Affresh Vs. Vinegar For Washing Machine Cleaners

Affresh cleaners are made from a combination of sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate. In contrast, vinegar consists of Acetic acid and water. The smell of Affresh is neutral and clean, whereas vinegar has a similar Ethanoic acid smell.

When it comes to washing machine cleaners, many options are available. But Affresh and vinegar are the two most widely used products.

Here we come up with a comparison between Affresh and vinegar to help you learn the fundamental differences between both products.

A Quick Comparison Table

Main IngredientsSodium percarbonate and Sodium carbonateAcetic acid and water
SmellA neutral and clean smell.Similar to Ethanoic acid
ColorWhiteGrayish or white
Product TypeFully chemical basedSlightly natural type
Cleaning abilityIntenseModerate
LifespanA specific expiry date1 to 3 years

Key Differences Between Affresh Washer Cleaner And Vinegar

  • Main Ingredients
Affresh Washer Cleaner

Affresh is made of a combination of Sodium percarbonate and Sodium carbonate.

Sodium percarbonate is mainly oxygen bleach that removes grime and odor-causing substances.

In contrast, vinegar is made of a combination of Acetic acid and water.

Acetic acid is an excellent disinfectant, which can kill fungi and microbes.

  • Smell

Cleaners from Affresh have a neutral and clean smell. Hence, it is comfortable to use even for sensitive noses. You will not feel discomfort after cleaning the machine.

On the contrary, vinegar has similar to Ethanoic acid. It may smell like a sweet, fruity odor. But extremely sensitive noses may not feel like using them.

  • Color

Affresh washing machine cleaner comes in white. They have dozens of ingredients. Plus, the manufacturer uses artificial additives to make the color transparent.

On the contrary, vinegar is available in both grayish and white colors. But white vinegar is more popular due to its effective cleaning performance.

  • Product Type

Affresh is mainly a chemical-based cleaner. The manufacturer uses ingredients like sodium carbonate, sodium acetate, gluconolactone, polyethylene glycol, etc.

On the contrary, vinegar is almost a natural based cleaning solution. The manufacturer follows a two-step fermentation process and uses acetic acid (5% to 10%) and water (90% to95%).

  • Cleaning Ability
Vinegar For Washer Cleaning

Since Affresh is a bleach-type product, it has an intense cleaning ability.

One cleaning can keep the washing machine in good condition for 30 days.

On the contrary, vinegar has moderate type cleaning ability.

You may need to clean your washing machine several times a month if you use the device every day.

  • Lifespan

Like other cleaning solutions, Affresh cleaners have a particular expiry date. They are generally mentioned on the product. It is better to use the product within one year.

In contrast, the lifespan of vinegar can be anywhere from one to three years, depending on the brand. However, unopened vinegar has a lifespan of up to 5 years.

  • Cost

Affresh cleaners are slightly more expensive than vinegar. However, a single cleaning session is practical to last a whole month. You may need to spend around $40 to $50 in an entire year.

On the other hand, vinegar is pretty affordable. For example, 300ML of white vinegar will cost only $1. However, you will need more amount to clean washing machines than Affresh.

Which Cleaner Is The Best Choice?

Before choosing a particular cleaner for your washing machine, make sure you know whether it is harmful to the device or not. You may need to take suggestions from the manufacturer.

If you prefer deep cleaning and don’t mind spending a few bucks more, Affresh cleaners are the best choice. It leaves a neutral smell, so you don’t need to worry about fragrance.

On the contrary, vinegar appears a perfect pick if you want a mild cleaning solution at an affordable price. It is a safer option since natural ingredients are used to make it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you use vinegar instead of Affresh?

Yes, you can use vinegar instead of Affresh. But vinegar alone may not remove all the substances if there are too many detergent residues.

What can I use if I don’t have Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner?

If you don’t have Affresh washing machine cleaners, you can use liquid chlorine bleach, white vinegar, borax, soda crystals, baking soda, OxiClean powder, and many other similar washing machine cleaners.

Is it OK to run vinegar through washing machine?

Most washing machines don’t react negatively to using vinegar. But a few washing machines may have issues like damaged rubber seals or leaks in the hoses.

What is Affresh made out of?

Affresh washing machine cleaners are made of Sodium percarbonate, Sodium carbonate, and some other bleaching-type ingredients.

Final Thoughts

So, what have you decided to choose between Affresh vs. vinegar?

Both options have pros and cons. But they are made for some particular purposes. If you have not cleaned your washing machine for several months, Affresh comes in handy to thoroughly clean it.

On the other hand, vinegar is an affordable option that you can use to clean the washing machine moderately. But you need to use it several times a month. This makes it time-consuming.

Hopefully, you got a clear idea of which one to use depending on your machine condition.

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