Brinly Vs. Agri-fab Box Scraper: In-depth Differences

It doesn’t matter if you’re towing a comparatively small or larger yard; it requires the best tool. This is why we’re here to talk about Agri-fab and Brinly, which specializes in box scrapers.

The vital differences between the two are their ease of use, price, and durability.

However, there’s much more to this story. Come and see which winning brands take the trophy home and why. By the end of this article, be sure to find your perfect investment!

A Quick Comparison Table

Let’s take a quick look at these two products’ fundamental differences.

TowingFor Large Yards, 40-inch tray, heated penetrating steel pipesFor Large Yards, 40-inch tray
InstallationEasy and quickDifficult and takes time
DurabilityLess durableMore durable
StrengthCan endure maximum weightNot built for heavy weights
ReplacementNot readily availableReadily available

Key Differences Between Brinly And Agri-fab

Let’s dig a little deeper into the feature differences to get a better picture of the products.

  • Towing Features
Agri-fab Box Scraper
Agri-fab Box Scraper

Both Agri-fab and Brinly are perfect contenders for towing significant yard distances with soil that’s more compact on the land.

Brinly and Agri-fab come with a 40-inch tray for fertilizer and seed leveling.

However, many users claim Brinly to be superior in this factor because of its heated steel pipe construction that can penetrate the land’s soil better, giving a more refined and professional finish on the yards.

Moreover, Brinly box scrapers work well with large yard-suited vehicles such as golf carts, ATVs, and lawnmowers.

  • Installation

One of the best features that Brinly brings in for consumers is that it doesn’t back down in delivering simple yet, heavy-duty performance and installation. People often get intimidated by the size and complexity of this equipment.

However, Brinly kept that in mind and solved the issue with an installation process that’s super easy and quick!

On the other hand, with Agri-fab, things could get a little trickier as some users face severe difficulty in bringing all the pieces together. And it’s not only hard to assemble, but it might take up to four hours of installation!

  • Cost

Brinly box scrapers cost around $269 with its 40-inch tray, heat-treating steel pipe, and towable construction. Whereas, Agri-fab is a tad bit more affordable at approximately $151.

Now, this is a trade-off that most owners make based on their budget and needed requirements.

If users have a comparatively smaller yard or land to fill and scrape, they prefer Agri-fab whereas, Brinly seems to work wonders for extensive grounds filled with soil and gravel ready to be leveled out.

  • Durability

Even though Brinly wins at a few features, they seem unable to replicate the Agri-fab’s long-lasting, durable factors. Some users claimed that they’ve been using Agri-fab for over fifteen years, which should say a lot about the durability, build, and construction of this product.

In retrospect, the Brinly is a bit on the lightweight side which eventually makes it a bit less long-lasting, albeit possessing heavy-duty and sturdy constructions.

  • Strength
Brinly box scraper
Brinly box scraper

We’ve seen that Agri-fab is slightly more durable than its competitor. However, what about the fit?

Although both brands are built with top-tier, grade-A materials, Agri-fab lacks the basic strength that Brinly poses.

The teeth, hinges, and side panels are flimsy and weak in Agri-fab. Thus, it can’t withstand the most weight and pose risks of breaking apart during work hours.

If you’re looking to replace heavyweight, Brinly is a better choice, as with Agri-fab, you might even have to reweld the structure for stability.

  • Replacement Parts

When push comes to shove, who can you rely on for replacements?

Well, users love that Agri-fab comes with the simplest replacement options but so does Brinly. However, it’s proven that acquiring Agri-fab products for replacement is much easier and readily available at any online or relevant physical store.

Whereas Brinly also sells replacements on their designated sites and other online platforms, the availability rates are lower.

Which One Will Be The Best Fit For You?

So, here’s the deal. Let’s clear once and for all which of these box scrapers will be the perfect fit for most owners. Don’t get us wrong, both Agri-fab and Brinly are excellent products with features that overrule the others in the market.

However, Brinly still manages to charm better as it’s super easy to use and tow with easy adjustments for any golf cart, ATV, and lawn mower. Besides being extremely cost-effective, Brinly box scrapers are the best if you own larger yards and need uniform soil penetration and leveling of fertilizers and seeds.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is better box scraper or grading scraper?

Generally, box scrapers pose higher horsepower as they pull along larger material amounts, whereas grading scrapers own up to lower resistance as they allow materials to flow atop the blades. So, it’s more of a trade-off that owners decide upon their needs.

What is the difference between a box blade and a box scraper?

Box blades are used for spreading, backfilling, and grading soil and gravel; however, hobbyist farmers use box scrapers in smaller estates for landscaping as a lower-end grading tool.

How do you use a tow behind a scraper box?

The tow is a solid piece of landscaping equipment used to scrape and modify lands. It can be used for blade-only works such as moving mulch, sand, gravel, and snow or filling and spreading holes or topsoils by using the attachments as rear blades.

How do you grade a box scraper?

The box scraper moves back and forth to drop soil and gravel into the lower spots within the land rows. Box scrapers can balance lands perfectly at angles via backfilling, leveling, and grading.

Final Words

You must know what the real deal is by now. In our Brinly vs. Agri-fab box scraper reviews, we haven’t left any stones unturned, so you probably have a definite choice by now.

Brinly and Agri-fab have quite a few similarities in their features. However, the rest which doesn’t make a huge difference.

Pro tip: Go with your gut and match the features to your absolute-must needs to hit this investment right on the nail!

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