damage on the door frame if there is any.

Add more protection if there are any cracks and gaps and make sure there is not any further damage to the door frame to make sure the problem is resolved.

  • Replace Old Warped Door

As the old doors get warped for natural reasons, it would be better to get them replaced after using them for a few years. By doing so, you will be able to ensure that, there is not any door closing issue later on.

So, keep a close eye on figuring out if there is any fiber-related issue in your door and once you find it out, it would be better to get it replaced.

  • Tighten The Door With A Screwdriver Or Drill

Due to the weight of the heavy door, it may fall near to the ground for the simple gravitational force, you need to tighten the door with the frame with a screwdriver or the drill.

  • Get Consultation Of An Expert

When you get to understand any installation issue of the door job, then without any further delay consult with an expert on what to do and get it fixed.

  • Change Compressed Weather Stripping

When the weather sealing is being compressed, then you will find the issue of the doors is not closing tight against it. 

Your immediate action should be to get it replaced without any further delay.

These are the solutions that you can consider to get rid of the mentioned problem.

Weather Stripping: In A Nutshell!

Weatherstripping is basically a strip material meant for the doors and windows of your home. It comes in handy during the winter as it seals the door and window so tightly that the heat and cold from the outside can’t pass through your home.

This small addition to your home can have a significant impact on keeping the ideal temperature of your home during wintertime, thus you and all the other members of your family will feel comfortable even in such difficult times.

How Does Weather Stripping Work?

By now you have got some initial idea about the weather stripping and its main functionality of it. Now, let’s get to know how it works.

Weatherstripping works by creating a seal around the framing of the door. And as a result of this, the door remains securely in place. It is a versatile tool that can go with all types of doors and all types of moving parts.

Once you figure out any issue in the weather stripping then it is recommended to get it solved right away without further delay. You will be able to get the best outcome from it when you take care of the replacement and repair works of it seriously.

It can be really frustrating for you when you find out that, the door of your home is not getting closed. It is definitely a matter of concern for you.

A door isn’t just an object used for opening and closing entryways. It is also an essential part of your home or business security system. 

When your exterior doors are not staying closed properly, then there will be cold air coming to the internal environment of your home. Moreover, there is a possibility that some intruders may enter your home without even asking permission from you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if screws come loose from your door?

Loose screws can cause your door to fall and not fit squarely within the frame.

What can you do about loose screws?

The first course of action is to simply tighten the existing screws, but if the screws are stripped you may need to drill new pilot holes for new screws.

What is the gap between door and frame called?

The gap between the door and the frame is known as the mull. It is the shorter version of the mullion.

What is the door gap called?

There is another naming of the door gap, which is bottom clearance. The upper gap of the door is called the head clearance, whereas side gaps are recognized as stile clearances.

Wrapping Things Up

Weatherstripping helps keep out both heat and cold. If you are facing a door not closing tight against a weather stripping issue, then now you know all the probable solutions to it.

If you are living in a rented home then you can inform the landlord, he might have some suggestions for it. As he might be more experienced in these fixes, you might be surprised how simple fixes can really help!

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