Delta 36-600 Table Saw Review 2023: Is It Worth It?

Want to know a dirty little secret?

Old table saws are sturdier than recently-made ones.

Think I’m bluffing?

I’ve been using an old table saw for quite some time, and I can tell you, it’s true. I have a thing for woodworking and old table saws.

In this write-up, I’ll show you the features and benefits of the Delta 36-600 table saw. I have my own experience with this table saw, and I’ll share that with you.

So, without any more contemplation, let’s get this thing going.

Features Of Delta 36-600 Table Saw

I have found many unique features in this Delta 36-600 table saw, which was the primary reason I went for it. So, here are some key features of the Delta 36-600 table saw.

  • Table Saw Type
Delta 36-600 Table Saw

Delta 36-600 is downsized, and compact contractor saw. But it’s more like a combination of a benchtop and contractor saw.

Although it’s compact, you can quickly outgrow it anytime. Some of its parts are still available in stores and online shops.

This benchtop-looking saw comes with a stand. So, you can easily carry it to your job site and put down any even surfaces.

Although it’s old, mine one works pretty well compared to other modern table saws I have.

  • Size

Delta 36-600 is a compact table saw. So, it’s smaller than most contractor saws available today. The size of this table saw is 22¼ inches by 38 3/8 inches.

Its size is big enough for most stock stability. The overall product dimension is 31.5 x 26 x 18 inches.

Blade size is very crucial for a table saw. Delta 36-600 table saw comes with 10 inches blade length. I can cut almost all my necessary stocks with this table saw.

So, I’m sure it will come in handy for you as well.

  • Motor

The motor is one of the most important parts of a table saw. The performance of a table saw hugely depends on its motor. My Delta 36-600 contractor table saw comes with a 15 amp Universal motor. It delivers 5500 RPM.

Besides, the machine is run by electricity. You will need 120 volts and 60 Hz electricity to operate this table saw. The good thing is most of your household supports 120 volts.

So, you won’t need any special outlet to run this contractor table saw.

  • Build Quality              

To be honest, I’m surprised with its build quality.

After using this machine, I’m convinced that old machines were built stronger than most machines today.

Delta 36-600 is made from 100% cast iron. That’s why my old delta table saw still looks solid. 

Because this table saw is made from cast iron, it’s pretty sturdy and reduces the vibration.

On top of that, there’s a coating of floor paste wax. That’s why it feels easy to operate this table saw.

  • Great Features

You might become surprised to see the features of this table saw. The T slot is always preferable to a plain slot, and the miter gauge rides in this Delta 36-600 rides in a t-Slot.

As a result, it won’t tip out when you’ll reach the balance point.

Besides, the safety features are pretty good, considering it’s an old design. Apart from that, other features are pretty good as well.

  • Weight

A contractor’s table saw needs to be lightweight because you might have to carry it to your job sites. The good thing is Delta 36-600 is pretty lightweight. It weighs 159 pounds.

As you can see, the weight is not very much. So, carrying it won’t be a hassle.

  • Warranty

Warranty is vital for any machine, especially for a table saw. Generally, Delta offers 2 Years Warranty with all its table saw. So, Delta 36-600 also comes with a 2-Year warranty.

But the thing is, the possibility of getting a brand new Delta 36-600 table saw is very unlikely. If you want to purchase this machine, you’ll have to buy it from the aftermarket.

And you won’t get any warranty from old or used 36-600 table saw.

  • Price

Price is pretty important for all customers. You won’t require a lot of money for this Delta 36-600 table saw.

Since most of these table saws will be used, and you’ll have to buy them from aftermarket stores, the price will be pretty less than the actual one.

According to my findings, based on its condition, you will get a used Delta 36-600 for around $100 to $200. So, you will get a good functioning table saw at this price.

What Could Have Been Better With Delta 36-600 Table Saw?

I have found many limitations in this table saw. Most of them are because it’s old and used.

However, here are some cons of this table saw.

  • Loud Sound

The Universal motor of this table saw is pretty louder. It’s louder than most table saws available today. So, you will have to tolerate a louder sound while you work with it.

It won’t be very pleasant for some of the users. But you must accept it if you want to use this table saw.

  • Warranty

Since this table saw is discontinued by its manufacturer, it’s very unlikely that you will find a brand new one. So, you will only find it in old or used tool shops.

And they generally do not provide any warranty with it. So, you’ll have to buy it without any warranty coverage.

  • Availability

You have already learned that the production of Delta 36-600 table saw was discontinued a long time ago. So, it’s not widely available.

In fact, it’s almost certain that no brand new Delta 36-600 table saws are available in stores. However, you can buy used ones from old tool shops, aftermarket stores, and online shops like Craig’s list and eBay.

Final Thoughts

We are at the finish line. But I hope my Delta 36-600 table saw review had given you a better understanding of this product. It’s a pretty good table saw at this price.

I have had a good experience with this tool so far.

So, if you’re willing to give it a try, I say go for it. After all, it’s not a lot of money, and it will get your job done pretty well.

Ralph Wade

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