Cariloha Vs. Cozy Earth Sheets: Which Bamboo Bedding Is Better?

When it comes to choosing bed sheets, two brands stand out for their use of bamboo – Cariloha and Cozy Earth. Both boast ultra-soft bamboo bedding that promises unparalleled comfort.

But which one truly delivers the best night’s sleep?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Cariloha and Cozy Earth on key factors like materials, price, reviews and more. Our goal is to provide an unbiased analysis to help you decide which bamboo sheets are right for your bedroom.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureCarilohaCozy Earth
MaterialsBamboo viscoseBamboo, cotton, modal blend
Thread Count250-330300+
SizesTwin – Cal KingTwin – Cal King
Colors3 solid neutrals8 solids and patterns
Prices$159 – $259$369 – $449
Return Policy30 nights100 nights
ReviewsRave softness reviewsRave comfort reviews
Key BenefitsAffordable luxuryUltimate softness

Cariloha Sheet Overview

Cariloha Bamboo Sheets

Cariloha makes a wide range of apparel and home goods from bamboo viscose. But the Utah-based brand first made its name with luxury bamboo bed sheets.

Here are the key details about Cariloha’s signature bedding:

  • Materials – Cariloha uses viscose derived from bamboo stalks. The process turns bamboo cellulose into a silky and breathable fabric.
  • Weave – The bamboo viscose has a percale weave. This style creates a smooth, matte surface and lightweight feel ideal for year-round use.
  • Thread count – Ranges from 250 to 330. Higher thread counts mean more softness and durability.
  • Sizes – Offered in all standard mattress sizes from twin to California king.
  • Colors – White, ivory and slate grey. The neutral palette works in any bedroom decor.
  • Service – Cariloha sheets come with a satisfaction guarantee. You can return them after 30 nights if not completely happy.

Now let’s get into the sheet specs and selling points that matter most: softness, price and user reviews.

Cariloha Softness

Softness is clearly Cariloha’s main selling proposition. The company calls its sheets “crazy soft” and the “softest on earth.” Customers consistently praise the buttery handfeel and silky texture of Cariloha bamboo bedding. The percale weave enhances the softness even after frequent washing. These sheets feel pleasant right out of the package – no break-in period required. Those seeking a supple sheet with cloud-like comfort will be satisfied by Cariloha.

Cariloha Pricing

For the quality and fabric, Cariloha sheets are reasonably priced but still fall into the luxury echelon.

Here are current price points direct from the Cariloha site:

  • Twin – $159
  • Twin XL – $169
  • Full – $199
  • Queen – $219
  • King – $239
  • California King – $259

These prices include a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases. As expected, the larger sizes come at a higher price tag. There are often discounts of 20% to 25% off if you sign up for the email newsletter too. Compared to equivalent high-end cotton sheets, Cariloha’s bamboo bedding provides excellent value.

Cozy Earth Sheet Overview

Now let’s look at how Cozy Earth stacks up against Cariloha for luxurious bamboo bed sheets.

Based in California, Cozy Earth specializes in bed and bath products made from premium sustainable materials. Here are the key specs for their signature bamboo sheet collection:

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets
  • Materials – Uses a viscose derived from bamboo plant pulp. The process creates a silky soft fabric blend.
  • Weave – Features a distinctive hydro-silk weave. The criss-cross pattern enhances breathability and shine.
  • Thread count – 300 and above. The brand notes higher thread counts reflect higher quality.
  • Sizes – Offered in the six standard mattress sizes from twin to California king.
  • Colors – White, ivory and slate in solid colors. There are also some diamond wash patterned colors like sandstone.
  • Service – Free shipping and returns in the US. Plus a 100-night trial to ensure satisfaction.

Now let’s dive into Cozy Earth’s main selling points around softness, pricing and reviews.

Cozy Earth Softness

The Cozy Earth bamboo sheet fabric is described as “the softest you will ever own.” Customers confirm the buttery smooth feel right out of the package. The hydro-silk weave creates cool, breathable bedding with a subtle sheen. The bamboo viscose drapes over the mattress for cushiony comfort without overheating. For those seeking ultra-plush sheets, Cozy Earth delivers on its promise of exceptional softness.

Cozy Earth Pricing

Being a premium product, Cozy Earth sheets are priced at the higher end of bamboo bedding:

  • Twin – $369
  • Twin XL – $399
  • Full – $399
  • Queen – $419
  • King – $449
  • California King – $449

There are frequent sales discounted around 20% off or more. While not cheap, the pricing is comparable for luxury bamboo sheets from other leading brands. And customers find the investment worthwhile for years of blissful sleeping comfort.

Key Differences Between Cariloha And Cozy Earth

Now that we’ve covered the basics on each brand, let’s directly compare some of the differences between Cariloha and Cozy Earth bamboo sheets.

