Why Is Empava So Cheap? – A Closer Look!

Empava appliances have become an extremely popular option for budget-conscious shoppers looking to outfit their homes and kitchens without breaking the bank.

But with prices significantly lower than major brands like Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool, many wonder – what’s the catch?

Why are Empava appliances so inexpensive compared to other options on the market?

Reasons For Empava Appliances Being So Cheap

Here is a list of those reasons:

  • Empava Focuses on Affordability
  • Cost-Saving Production
  • Direct Online Sales
  • Use of Generic Parts
  • Limited Product Range
  • Limited R&D Investment
  • Warranties and Support
  • Slow and Steady Growth Strategy
  • Lean Marketing Approach
  • Minimal Product Testing

Let’s talk about them in detail.

  • Empava Focuses on Affordability
Empava appliances

The most straightforward reason why Empava sells affordable appliances is that affordability is central to their brand strategy.

Rather than competing with premium brands on high-end features or sleek design, Empava aims to provide basic functionality and quality at the lowest possible price point.

Empava explicitly positions itself as a budget-friendly alternative to pricier competitors. While they may lack some bells and whistles, Empava appliances cover the basics for household needs.

For shoppers who don’t require a lot of extra frills and simply want an affordable fridge, range, washer, or other appliance, Empava aims to fit the bill.

  • Cost-Saving Production

Another major factor in Empava’s inexpensive prices is their emphasis on cost-saving production methods. Empava streamlines its supply chain and manufacturing to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Rather than working with countless suppliers and assembly plants, Empava consolidates production. Focusing manufacturing in a few key facilities helps minimize transportation, coordination, and quality assurance costs.

Empava also strategizes to minimize waste, energy consumption, and labor at their factories. Through lean, efficient production protocols, they reduce extraneous costs that would otherwise bump up prices. The savings get passed on to customers.

  • Direct Online Sales

Unlike most major appliance brands, Empava sells exclusively through their own website rather than working with third-party retailers. This direct-to-consumer e-commerce model eliminates markups that come from distributing through stores.

Without needing to split profits with retailers or pay to display products at Home Depot and Lowe’s, Empava can offer appliances directly to consumers at lower price points. Removing brick-and-mortar middlemen translates to savings for shoppers.

Empava also saves on sales and marketing by relying on online transactions. Without physical showrooms, commissioned salespeople, and localized ad campaigns, Empava reduces selling costs.

Their lightweight e-commerce operation is far more efficient.

  • Use of Generic Parts

Rather than engineering entirely original products, Empava utilizes many generic, stock parts sourced from mass suppliers in its appliances.

From refrigeration coils to electric heating elements, many internal components come from off-the-shelf rather than custom-designed.

This use of common parts rather than proprietary technology or brand-name components keeps Empava’s material and R&D costs low.

Their suppliers provide affordable generic parts already produced at huge scale rather than developing bespoke machinery. These savings allow Empava to sell full appliances inexpensively.

  • Limited Product Range

Another contributor to economical pricing is Empava’s small selection of just the most essential, best-selling appliances. Whereas companies like GE and LG offer dozens of different washers, fridges, oven configurations, and specialty appliances, Empava has a very limited model lineup.

By only producing core products predicted to sell in high volumes, Empava can hone manufacturing to optimize for efficiency.

Longer production runs in fewer facilities create economies of scale unavailable to brands making niche or luxury items in lower quantities. The minimized product portfolio equals minimized expenses.

  • Limited R&D Investment

Appliance giants constantly pour millions into next-generation technologies, developing high-tech features and pioneering innovations. As a budget brand, Empava does not make these major R&D investments.

Rather than being on the cutting-edge of smart appliance tech, Empava products have simple but reliable designs. By foregoing expensive research into new features and advancements, Empava avoids these major costs incumbent in the appliance industry.

  • Warranties and Support

Appliance warranties and customer service come at a significant cost for major brands, which is baked into higher prices. Empava cuts costs by offering just 1-year limited warranties on its products and minimal support channels.

While lacking the comprehensive coverage and support infrastructure of pricier brands, Empava’s barebones backups are sufficient for affordable appliances not expected to last decades. Limiting warranties and support provides massive savings.

  • Slow and Steady Growth Strategy

As a relatively new player in the appliance industry, Empava has strategically taken a slow and steady approach to growth. Rather than explosive expansion, Empava incrementally enters new markets and adds new products.

This measured growth trajectory requires less upfront capital investment. Empava can focus on profitability appliance-by-appliance rather than needing huge volumes to turn a profit. The gradual business development equals gradual price inflation.

  • Lean Marketing Approach
Empava Built-in Gas Cooktop

Compared to the expensive marketing undertakings of leading appliance brands, Empava has a relatively barebones, cost-efficient marketing strategy.

You won’t see Empava appliances starring in Super Bowl ads or on billboards across the country.

Instead, Empava relies primarily on word-of-mouth, search engine optimization, and partnerships with value-focused bloggers and influencers.

This lean promotional approach avoids the high advertising costs baked into major brands’ prices.

  • Minimal Product Testing

Appliance companies typically invest substantially in rigorously testing products for defects and safety issues before release. Empava does not appear to engage in the same level of quality assurance testing as premium brands.

While they likely conduct some basic functionality checks, Empava seems to minimize product testing protocols. Eliminating the costly testing processes that major brands rely on enables Empava to bring appliances to market faster and cheaper. However, this may raise durability and safety concerns in some cases.

  • No Repair Service Infrastructure

Brands like Whirlpool and LG have extensive infrastructure and personnel in place for repairing appliances. This includes operating dedicated call centers, supply chains for spare parts, and networks of authorized repair technicians across the country.

Given their budget products’ low prices and limited warranties, Empava does not offer first-party repair services. Customers must rely on local independent repair techs or attempt DIY fixes. Avoiding building out a repair operation with associated costs allows Empava to keep product prices low.

  • Minimal Customer Service

In line with their lean support model, Empava provides minimal customer service. Their website offers some product manuals and brief FAQs, but does not provide phone, live chat, email, or social media support.

While lack of customer service can frustrate consumers, it frees up significant costs related to hiring and training customer service agents. Empava passes these savings on through discounted prices, though at the consequence of accessibility and responsiveness.

Empava FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who makes the brand Empava?

Empava appliances are manufactured by a Chinese company called Ionuki Technology which was founded in 2016. They have factories in China where they design and build Empava products to then be imported and sold in the US market and worldwide.

Is Empava a good brand for stoves?

For the price, Empava stoves provide good value overall. They offer basic cooking functions and durability comparable to stoves twice their price. Build quality and longevity may not match premium brands, but Empava stoves are reliable for most household needs. The brand is a good budget-friendly option.

Final Thoughts

From supply chain logistics to warranties and beyond, Empava has strategically structured its business around affordability rather than features or innovation.

For shoppers who prioritize price above all else, the brand delivers functional home appliances at hard-to-beat prices by cutting every possible corner and cost.

While more premium brands invest heavily in advancing technology, elegant designs, and customer support, value-focused Empava strips products down to just the basics.

For many budget-minded shoppers, Empava’s simplified approach provides good enough quality and performance at prices far lower than the competition.

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