Cub Cadet CC800 Vs. Toro Timemaster: Differences And Features

Are you looking for a better option between Cub Cadet CC800 and Toro TimeMaster mower?

Read this comparison between Cub Cadet CC800 and Toro Timemaster to determine the best mower choice for your lawn.

Cub Cadet CC800 mower comes with a 344 cc Brigg & Stratton OHV engine with an electric start and a backup recoil start. On the other hand, Toro Timemaster has a 223 cc Brigg & Stratton OHV engine.

Let’s dive deeper and out about other differences between these two mowers.

A Quick Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison table between Cub Cadet CC800 and Toro Timemaster mower:

AspectsCub Cadet CC 800Toro TimeMaster
Mower TypeCyclocut Wide-Area MowerPersonal Pace Mower
Deck Material & Size33 Inches Steel Deck30 Inches Steel & Cast Aluminum Deck
Engine Type344 CC223 CC
Cutting PerformanceSuperior PerformanceHigh Performance
Features & BenefitsOffers Many Features & BenefitsOffers Many Features & Benefits
Warranty3 Years Limited Warranty3 Years Full Warranty
PriceAround $1,899Around $1549

In-Depth Comparisons Between Cub Cadet CC800 And Toro Timemaster

In this part, I will show you some key differences between Toro Timemaster vs. Cub Cadet CC800 mowers. So, let’s begin.

  • Mower Type
Cub Cadet CC800
Cub Cadet CC800

Cub Cadet CC 800 is a cyclocut wide-area mower with SuperStart Guaranteed Electric start, and a backup recoil start.

The mower is 33 inches in size with a rugged steel deck and twin blades.

Besides, it features a Rear Wheel Drive system and cyclocut cutting system.

On the contrary, Toro Timemaster is a 30 inches Personal Pace mower that can cut a wider path and finish the job faster. It is also a Rear Wheel drive system with a recoil start but has traction assist with it.

Most importantly, you can mow more quickly with its powerful engine. When it comes to the engine, Cub Cadet CC600 is different from TORO Timemaster as well!

  • Maneuverability Comparison

For navigating tight spots and trimming around landscaping, a more compact and nimble machine has advantages.

  • The Cub Cadet CC800 is the larger mower, measuring about 5 feet long by 2.5 feet wide. The wide-body frame is stable, but limits maneuverability in smaller spaces.
  • The Toro Timemaster has a notably smaller footprint at 4 feet long by 1.5 feet wide. The shorter wheelbase allows tighter 40-inch turning radius.

The Toro is clearly the easier mower to maneuver thanks to its smaller dimensions and lighter overall weight. The CC800’s size can limit its agility when mowing around trees, gardens, and lawn ornaments.

  • Deck Material & Size
Toro Timemaster
Toro Timemaster

The stronger the deck material, the more durable the mower is.

That’s why deck material is essential.

Similarly, a more expansive deck means a larger size.

Cub Cadet CC800 has a wider 33 inches deck made from rugged steel.

You can easily adjust the deck height with a single lever.

Besides, an easy deck wash will help you clean the mower quite easily.

On the other hand, Toro Timemaster has a 30 inches deck made out of steel and cast aluminum frame. It comes with a standard washout port. Besides, you will get a quick stow storage handle with this mower.

  • Engine Type

The engine is one of the most essential parts of a mower. That’s why you must check it before buying.

Cub Cadet CC800 mower features a Briggs & Stratton engine with 344 cc displacement. You can start the engine with an electric key, but there is an additional recoil start option for an emergency.

The engine oil capacity of this mower is 48 oz., and the fuel tank can hold 8 qt. oil. Here is a video demo it.

In contrast, Tori Timemaster comes with a Brigg & Stratton engine with 223 cc displacement and 10,000 ft-lb gross torque. You will have a recoil starter to start the mower.

Besides, its fuel tank can hold 1.2 qt. of fuel to run your mower for 1 hour.

As we can see, Cub Cadet CC 800 has a bigger engine size with both an electric and recoil starter. But Toro Timemaster has a smaller engine and only a recoil starter.

  • Cutting Performance          

A powerful engine and superior features result in better cutting performance. A Cub Cadet CC 800 has a cutting width of 33 inches.

Besides, its cutting height range is from 1.25 inches to 3.50 inches. Plus, you can choose from 8 deck positions.

But the only drawback is that it does not come with any grass collector bag.

