Delta Trask Vs. Trinsic Kitchen Faucet: Which One To Pick?

Trask and Trinsic kitchen faucets are made by the same company and look precisely the same. However, some slight differences could be readily noticeable.

For example, Trinsic faucets have solid brass fabricated bodies that are missing in Trask faucets. The two faucets also differ in height.

The comparison of Delta Trask and Trinsic kitchen faucets will discuss other differences between the faucets. Let’s get started:

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsDelta Trask Trinsic
MaterialStainless SteelBrass
Finish TypeFour different finish typesFive finish-type options
Spray settingsThree flow settingsTwo different flow settings
Handle materialStainless steel.Zinc
BatteriesDoes not need AA batteriesRequires AA batteries to work
Number of holes11
Maximum Flow rate1.8 Gallons Per Minute1.8 Gallons Per Minute
Number of handles11
PriceA bit more expensive than TrinsicCheaper than Trask

Key Differences Between Delta Trask And Trinsic Kitchen Faucet

  • Material
DELTA Trask SpotShield Kitchen Faucet
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Although these faucets look very similar, they are not made of the same material.

Trinsic faucets are made of solid brass, and there are five finish options you can choose from. 

They include Matte Black, Arctic Stainless, Champagne Bronze, Black Stainless, and Chrome finishes.

Delta Trask is made using stainless steel.

It also has four finish options: stainless steel, bronze, black, or nickel.

  • Handle Material

Delta Trask faucets have stainless steel handles, while Trinsic faucets have zinc handles. The zinc handles for Trinsic might break easily if abused.

  • Style/Design

These two models have the same style but slight differences in design. The most notable difference is that Delta Trask has a single-handle lever, whereas Trinsic has two handles with a cross handle between them.

  • Nozzle Height

There is an inch difference in the nozzles between Trinsic and Delta Trask. Trinsic has a lower height than Delta Trask, so it will be a good choice if you have kids who might accidentally spill water on the kitchen floor.

  • Spray Settings

The spray settings are almost identical in both models, but they differ a little in the number of flow settings they have. Delta Trask has three different flow settings, whereas Trinsic has two different flow settings.

  • Flow Control

Trinsic has a pull-out spray riser that allows you to use the faucet to adjust the water pressure and the pressurized spray head. This way, you can control the amount of water in a fine mist.

Delta Trask uses a fixed spray head held by a ball joint. Users value this spray head because it can be adjusted to make a fine mist.

  • No-Drip Technology

The no-drip technology in Trinsic faucets is less advanced than the Delta Trask model. Some users have described the no-drip feature of Trinsic faucets as fake because water still drips from the quick-connect spout and the pull-out nozzle if you are not careful. This might be a problem you should consider before getting this model.

  • Water Supply

There is an inch difference in the water supply pipes between Trinsic and Delta Trask. Trinsic faucets come with a pull-out supply hose, whereas Delta Trask has an integrated spout that connects to the sink’s pipe supply.

  • Spray Spout
Delta Trinsic Kitchen Faucet

A significant difference between the two faucets is their spray spout.

Delta Trask has a separate pull-down spray head with a rotatable spray face.

In addition, this spray head can be moved up and down to make it easier to rinse items under the sink.

It also has nine different flow settings, so you can adjust the water pressure even when it is adjusted at the supply valve.

Trinsic faucets have a single pull-down spray head that can’t be adjusted like the Delta Trask model. It is also only made of plastic and doesn’t attach to the faucet’s body.

  • Protection

Delta Trask has a push button to unlock the mechanism on the pull-out sprayer so you can change nozzle settings or detach it when you do not need it.

Trinsic faucets have an emergency stop button that can stop the sprayer when it backs out of position.

Users have described this feature as very useful because it allows users to pull out the sprayer without causing damage to the sink.

  • Spray Face

The Trinsic spray face is a fixed spray head. The spray face has two distinct sides that can be swapped to give you a more useful feature. For instance, you can change the side to a curved shape using use the spray head as a stream. Choose the side with four holes if you want to use it as a showerhead.

  • Batteries

Unlike Trinsic faucets, which require 6 AA batteries to install, Delta Trask does not need any batteries. Trinsic has a led which will indicate when the battery needs to be replaced.

  • Height

Delta Trask faucets come in 3 different heights. The faucet with the highest height is 10 inches tall and has a 1-1/8″ spout, while the other two are 8-1/2″ tall with a ½” spout each.

Trinsic faucets come in 3 different lengths: 11″, 12″, and 16″. The 11″ model is the longest and is 13″ tall. The 12″ version is 12-1/8″ tall and has a 1-1/4″ spout, while the 16″ is 14-5/8″ tall and has a 1-5/16″ tap respectively.

  • Price

The price difference is minimal. Trask is slightly more expensive, but it would be a good choice if you want a longer-lasting, solid faucet. Trinsic is more of an economic model and will work for your everyday needs.

Which Kitchen Faucet Is Better?

Delta Trask and Trinsic faucets are two of the best kitchen faucet brands on the market.

They both have received positive feedback from buyers and are very similar in features, functionality, and design. 

The big difference is an inch difference in the height of their spray spout.

Trinsic has a shorter spray spout that makes it easier for children or people with limited mobility in their arms.

In addition, Delta Trask has a pull-out spray head that rotates to give you more convenient access to the sink. Trinsic doesn’t have this feature, so you will need a separate nozzle riser if you want water pressure control and extra reach.

It’s hard to find out which is better between the two models, so it is worth taking a closer look at their strengths and weaknesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does DST stand for in Delta faucets?

If the Delta faucets have DST in the model number, it includes Diamond Seal Technology.

How does Delta Tempsense work?

Instead of waiting and confirming if the water is warm, Delta Tempsense allows you to know automatically. The indicator color changes as the water temperature changes.

What does SpotShield mean?

SpotShield means your faucets are protected from water spots, stains, and fingerprints. This allows your faucets to maintain the appearance they originally came with.


Delta is one of the best manufacturers of kitchen faucets on the market. The Delta Trask and Trinsic comparison above has information about two delta faucets. 

Buyers have praised Delta Trask for its sleek design, durability, and performance. This model comes with Diamond Seal Technology and a rotatable pull-out spray head, making it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas under sinks.

Trinsic is another high-quality faucet that comes with a lifetime limited warranty and demonstrates excellent craftsmanship and design. Your taste will determine which faucets you choose.

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