Bose OmniJewel Floor Stand Alternatives: Are They Any Good?

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Bose OmniJewel floor stand, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, you will get to know about the alternatives to Bose OmniJewel floor stand available on the market today.

You will be able to see if those alternatives serve any good compared to Bose OmniJewel floor stand. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Alternatives To Bose OmniJewel Floor Stand

There is no doubt in a modern home, having a floor stand like the Bose OmniJewel floor stand is much needed, but is there any other alternative to it that can serve the same purpose?

Well, there are! It is time to know about those alternatives.

  • Atlantic Speaker Stands
Atlantic Speaker Stand

The Atlantic Speaker Stands are a great alternative to the Bose OmniJewel floor stand.

They are made of heavy-gauge metal and offer incredible support for larger speakers.

This stand is also very adjustable.

The dimension of this stand is 11.5 x 10.5 x 49.25 inches and weighs 10 pounds. It comes with 2 pcs pair.

The height is adjustable to 27” to 49” which allows the user to get the optimum level of sound from the speakers once it is attached to the stand.

The stand is so stable in the making that it can carry light, a camera, or a speaker with a weight of almost 7 pounds. It is compatible with most of the speakers that are available in the market by using L-shaped brackets.

  • Travel Based Tripods

When you are looking for a cheaper alternative then you know that you will find many doing the same job with a lot less money.

In the market, you will find so many good deals on travel-based tripods that can stand on the floor and hold the camera, light, and other stuff. These products do the same job but at a significantly cheaper rate.

  • Nanit Pro Multi-Stand Floor Stand Kit
Nanit Pro Multi-Stand Floor Stand Kit

The Nanit Pro Multi-Stand Floor Stand Kit is an excellent alternative to the Bose OmniJewel Floor Stand for those who want a durable and affordable floor stand for their Bose speakers.

If you need to have a speaker or camera in your room without having to spend a fortune on it, then this is the one to pick for you.

You can adjust it to the perfect height to do the job for you.

The stand is perfectly adjustable in increments of 1′, up to 5′ high on a need basis. It’s also collapsible due to easier storage.

  • SANUS Wireless Speaker Stands

SANUS Wireless Speaker Stands are designed to easily mount and connect your compatible wireless speakers. This speaker can have both vertical and horizontal orientations.

It can place the speaker at an optimal height to get the sound perfectly while having a modern look that would look better in the home.

You will be able to hide the not-so-good-looking cables of your speaker by using the integrated wire channel. So, you will be able to have a sleep, aesthetic, and cord-free look to maintain this look.

You can install SANUS Wireless Speaker Stands within just 15 minutes. It is UL-Listed and Safety Certified, so knowing this, you can get peace of mind before you decide to bring it home. On top of that, it has 5 years warranty as well.

  • Vogel’s SOUND 3305 Universal Speaker Floor Stand
Vogel's SOUND Universal Speaker Floor Stand

First of all, it offers a distinct look to fit in your house and adds to its aesthetics of it.

It would perfectly fit with the interior of your house with the white color.

It is perfectly compatible with so many speaker systems to provide the best sound to the users with an optimum position.

Vogel’s SOUND 3305 Universal speaker floor stand perfectly works with Sonos Five & Play:5, Denon HEOS 7, Denon HEOS 5, and others.

It can take a load of 15 pounds maximum, and it is more than enough for a floor stand. You can raise the speaker to your ear height as it would ensure the optimum sound. It is designed in a way that does not waste much time on the installation process.

Vogel’s SOUND 3305 Universal speaker floor stand comes with a 5-year warranty period while having 45 years of experience designing and manufacturing mounts for entertainment electronics.

So, these are some of the alternatives to Bose OmniJewel floor stand. Now the question is while having all these alternatives, should you still invest in Bose OmniJewel floor stand? You will get the answer in the next section of the blog post.

Is Bose OmniJewel Floor Stand Worth It?

OmniJewel Floor Stand

As you have already seen some notable alternatives to the Bose OmniJewel floor stand, now you might be wondering if Bose OmniJewel floor stand is worth your time and if you should invest in it.

Well, it is considering the reviews of the existing customers and the features that it brings in at a reasonable cost.

It is extremely lightweight, 2.2 pounds to be precise, having a dimension of 10.75 x 38.78 x 3.35 inches.

The color of the stand is black; hence it fits into all types of interiors of your home.

It comes with slender extruded aluminum stands along with tempered glass bases. The max height is 38″ and these stands come as a pair.

It gives a sleek and minimal look that most users like.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it better to have speakers on the stands?

It definitely is! When the speaker is on a stand then it is meant to provide better sound by directly reaching out to the ear of the users.

Are speaker stands universal?

If you look for it, then you will find a few universal speaker stands as well. When you find one, then you will not have to worry about the compatibility of the speaker with the stand.

Are all speaker stands the same size?

Most speaker stands come with a height of 20 to 34 inches. Most of which can be adjusted according to the need of the users.

What is the best material for speaker stands?

Steel seems to be the better material for the speaker stands, considering its longevity of it.

Wrapping Things Up

Finding the right Bose OmniJewel floor stand alternative can be a tricky task, but with this list of recommendations, I am sure you’re sure to find something that works for your setup.

The Nanit Pro Multi-Stand Floor Stand Kit is an affordable and efficient solution that provides plenty of versatility.

Ultimately, you are the one who is going to decide which one is worth your money. Whichever option you pick, you’ll be sure to have a sturdy and reliable, like Bose OmniJewel floor stand that will last you for years to come.

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