BedJet Cloud Sheet Alternatives In 2024: Are They Any Good?

BedJet has been a godsend for people who have trouble sleeping. The machine is really convenient, but the cloud sheet alone will cost you a big chunk of money.

Good thing is, there are multiple alternatives for that. Duvet covers, cooling pads, DIY sheets – these are the major ones.

BedJet is pretty much the best option for a comfortable sleep all year round, but the problem is the cloud sheet. It is ridiculously priced.

So if you’re looking for an alternative, here is a list of cloud sheet alternatives for you.

Alternatives To BedJet Cloud Sheet

Most alternatives are just close substitutes. Because let’s face it, it is hard to find something that is the exact same as the cloud sheet. Fortunately, these alternatives are good enough on their own and you have one for almost every situation.

Whether you’re okay with ditching the whole BedJet or just want a sheer replacement, there is always an option. Here is the list of BedJet cloud sheet alternatives you can use.

  • Duvet Cover
Duvet Cover

This is probably the most well-rounded alternative on this list.

It is easy to find, easy to set up, and is closest to the cloud sheet in structure.

If you can pick the right material, you’ll never feel the difference.

Duvet covers aren’t really popular in the USA but you can find them on Amazon.

A duvet cover will work pretty much the same way as the cloud sheet. There is one opening (instead of multiple like the cloud sheet) and you’ll have to connect it to the BedJet hose. And you’re done!

The actually tricky part is finding the right cover in the right material. You’ll have to make sure the fabric thread density isn’t too low. If the density is too low, the cover will never trap any air inside. If it is too thick, you won’t be able to feel anything.

This is a good alternative for people who aren’t comfortable with the cotton material of the cloud sheet. The cloud sheet’s cotton is hard to deal with if it gets even slightly wet. This is why the best material for the duvet cover is lyocell or bamboo.

The price for this can also run a little high. So if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, this may not be for you. This is better for people who only want to change the material.

  • Cooling Pad
Cooling Pad

If you’re looking to completely switch from the BedJet world, this is a really great and versatile alternative.

If you get the ChilliPad or the OOLER ones, you’ll have pretty much every benefit BedJet has.

Cooling pads are pretty similar to cloud sheets.

The difference is the cooling pad has to be put underneath your sheets.

Cooling pads run water particles through the veins inside the pad and it helps the sheet cool down. The operating methods are similar too. You can control the coolness with a mobile app.

The only problem with the cooling app is the temperature. Most cooling pads only chill the bed so you can only use them in summer.

If you want one that can cool and warm your bed, you’ll need a pretty big budget.

  • DIY Sheets
DIY BedJet Cloud Sheet

As you can tell from the name, this is something you’ll make from scratch.

The DIY sheets are just an affordable take on the duvet cover option with more fabric options.

It is also cheaper than the other options.

So if you were looking for a budget-friendly alternative, you can try this one.

The DIY sheets combine two different sheets to trap the air in.

What you’ll have to do is get two sheets, sew them together keep multiple openings and you’re done. You can add elastics to the openings to make them fit better on the BedJet hose.

Like duvet covers, the tricky part here is to find the right materials for the sheets. You can go with lyocell or bamboo. But if you don’t mind cotton and just wanted a cheaper alternative, feel free to go with the cotton percale-cotton satin combo.

Is the BedJet Cloud Sheet Worth It?


Well, you know all about the alternatives now.

They’re pretty solid, but what about the actual cloud sheet?

How good are they actually, and are they worth it? Let’s break it down.

The original cloud sheet was made to unlock the full potential and convenience of the BedJet kit.

Even though it is called a “sheet”, it looks (and works) more like a duvet cover.

The cloud sheet is made of two different fabrics to keep the warmth or coldness trapped inside.

If you don’t know how it works, the cloud sheet comes with multiple openings and the option to close them. You have to connect one opening to the BedJet hose and close the rest.

Then when you turn the fan on, the sheet will inflate and keep you warm or cold throughout the night.

There are some pretty good reasons you should go for the cloud sheet. First things first, they’re very convenient.

You’ll just have to connect an opening, turn the fan on and you’re done. Another good thing about the cloud sheet is the size. It comes in two sizes- the single unit and the king/queen size one.

The bigger version also has a division in the middle so two people can easily have their own comfort corner. The controls are separate too so no worries about disagreements in the middle of the night.

The only problem with the cloud sheet is the material. The sheet is made of cotton which is a tricky material for bedsheets.

If you happen to sweat onto the sheet, it will take forever to dry. Plus cotton slowly breaks with every wash so there’s the fabric integrity to worry about.

Another problem is the price. The cloud sheet goes for around $160 which is honestly a pretty big amount.

This is why a lot of people prefer alternative options over the original cloud sheet. But if you can tackle that, the convenience of the cloud sheet alone will be worth your money.

So, is the OG cloud sheet worth it? Absolutely yes. If you have the bucks and have no problem with cotton, feel free to give this one a shot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a bunch of questions people usually ask about BedJet, cloud sheets, and comfortable sleeping accessories in general.

Does BedJet work with regular sheets?

Yes, BedJet works with regular sheets. But the fan’s air at night leaks a lot and you can get too hot (or cold) during the night.

How does the BedJet sheet work?

The BedJet cloud sheet is like a softbox. It keeps the warm or cold air coming from the fan trapped inside. This helps your body temperature to drop or rise so you can be as warm or cold as you want to be.

How do I use BedJet cloud sheets?

You have to connect one opening to the BedJet hose. Close the other ones and turn the fan on. And you’re done!

How can I make my BedJet cooler?

You can use the mobile app to control the fan’s speed. Simply press “cool” and the fan will blow more cool air into the sheet to make the sheet cooler.

Final Verdict

BedJet is one of the best things that happened especially if you’re extra sensitive to temperature. It is pretty convenient, but the price tag can be a little above people’s budget.

That’s where the BedJet cloud sheet alternative options come in. Hopefully, this list will help you choose something that suits you better.

Remember to take proper caution while working with the DIY methods and you’ll be all set.

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