Athlean-X Vs. Body Beast | Comprehensive Comparison In 2024

The considerable difference between the Athlean-X and Body Beast training programs is that the former is best suitable for people who want to do heavy workouts. And the latter one is suitable for skinny guys as well as women.

Althean X is one of the heaviest-duty body training programs with more injuries and requires a man to be extra strong. However, with body beast, you can start your typical day exercise following a series of steps they assign you to perform.

A Quick Comparison Table

Important FactorsAlthean-XBody Beast
Challenging WorkoutMost challengingEasy to follow in comparison
Suitable forMen with Heavy Caliber but not womenMen, Women, Skinny guys
Program based on days90 days90 days
Lifetime AccessYes, providedNot provided
Total Beasts To Set54
Access To The Personal TrainerYes availableNot Available
Videos AccessibilityFree Training Videos On YouTubeYou need paid subscription for this

Unique Differences Between The Athlean-X and Body Beast Programs

The factors enlisted in the table are described briefly below. Please have a look!

  • Challenging Workout
Athlean-X Logo

Those who love the gym and want to make some solid muscles explain the importance of joining the Athlean-X training session.

It is one of the sturdiest and most challenging workout programs out there.

A man with no consistency and resilience can never be a part of this program.

It includes strenuous routine sessions and extreme daily workouts that make you a solid man.

However, even though the Body Beast helps you gain some muscles, it will be easier than the Athlean-X.

Body beast is designed for beginners and people who want regular workouts without gaining fatigue or injuries and going back to bed.

  • Suitable For

In my research, I have found multiple reviews of people stating that only men can join the Athlean-X training program. It’s the best suitable program for you if you want to become a pro athlete in your total movements.

It doesn’t matter if you start from zero; you will still be a hero one day if you stay consistent.

It’s not just a home workout; it’s proved to be actual training. However, women shouldn’t join such programs if they don’t find themselves a part of this most arduous routine.

But if a woman is strong enough, she can be a part of any specific category by matching or keeping her capabilities in her mind.

  • Program Based On Days

Joining both programs will give you the same period to be a man and gain more weight or muscles.

A total of 90 days means three months, and an entire course of streamlined video sessions will bring the soul out of you.

But the afterword results would be satisfactory if you will join the Althean-X.

In addition, the same situation applies while joining the Body Beast if you are a man, woman, or skinny guy who wants to be an athlete one day.

  • Lifetime Access
Body Beast

When entering the Althean-X body shaping or workout plan, you will get lifetime access if there are any paid videos or courses on their websites.

That’s just a one-time subscription, and you can quit anytime, start again, or whenever the heart wants to.

On the other hand, you may get a different facility with the Body Beast training program.

  • Total Beasts To Set

Since you have read that Althean-X is more challenging, it gives you up to 5 beasts to set. These are all related to gaining muscles in the legs, body, arms, and other parts of your skin.

On the other hand, the Body Beast is not that intensive duty. It only gives you a target to set 4 beasts; that’s something good for an average person.

  • Access To The Personal Trainer

Having your dream gym trainer at your house shouldn’t be just a dream. It’s possible when you hire jeff himself to be your trainer. He charges only 99 bucks once and comes with a complete course to develop you from scratch.

On the other hand, the body beast doesn’t provide you with this unique personal training feature.

  • Videos Accessibility

Althean-X course videos are readily available on their YouTube channel, and there is no price you have to pay for them.

However, that’s not the same with the Body beast. Because, here, you will have to pay some bucks to access the course and then follow it for daily workouts.

Althean-X has a top-rated YouTube channel with more than 10m subscribers, which shows its wide popularity.

Which Body Training Program Is Better?

Gym lovers and enthusiasts already know which one to follow between these two offered gym training programs. But if you are a newbie, I suggest you go with Althean-X for extreme build and gain.

It would be challenging in the beginning. But once you get used to it, there will be no problem. However, I am saying this only for men.

If you are a woman or a person who cannot bear much, joining the body beast will be a good option. So, it depends on how you want to shape yourself in 90 days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Athlean-X Worth Buying?

It’s worth buying if you get a personal trainer at home. Otherwise, the course videos are available for free on YouTube. So, yes, it’s pretty worth buying.

Can You Get Ripped With Body Beast?

Body beast is not that extensive duty program where you should be scared of ripping off. Just go with the routine, and everything will stay fine.

Is Athlean-X Good For Beginners?

It’s good for everyone if you are committed enough to follow it to the end. And if you cannot stay consistent due to extra workload, consider something else.

Is Athlean-X Max Shred Worth It?

The Althean-X Max Shred is considerably better for beginners and intermediate gamers. It’s another fast pace workout system that helps you gain what you want.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter what you choose between Althean-X Vs. Body Beast depends on how much resistance you show in either program. Joining X will benefit you if you are a man of your word because you may not be able to recognize yourself once the session gets over.

However, if you are doing it just for regular exercise, becoming part of the body beast will also be a good option. Therefore, think wisely.

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