The Best Silage Baler to Buy In 2024

This upcoming winter, you will likely find that most of the natural pastures have dried out.

This makes it hard for grazing animals to get the necessary amount of nutrients they need from their natural food sources. To combat this, an effective method is to produce and store silage before the dry season starts.

Silage is basically pasture grass that has been fermented and preserved as animal feed for later. To do this effectively, you need large industrial machines.

If you want to know more about the process and the best machines for the job, then read on.

The Top Silage Balers

As mentioned before, you need industrial machines to create silage bales. These machines are called Silage Balers. Large amounts of pasture grass are put into the machine first.

The machine then compresses all the grass into large, usually cylindrical masses. This shape helps with the storage and transportation of the silage. After being compressed into bales, the silage is stored in silos to ferment for later use.

Let’s take a look at some of the top silage baler machines that exist on the market today.

  • The Sipma PZ 1832 PRIMA
  • The Cornext MSB500-AT Pro
  • The Komel RK Master 500 Pro
  • The Quadro Pac V
  • The Demir DMR 500
  • The Kayhan Ertugrul KE 560

Balers are a very important part of today’s modern, industrialized agricultural system. They allow for the easy creation and storage of large quantities of silage.

This in turn helps farmers keep their valuable livestock fed and healthy throughout the winter.

Now, let’s take a look at all the aforementioned balers individually. We will be breaking down and analyzing all their characteristics and specifications.

  • The Sipma PZ 1832 PRIMA
The Sipma PZ 1832 PRIMA

This is the first silage baler we will be looking at. Sipma is a company based in Poland.

They are manufacturers of a variety of agricultural machines and equipment.

One of them is their silage machine, the PZ 1832 PRIMA.

The 1832 PRIMA has a pick-up width of 2,000 millimeters and a belt chamber.

It can create bales that are 1,200 millimeters (1.2 meters) wide and up to 1,800 millimeters (1.8 meters) in diameter.

The machine has 11 cutting knives that are hydraulically operated and a PTO rotation speed of 540 rpm. It has a power demand of 60 kilowatts without shredding and 75 kilowatts with shredding.

The dimensions of the baler are 4,800 millimeters in length, 2,600 millimeters in width, and 3,000 millimeters in height.

  • The Cornext MSB500-AT Pro
Cornext MSB500-AT Pro

The Cornext MSB500-AT Pro is India’s first indigenously produced silage baler.

This machine is a mini baler, meaning its yield is much smaller than that of other larger balers.

However, it is cheaper and is therefore widely used in India and many countries close to India, such as Nepal, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.

This baler is 1,200 millimeters (1.2 meters) wide and 3,000 millimeters (3 meters) long. It weighs around 1,500 kg and has a hopper capacity of 200 kg.

The machine is hydraulically operated and is powered by either a 3-phase electric or diesel generator. It has a maximum output of 40 bales made per hour.

The bales produced have dimensions of 500 millimeters wide and long. The bales weigh between 60 to 80 kg. They also have a high compaction rate, ensuring a shelf life of up to 12 months.

  • Komel RK Master 500 Pro

Next up, we will be looking at the Komel RK Master 500 Pro. Komel is a machine manufacturing company based in Turkey. One of their many agricultural machines is the RK Master 500 Pro.

The machine weighs a hefty 10,050 kgs and has dimensions of 12,560 millimeters (12.56 meters) long, 2,920 to 4,380 millimeters ( 2.92 to 4.38 meters) wide, and 3,085 millimeters (3.085 meters) tall.

The machine has a fully automatic control system and has a PTO of 100 HP. It has a power requirement of 40 kilowatts to run.

Due to the massive size of this machine, the bales it can make are also very large in size. The machine can make bales that are 900 millimeters wide and long. They also weigh between 400 and 600 kg.

  • The Quadro Pac V
Quadro Pac V

The Quadro Pac V is a silage baler that is made by a company based in Germany.

This machine has a unique characteristic that makes it stands out a bit compared to the others.

Where most other balers make cylindrical or round bales, the Pac V makes square bales instead.

Each bale is made precisely so that they stack perfectly on top of each other.

The square-shaped balers also make it more convenient for transport compared to round bales. Since most transports have flat storage areas, the square bales will stack perfectly there.

This machine has a fixed chamber. It can make bales of 1,200-1350 millimeters, 1,800-2500 millimeters, and 700-1,500 millimeters in width, length, and height respectively.

  • The Demir DMR 500

Next, we’ll talk about the DMR 500 by the Turkey-based company, Demir. This machine weighs a whopping 11,500 kg and has dimensions of 3,400 millimeters ( 3.4 meters) in height, 3,500 millimeters (3.5 meters) in width, and 12,000 millimeters (12 meters) in length.

The machine is hydraulically operated with a rubber belt press unit and a PTO of between 70 and 100 HP. It has a power requirement of 38 kilowatts per hour.

The baler has a maximum capacity of 60 bales made per hour. The bales themselves weigh between 450 and 500 kg.

  • The Kayhan Ertugrul KE 560
Kayhan Ertugrul KE 560

The final machine we will be discussing is the KE 560.

This baler is manufactured by Kayhan Ertugrul, which is another company based in Turkey.

This machine makes the smallest bales of any of the others mentioned in this article.

The bales it makes weigh only 35 kg. On the flip side, this machine also has by far the best capacity, capable of creating 250 bales per hour.

The machine has a pick-up width of 1,790 millimeters (1.79 meters). It weighs around 1,790 kg and has a power requirement of 34 HP. The machine has a height of 1,820 millimeters (1.82 meters) and a width of 2,370 millimeters (2.37 meters).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some frequently asked questions about silage balers and their answers.

Which is the best round baler?

The best, high-producing round baler is the 604R Premium.

How much horsepower is needed for a round baler?

The horsepower requirements for round balers range between 30 and 120 HP.

What is the best small round baler?

The Ibex Mini round baler is the simplest and easiest-to-use round baler on the market.

How much does a Vermeer continuous baler cost?

A Vermeer continuous baler has a retail price of $180,000.

Final Words

In conclusion, silage balers are integral machines in the agricultural world today. They help ensure that valuable livestock stays properly fed throughout the dry seasons when the natural pastures dry out.

Other than the ones mentioned here, there are plenty of other balers that you can look for. Hopefully, this article on the best silage balers of 2022 helped you find the information you were searching for.

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