  • Materials

Both use bamboo viscose material. But Cozy Earth says they blend it with even smoother cotton and modal for enhanced softness. This may account for some of the extra silkiness noted by Cozy Earth reviewers.

  • Weave

Cariloha has a lightweight percale style while Cozy Earth uses a distinctive hydro-silk weave. The styles result in equally smooth textures with breathability. But Cozy Earth’s weave gives it a bit more sheen similar to silk sheets.

  • Thread Count

Cariloha has a wide range from 250 to 330 while Cozy Earth starts higher at 300. Both brands focus more on overall fabric quality than thread count alone. But the higher counts do suggest extra softness and durability.

  • Color Selection

Cariloha offers 3 versatile neutral colors while Cozy Earth has around 8 choices including more patterns. Cozy Earth has a slight edge for those wanting a bit more variety.

  • Pricing

Cozy Earth’s sheets cost anywhere from $50 to over $100 more per set than Cariloha. But both represent reasonable prices for high-end bamboo bedding. Cariloha wins if getting the lowest cost is most important.

Which Is Better: Cariloha Or Cozy Earth?

Based on this detailed comparison, is there a clear winner between Cariloha and Cozy Earth when it comes to bamboo sheets?

In terms of materials, quality, softness and overall user experience, the two brands are remarkably even. For most shoppers, the decision may come down to pricing and specific weave preferences.

Here are a few key facts to help choose the best option for you:

Cozy Earth Bed Sheet
  • Cariloha sheets start around $50 less per set so they offer better value for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Cozy Earth sheets have a higher thread count and unique weave that make them marginally softer and silkier.
  • Both brands guarantee your satisfaction with generous return policies of 30 nights (Cariloha) to 100 nights (Cozy Earth).
  • There are more color and pattern choices with Cozy Earth but Cariloha has all the staple neutral shades.

Either brand is an excellent option for luxury bamboo bedding. Cariloha sheets provide outstanding comfort and quality at a reasonable price point for most folks. Cozy Earth sheets cost more but may appeal to those wanting the absolute softest fabric and lustrous sheen.

Ultimately, you really can’t go wrong with either brand if you seek exquisitely soft bamboo sheets. Both clearly beat traditional cotton and live up to their reputation for an unparalleled sleeping experience. With frequent sales and discounts, the premium cost becomes easier to digest as well.

For a blissful bedroom oasis, treat yourself to the sensational softness of Cariloha or Cozy Earth bamboo sheets. You’ll join the many delighted customers who swear these are the best sheets they’ve ever purchased. Sweet dreams ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are Cariloha competitors?

Some of Cariloha’s main competitors in the bamboo bedding space include Cozy Earth, Ettitude, Bamboo Comfort, and Royal Bamboo. Each offers high-quality bamboo sheets with similar features and benefits. But Cariloha tends to have better pricing than brands like Cozy Earth and Ettitude.

What is the alternative to Cozy Earth bamboo sheets?

For an alternative to Cozy Earth with a similar soft bamboo fabric, Cariloha sheets are a top option. They are less expensive but equally luxurious in terms of quality construction and comfort. Other brands like Bamboo Comfort and Brentwood Home also make quality bamboo sheets at lower price points.

Why are Cozy Earth sheets so expensive?

There are a few reasons for Cozy Earth’s higher prices:
1. Specialty bamboo fabric – Their custom blend of bamboo viscose, cotton, and modal is ultra-smooth which adds cost.
2. Unique weave – The proprietary hydro-silk weave requires special manufacturing equipment and expertise.
3. Ethical production – They use factories with CSR certification for fair labor standards which has overhead.
4. Convenience – Perks like fast free shipping and returns are baked into the pricing.
Brand prestige – As a luxury product, the brand commands a premium over mainstream sheets.
So while not cheap, the price reflects Cozy Earth’s first-class materials and standards. Frequent 20-25% off sales help offset the investment as well.

Does Oprah like Cozy Earth sheets?

Yes, Oprah is a big fan of Cozy Earth sheets and has featured them on her annual Favorite Things list multiple times. She has gushed about their softness and called them “a dream come true for your bed.” Oprah’s seal of approval gives major credibility to Cozy Earth among consumers seeking luxury bedding. If they meet Oprah’s standards, they’re probably amazing sheets!

Wrapping Up

When it comes to luxurious bamboo bedding, Cariloha and Cozy Earth are top contenders. Both offer ultra-soft sheets with high quality craftsmanship. Cariloha provides great value with prices starting around $50 less per set. Cozy Earth costs more but has a silkier weave and feel.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either brand if you seek phenomenally soft, comfortable bamboo sheets to create a relaxing oasis in your bedroom. Treat yourself to blissful nights with Cariloha or Cozy Earth.

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