CitraBlue Grass Reviews 2024: Suitable For Your Lawn?

To enhance the beauty of your lawn, grass can play a significant role. Well, most of the time, they are not durable enough, which instead of enhancing beauty, creates a hassle. But not with CitraBlue grass.

CitraBlue grass has a blue-green tint, making your space greenish and vibrant. Plus, the added benefits of it make it more demandable than others.

I’ve used it in my lawn area so the review will be slightly from my side. Also, it is an honest review as a compilation of diverse opinions has been added here.

Keep reading this article to grab some more opinions about the product. And choose wisely if it goes along with your preference or not.

Features of CitraBlue Grass

CitraBlue Grass

One of the best features of having CitraBlue grass in your lawn is not to use much water except in hot weather. Other than that, CitraBlue grass gives a refreshing feeling along with some fascinating features, making it a demandable one.

But no product is good unless its sustainability is good enough. Let’s see how CitraBlue grass can be the right choice for your house.

  • Shade Tolerant

Each plant needs sunlight to extract nutrients during photosynthesis to survive. Though they don’t need it 24/7, they need it to some extent. That’s why shade over your lawn is also beneficial, as it can protect the grass from direct heat.

Not all types of grass are shade tolerant which need sunlight to grow. But unfortunately, growing grass in a completely shaded area is quite tricky.

Well, our product CitraBlue is shade tolerant which is why I use it in my lawn area, which is a bit shaded throughout the day. Only 3-4 hours of sunlight is adequate for it regularly.

  • Disease Resistance

Nobody wants to have added diseases due to something which makes your house look more pleasant—keeping that in mind, CitraBlue has come up with its disease-resistance capacity. Moreover, other features of it make it more demandable.

More or less, we’ve heard that in shaded areas, moisture cannot evaporate away as fast as it should. There is a high chance of growing grass diseases that ultimately harm us.

But not with CitraBlue! Even when conditions are not ideal, CitraBlue is designed in such a way that it’s able to deal with those environments.

The grass can resist large patches and gray leaf spots. Also, it’s able to take care of all your root rot. That is known as common lawn disease. So you don’t have to worry about grass-related conditions!

  • Less Mowing

Amid such a hectic schedule, maintaining the grass regularly is difficult.

But not with CitraBlue!

As the growth pattern, it doesn’t need a considerable time for mowing. Simplicity is the best for it!

The thicker lateral growth needs less mowing as it grows laterally instead of increasing in height.

Moreover, this grass doesn’t need a lot of fertilizer.

That is also good for the user. Also, it reduces the amount of work for you.

  • Drought-tolerant

CitraBlue involves such fantastic features, making it much more valuable than others. And one of them is drought tolerance.

You must wonder what will happen if it has drought tolerance. Well, your work will reduce to half! You don’t need to spray water daily as it can go for days without water.

This blue-colored grass can be used in sports fields, parks, and commercial landscapes with sandy or clay-based soils. Because of this kind of soil, it’s drought-tolerant too. The ground will be slightly acidic, around 6.0-6.9 in pH.

If you’re living in coastal properties, you can use this grass and grow there too.

  • Hardy Nature

CitraBlue is hardy. As a result, its wear tolerance is much higher than other grass available in the market. That makes it able to recover from any injury.

So, even if injured, it can return to its beautiful appearance quickly. Sounds fun, right? This grass rapidly fills up any bare patches due to injury overtime period.

Use it easily on any sports field, playground, backyard, or high-traffic areas. It has a dense blade structure with horizontal growth, making it more durable and complex.

  • Soft Texture

CitraBlue is a blue-green-colored grass. The vibrant color of this grass can be seen throughout the year, not just during its growing seasons. That allows it to remain greenery.

But what about the texture? If the surface is not good enough, it decreases its quality too.

The blades are broad and flat but grow in a much denser pattern than others. Moreover, the texture is relatively softer than others. It gives you a carpet-like feeling under your foot.

  • Easy Maintenance

CitraBlue requires almost zero maintenance. It proliferates in the horizontal direction, and vertical growth is slow. As a result, I’ve mentioned before that it needs less mowing. Keep it between 1-2 inches for perfect results by cutting it on the shorter side.

Also, the high drought resistance helps you to water less than is required for any other grass. Minimum water works just fine for the CitraBlue grass.

And lastly, about the fertilizer, it doesn’t need that too. Also, use pest control according to its requirements, which also requires very little.

So, CitraBlue makes your work half than other grass!

  • Weed Resistance

For lawns and gardens, if weeds grow, it creates a hassle in the area. Don’t you? You can’t enjoy the best yard just because of them.

But fortunately, CitraBlue has become the rescuer as it has the weed resistance capability. It has open growth, which means that the spacing between grass blades and stolons allows the sunlight to get down to the soil level so that weed will germinate.

Say goodbye to weeds and enjoy the soft texture of the CitraBlue grass.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Palmetto grass any good?

A grass with excellent shade, cold, frost, heat, and drought tolerance is palmetto grass. It’s perfect for residential and commercial use due to its diverse climate and soil conditions.

Is CitraBlue shade tolerant?

Along with CitraBlue being disease resistant, it can be shade tolerant too.

What is CitraBlue compatible with?

With simply applying little water except in hot sunny weather, CitraBlue doesn’t require other mediums to take care of it. Little take care can keep its longevity for a more extended period.

Does CitraBlue support Sun and Moon?

CitraBlue supports the sun and moon. As it’s shade tolerant but cannot thrive with as little as three hours of direct contact with the sun.

Final Words

Like purchasing any phone or gadget, we look at people’s reviews. The same is done for the CitraBlue grass too.

We understand that relying on one is difficult amid so many grasses with different adverse repercussions. That’s why we have come up with CitraBlue grass reviews to make your work more accessible.

We’ve tried to shorten it down and incorporate all those facilities that the grass can provide you as a user.

I hope that this article can help you to conclude!

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