By contrast, Toro Timemaster offers 30 inches cutting width. You will get a cutting height of 1.25 inches to 4.25 inches.

But the good thing is that it comes with a standard mulch and side discharge grass collector bag. You can collect up to 2.5 bushels in the bag.

  • Features & Benefits
Toro Timemaster
Toro Timemaster

You will get a single lever height adjustment in Cub Cadet CC 800 mower, which is easy to change and adjust. You will get electric and recoil starters for convenience and ease of use.

An ergonomic handle with separate drive control and blade clutch allows your mower to run without a blade.

Besides, you can quickly rinse off the mower with water using a garden hose.

In contrast, you will get a dual force cutting system and Toro atomic blade with a Timemaster mower. As a result, you can cut your lawn grass into fine mulch.

Its personal pace self-propel system can adjust the speed according to your walking pace.

You will also get a blade stop safety feature, a quick stow storage handle, 2 point height of cut, and a washout port with each Toro Timemaster mower.

  • Warranty Comparison

The warranty coverage provided on yard equipment provides peace of mind on your investment. Here’s how the CC800 and Timemaster compare:

  • Cub Cadet CC800: 3-year limited residential warranty on all parts and labor
  • Toro Timemaster: 3-year limited warranty on engine and mower

The warranties are evenly matched at 3 years of coverage. Parts and labor are included for the CC800, while Toro covers parts but not labor costs. The slight difference gives Cub Cadet the edge for warranty protection.

  • Cost Considerations

When comparingriding lawn mowers on key specs, you also need to factor in the purchase price. Here are the MSRPs for each model:

  • Cub Cadet CC800: $2,499
  • Toro Timemaster: $1,999

The $500 price gap is significant between the two mowers. You’re getting a larger engine and cutting deck with the more expensive Cub Cadet CC800. But if budget is a concern, the Timemaster still offers quality and performance at a more affordable price point.

Which Mower Is Best For You?

So between the Timemaster and CC800 riding mowers, which is the better buy? Here are a few key facts to help you decide:

Cub Cadet CC800
Cub Cadet CC800
  • For large, wide open lawns the CC800 is faster and more efficient with its 42-inch deck. Go Toro for better maneuverability.
  • The CC800 is the heavier-duty mower but both are sturdily built.
  • Convenience features are mostly a toss-up, but Cub Cadet offers some nicer touches.
  • Toro has better optimized mulching performance.
  • Cub Cadet’s larger size limits agility around tight spots.
  • Available attachments give Cub Cadet more versatility.
  • The warranty terms are comparable between the brands.
  • Cub Cadet costs $500 more but has a larger engine and deck. The Toro is more budget-friendly.

Ultimately, there’s no universally “better” choice between these capable riding mowers. The right pick depends on your specific lawn needs:

  • For wide open yards, maximum mowing efficiency brings value to the Cub Cadet CC800.
  • If maneuverability around landscaping and price matter most, consider the Toro Timemaster.

Either model will serve you well. Weigh your top priorities to decide if the key benefits of the CC800 are worth the extra investment over the Timemaster’s cost savings. And be sure to test drive any mower before buying to feel the difference firsthand.

Now that you understand the full comparison of features, performance and value, you can confidently choose the riding mower that’s ideal for your lawn care needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Toro and Cub Cadet the same?

Toro and Cub Cadet Mowers belong to two different manufacturers. But they have many identical features. That’s why people often compare them with each other.

Does Toro TimeMaster really save time?

With many superior features and outstanding performance, Toro Timemaster saves time by completing your job quickly. Its personal space self-propel system, height adjustment, washout port, etc., make it a quick cutting machine.

Is the Toro TimeMaster worth it?

Toro TimeMaster is an excellent personal pace grass mower having many outstanding features. You can cut your grass in nice mulches using this machine. So, yes, it’s worth it. However, you will find an even better mower than this one.

Does a Toro TimeMaster mulch as well?

Toro TimeMaster offers a very fine mulch because of its rear dischargeable plug. Besides its cutting width and height, make sure you get a smooth and consistent cut throughout your lawn.

Final Thoughts

A grass mower has many aspects, and missing one can choose the wrong product. But after reading my Cub Cadet CC800 and Toro Timemaster article, I’m confident that you won’t mistake buying the right mower.

We are at the end of our review. Here’s my pro tip: purchase the one I choose, and you’ll be glad in the future that you did.

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