Crown Vs. Sorby Turning Tools: Which One To Pick?

Turning tools are one of the most essential tools for cutting and finishing the outside of your workpiece. Crown and Sorby are both amazing turning tools but they have their differences and pros and cons also.

For example, Sorby is a bit pricey and hard to control, whereas the handle of Crown is smaller and has a thicker metal.

Choosing the right turning tool is important since it ensures your comfort while working and improves the quality of your work. In this article, we will discuss these two turning tools in detail.

A Quick Comparison Table

Here’s a quick comparison table between Crown and Sorby turning tools for your better and easy understanding-

SpecificationsCrown Turning ToolsSorby Turning Tools
CostLess expensiveExpensive
User experienceEasy to controlHard to control
Design differencesHas a curveFlatter
MetalThickerLess Thicker

Key Differences Between Crown And Sorby Turning Tools

Some major differences between these two turning tools make them unique from each other. In this part of the article, we will discuss these differences –

  • Cost Variation
Sorby Turning Tool
Sorby Turning Tool

The price of the products is one of the significant sides to consider while buying.

The first difference that can be found between these two turning tools is their cost variation.

Robert Sorby turning tools is more expensive than Crown turning tools.

As both companies produce a bunch of turning tools, it is tough to compare all of their tool prices.

But the cost variation can be understood by comparing a few products. For example- Robert Sorby Bowl Gouge costs between $69.95 and $114.95, while Crown Bowl Gouge costs between $50.80 and $80.90.

  • User Experience

Customer reviews for both Crown and Sorby turning tools are positive, but some exceptions can be found sometimes. Robert Sorby users complain that they find it hard to control.

They tend to lose balance because of the length of the handle. But other than that, the reviews are absolutely fine. They love the way it looks and cuts the edges.

  • Design Differences

Crown and Sorby turning tools both have their own unique designs. Sorby is a bit flatter than Crown. This design helps users while sharpening the tool. This flatter gouge also helps the tool remain sharp even after several uses.

  • Handle
Crown Turning Tool

The length of the handle plays an important role in the comfort of the user.

A shorter handle gives much control and balance.

Crown turning tools have shorter handles, and that’s why users find them more comfortable to work with.

Also, the curve in the handle gives an easy grip facility.

However, many of us like to work with a long-handled tool. If you feel like you are comfortable with this type of handle, you can choose Sorby, which has longer handles than Crown turning tools.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Read below some frequently asked questions about Crown and Sorby and our answers to them. Might help clear a few confusions!

Where are Sorby tools made?

Robert Sorby is a well-known manufacturing company that manufactures premium quality woodturning tools and accessories. It is a British company, and all its tools are made in Sheffield, UK.

Where are Crown hand tools made?

Crown Hand Tools Ltd is the manufacturer of Crown tools. It is famous for manufacturing woodturning, woodworking, handsaws, decorator tools, woodcarving, and many more. Like Robert Sorby, Crown hand tools are also made in Sheffield, UK.

What woodturning tools should a beginner use?

A 3/16-inch diamond parting tool by Crown Hand Tools Ltd. can be a good option for beginners. It is easy to grab and control. It also has a sharp edge, so it needs less effort while working.

What is the best steel for wood-turning tools?

M2 Steel is the best steel for wood-turning tools. It is also called High-Speed Steel, or HSS. The main advantages of this steel are that it is easy to sharpen, handles the heat better than iron or any other metal, and remains sharp for a long time.

Final Words

Woodturning tools give a smooth shape to your workpiece and make them attractive. However, a faulty turning tool can ruin your project and cause you a lot of trouble.

Crown vs. Sorby turning tools is a never-ending debate as both can give you the smooth finish you want.

If you are still struggling to choose between these two turning tools, go through this article again and try to pick up the one which goes with your project requirements.

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