Wheelman Pro Auto Steer Reviews: From First-Hand Experience

Entering the world of precision farming, the Wheelman Pro Auto Steer is an innovation that has been turning heads. Hailed as a revolutionary addition to agricultural machinery, the device is said to enhance steering precision, facilitate operations, and ultimately contribute to increased productivity.

Being an avid user, I decided to pen down my experiences, along with a thorough review of the pros and cons.

Unboxing the Wheelman Pro Auto Steer

Wheelman Pro Auto Steer

A sizable, sleekly designed package houses the Wheelman Pro Auto Steer.

The moment you unbox, the robust build quality is instantly noticeable, signifying the device’s ability to endure heavy-duty farm operations.

Its user-friendly design accompanied by an intuitive interface on the Whirl app ensures a smooth start for anyone new to the product.

Pros of Wheelman Pro Auto Steer

Let’s delve into the attractive features of the Wheelman Pro Auto Steer.

  • Accuracy to the T

The cornerstone of the Wheelman Pro Auto Steer is its unparalleled accuracy. The device leverages GPS technology to ensure precision to the centimeter level.

By maintaining a straight path in the field, the Auto Steer allows for better seed placement, leading to enhanced crop yields.

  • Ease of Installation

Wheelman Pro Auto Steer ensures an easy installation process, a definite advantage for those not technically inclined. All it requires is some basic tools, a bit of time, and voila – you are ready to roll!

The device comes with a comprehensive installation guide to make the process even simpler.

  • Compatibility and Customizability

Wheelman Pro Auto Steer is compatible with over 850+ makes and models of old and new tractors. This wide compatibility range ensures that virtually every farmer can benefit from this technology.

You need to watch this unboxing video for sure!

Cons of Wheelman Pro Auto Steer

Despite its numerous advantages, the Wheelman Pro Auto Steer does come with a few drawbacks.

  • Initial Cost

One downside is the initial cost. Precision farming technology like this comes with a price tag that may seem steep to some. It’s crucial to consider this as an investment rather than an expense, considering the returns in productivity and efficiency.

  • Dependence on GPS Signal

Given that the system is reliant on GPS signals, areas with weak or unstable signals may experience less-than-optimal performance. This dependency can be a significant disadvantage for farmers in remote or rural areas.

Comparing Wheelman Pro Auto Steer With Close Competitors

To provide you with a comprehensive view, I’ve also compared the Wheelman Pro Auto Steer with five of its close competitors.

1. Trimble Autopilot™ Motor Drive


  • Trimble Autopilot™ Motor Drive is known for its easy installation and removal, reducing the downtime between operations.
  • It offers sub-inch accuracy, thus providing superior performance in precision farming.


  • It’s on the pricier side, which could be a significant disadvantage for small farmers.
  • The system’s advanced features might be challenging for technologically unversed users.

Compared to Wheelman Pro, the Trimble Autopilot™ Motor Drive offers similar accuracy but at a higher cost, making it less attractive to budget-conscious users.

2. John Deere AutoTrac™ Universal (ATU) 200


  • It’s compatible with numerous non-Deere vehicles, making it a versatile addition to any farm.
  • It’s designed to allow for easy transfer between vehicles.


  • The performance is less precise compared to the Wheelman Pro.
  • It requires separate purchasing of a GreenStar™ display and a StarFire™ receiver, increasing the total cost.

While John Deere’s ATU 200 is known for its versatility, the additional costs and less precise performance make Wheelman Pro a more preferable choice.

3. Ag Leader OnTrac3™ Assisted Steering


  • OnTrac3™ provides quick line acquisition for improved performance.
  • It reduces operator fatigue with its active mechanical drive.


  • It lacks the compatibility range offered by the Wheelman Pro Auto Steer.
  • It doesn’t offer the same level of precision as the Wheelman Pro.

Although Ag Leader’s OnTrac3™ reduces operator fatigue, it falls short in precision and compatibility when compared to the Wheelman Pro.

4. Raven SmarTrax™ MD


  • It offers versatile operation with 3D terrain compensation for uneven fields.
  • It provides a quick installation process.


  • The system requires a strong GPS signal to maintain accuracy, limiting its effectiveness in remote areas.
  • It offers less compatibility compared to the Wheelman Pro.

SmarTrax™ MD offers great versatility with 3D terrain compensation but lacks in compatibility and may perform less accurately in areas with weak GPS signal compared to Wheelman Pro.

5. Outback S3™


  • It offers hands-free GPS guidance for multiple implements.
  • It has an easy-to-use touchscreen interface.


  • It does not offer the same level of precision as the Wheelman Pro.
  • The product has a steeper learning curve compared to the Wheelman Pro.

The Outback S3™ falls short in terms of precision and ease of use compared to the Wheelman Pro.

Given the comparison with the competition, the Wheelman Pro Auto Steer stands out due to its unbeatable compatibility, precision, and overall value. Though every system comes with its own set of pros and cons, the Wheelman Pro seems to have struck an optimal balance between performance, price, and usability, making it a compelling choice for farmers seeking to incorporate auto steering technology into their operations.

FAQ Section

How accurate is the Wheelman auto steer?

The Wheelman Pro Auto Steer offers centimeter-level accuracy, ensuring precise and consistent paths in the field for optimal farming results.

What is the difference between the Wheelman Flex and the Wheelman Pro?

The key difference lies in their functionalities. While Wheelman Pro focuses on maintaining straight paths, Wheelman Flex extends its capabilities to contour paths, suitable for various farming landscapes.

Who owns Wheelman Auto Steer?

The Wheelman Auto Steer products are owned by AgJunction, a leading company in the realm of autonomous steering and machine control technologies.

How much is Wheelman Pro?

The Wheelman Pro Auto Steer is priced at approximately $3,995. The cost is an investment that pays off in the form of increased productivity and operational ease.

Closing Thoughts

In the era of smart farming, the Wheelman Pro Auto Steer has indeed carved a niche for itself. Despite a few cons, its superior accuracy, ease of installation, and broad compatibility make it a noteworthy addition to any farming operation.

The device’s real-world performance truly reflects its promise of transforming agricultural productivity, making it a worthy contender in the precision farming market.

Whether you’re a small farm owner or run large-scale operations, the Wheelman Pro Auto Steer could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for. Embracing this technological marvel could pave the way to higher yields and improved farming efficiencies, bringing the future of farming to your fields today.

By sharing my experience and insights, I hope to assist you in your decision-making process. Remember, in the world of smart farming, staying ahead means embracing innovation – and the Wheelman Pro Auto Steer is undoubtedly an innovation worth considering.

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