Why Is Sentricon So Expensive and Is It Worth The Investment?

When people think of termite control, they may automatically think of Sentricon, which has been around for some time. With that kind of reputation, it’s no surprise that many people wonder why is Sentricon so expensive and whether it’s worth the price.

This article will cover these questions and more to help you decide if Sentricon is right for your home or business. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Why Is The Price Tag of Sentricon So High?

When a homeowner thinks about investing a significant portion of the money, then he tends to think about the decision thoroughly. So, it is quite natural to think about the higher price of the Sentricon before considering it for the home.

In this section of the blog post, you will get to know why this pest control solution comes at a higher price, and if those reasons need to be considered by you.

  • Long-Lasting Solution
Sentricon Termite Bait Station

Having pests like termites infecting your house can prove to be damaging in the long run.

So, better to prevent it before it is finally identified that they are making your home their own.

So, it is wiser to go for a long-time solution.

That is why once you install Sentricon you can expect to get the outcome of it for a long time.

You do not have to take the hassle of trying out different options for fighting those insects. This particular feature of the Sentricon makes it super expensive to the other alternatives.

  • Complex Installation Process

You cannot do the installation of the Sentricon on your own. You need to involve the experts to do the job. Hence, the initial cost is also involved which may increase the cost of this pest solution. Then there will be a service contract that you need to renew every year.

So, when you compare it with the other alternatives that are available in the market, the cost may seem significantly more.

  • Focuses On Limited Types Of Pests

All homeowners know about the hassle of encountering the termite problem at some point in their home life. When it comes to dealing with the termite problem then it is always better to go for prevention in the first place rather than curing it once it is already there. The reason is the process is going to be difficult.

So, Sentricon mostly focuses on the Termite attack on the house. Hence, the effectiveness of this solution for this particular issue makes it expensive as the demand is also high among the users.

  • Protection From Future Attacks

Sentricon is a long-term solution for Termite. So, once you get it installed, you can be sure that the Termite will not be able to make your home their own any time soon.

Yearly service check-up also ensures safety from future Termite attacks.

  • Effective In Identifying Termite Activity

Sentricon is built in a way that, it can instantly get activated once it finds out about any sort of Termite activity in your house. After the identification, it does not take long to get activated to remove those issues of the Termites in your house.

They serve better in this regard than the other competitors in the market.

  • Popular Among The Homeowners
Sentricon Termite Bait Station

The demand for the Sentricon is higher among homeowners due to its effectiveness of it.

This popularity of the product has increased the demand for the product and that can also be a reason for its higher price of it.

Yes, it is quite a significant investment once you consider it. But is it worth it?

Let’s find it out.

Is Putting Your Money on Sentricon Worth It?

At first, it may seem, Sentricon will cost you a lot of money. But the question is if it can serve the purpose well. Well, it is worth your money and there are a few reasons behind it.

  • Long Term Benefits

If you have picked Sentricon baiting system as the termite protector, then you are not considering the present protection only. You are considering future protection as well. It comes with multiple long-term benefits.

So, the initial cost may seem a lot but in the long term for one colony Sentricon prevents the termite to return your property.

  • Saving Further Infestation Cost

Yes, though the installation and renewal cost of Sentricon is more, it tends to save a lot of money for the homeowner. The reason is once a home is attacked by the termite then the infestation cost will be much higher for sure. Considering that, you are saving money from getting wasted.

  • Works Better Than Liquid Termite Treatment

Sentricon bait works better than the liquid as it gets passed around to every termite that exists in the colony at any point in time. The installation process of the Sentricon takes very little time yet the degradation speed is much lower than the liquid alternatives.

  • Environment Friendly

Sentricon does not involve any chemicals, so the surrounding atmosphere does not get exposed to any toxicity. This solution is safer than the other liquid alternatives. Moreover, there will not be any risk involved for the people and the pets in your house.

If you love it, here are some tips and tricks of using it for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a box of Sentricon cost?

The Sentricon baiting system costs a bit higher than the other alternatives. The initial installation cost of it is about $1,200–$3,800 and the yearly monitoring cost is about $280-$300.

Can I do Sentricon myself?

Sentricon is strictly not a product that can be installed or maintained by a noob.

Is Sentricon any good?

The Sentricon baiting system is very popular among users for its effectiveness. But for retaining a better outcome regular maintenance of it is needed.

Is Trelona better than Sentricon?

Though Trelona is less expensive than the Sentricon, its lifespan of it is comparatively lesser than the Sentricon even if it is properly maintained.

Wrapping Thing Up

With these factors in mind, I hope now you understand why is Sentricon so expensive. With a bit of research, you’ll be able to find out if this product will work for your needs or not. Remember, Sentricon has a higher price point because they are making sure that all of their products are safe and high-quality.

The decision on whether to use this product should ultimately come down to how bad your infestation problem is.

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