UMLo Vacuum Vs. Dyson Vacuum Cleaner: Which Is Better?

When it comes to choosing a new vacuum cleaner, UMLo and Dyson are two of the most popular brands to consider. Both offer high-performance vacuums packed with innovative features. But which one is right for you?

We compare key aspects of UMLo and Dyson vacuums to help you decide. Covering everything from suction power and runtime to special tools, filtration systems and more. By the end you’ll know the main pros and cons of each brand.

A Brief Comparison Table

Suction Power150 AW / 22kPa185 AW / 26kPa (V15 model)
Runtime60 mins (Eco) 40 mins (Max)60 mins (Eco) 10 mins (Boost)
Dust Capacity0.6 liters0.77 liters
Weight3.3 lbs6.68 lbs
AttachmentsCrevice tool, soft dusting brush, hard floor brushCombination tool, crevice tool, soft dusting brush, hard floor brush, mini-motorized tool
HEPA FiltrationYesYes
Swivel Steering180°270°
Warranty2 years2 years

UMLo Vacuum Cleaner Overview

UMLo N3S Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

UMLo makes a range of cordless stick vacuums designed for hard floors and carpets.

They use strong suction, large dust bins and lightweight bodies for easy cleaning.

Advanced features include self-standing design, swivel steering, HEPA filtration and different cleaning modes.

Plus a range of attachments for versatile cleaning tasks.

Key Pros

  • Powerful 150 AW suction
  • Good 60 minute max runtime
  • Large 0.6 liter dust capacity
  • Only 3.3 lbs weight
  • 180° maneuverable swivel head
  • HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles

Potential Cons

  • Smaller attachment kit than Dyson
  • Short 2 year warranty period
  • Newer brand so fewer independent reviews

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Overview

Dyson pioneered cordless vacuum technology and remains an industry leader. Their vacuums provide very strong suction power from advanced motors and efficient filtration systems.

Top-end Dyson models feature whole-machine HEPA filtration, long 60 minute Eco modes, extensive tool kits and easy bin emptying. Some also have laser-guided floor tracking and adaptive suction power.

Key Pros

Dyson V8 Origin Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson V8 Origin Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Category-leading 185 AW maximum suction
  • Complete set of versatile cleaning attachments
  • Advanced whole-machine filtration system
  • Intelligent floor cleaning modes
  • Hygienic one-touch bin emptying

Potential Cons

  • Heavy compared to other cordless vacuums
  • Short 10 minute run times on highest modes
  • Expensive price points
  • 2 year warranty falls short of some brands

Key Differences Between UMLo And Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

  • Suction Power & Runtime

Suction power, measured in AW or air watts, gives an idea of raw vacuum cleaner performance. More air watts equals stronger suction.

Dyson has greater maximum suction power ratings across its cordless range – peaking at 185 AW on models like the V15 Detect Absolute. The top UMLo vacuums reach around 150 AW.

However, those ultra high power modes drain battery very fast. The V15 has just 10 minutes runtime on its 185 AW setting. For longer cleaning, Dyson offer a 60 minute ‘Eco’ mode which lowers power to preserve charge.

UMLo match that 60 minute runtime on default power mode. You can also switch to a 40 minute ‘Max’ mode for added suction strength.

So while Dyson products edge overall suction capabilities, UMLo models offer a better balance of power and runtime for whole-home use.

  • Dust Capacity

Dust capacity refers to the usable bin volume before needing to empty debris. Larger bins allow longer cleaning sessions without interruption.

UMLo tends towards 0.6 liter (600 ml) dust containers across its cordless vacuum range. The Dyson V15 measures 0.77 liters (770 ml), but smaller models like the V8 Absolute have 0.54 liter bins.

Overall there’s no significant advantage to either brand here. Just note the V15 holds a modest amount more debris than an average UMLo vacuum.

  • Weight & Ergonomics
Dyson Outsize Total Clean

Stick vacuum weight has a big effect on your cleaning experience. Bulkier and heavier models become tiring to carry and maneuver during longer tasks.

UMLo focuses strongly on keeping weight low with bodies around 3.3 lbs. Dyson vacuums are typically much heavier – for example the 6.68 lbs V15.

This additional heft stems from advanced features like whole-machine filtration and swivel joints. But means Dyson models need two hands to carry up stairs comfortably.

If easy lifting and maneuverability are priorities, UMLo vacuums have a strong weight advantage.

  • Attachments & Accessories

Versatile cleaning relies on attachments to target different surfaces, spaces and debris types. So the accessory kit included greatly impacts vacuum usefulness.

Dyson provides a more extensive set averaging 5-6 tools. Key attachments like combination brush, crevice tool and mini-motorized tool give great flexibility. Some models also have laser slim fluffy heads acing hard floors.

UMLo packs around three tools as standard: crevice nozzle, soft dusting brush and hard floor brush. Covers key needs, though the mini turbine head is a slight downgrade from Dyson.

This comprehensive accessory suite means most users will rarely need additional Dyson attachments. While UMLo’s simpler kit handles common tasks fine, but lacks advanced or niche instruments.

  • Steering & Maneuverability

Being able to move your vacuum freely makes cleaning much faster and less tiring. Features like flexible joints and swivel heads greatly assist with control.

UMLo stick vacuums have 180° swivel joints allowing pretty good steerability around furniture legs and tight spots.

Top Dyson cordless models feature up to 270° articulation for superior agility and reaching awkward areas. This does come from more complex engineer though, adding weight.

So UMLo holds a slight edge for lightweight maneuvering. But Dysons excel at moving flexibly in cramped rooms and under furniture.

  • Filtration Systems

Filtration captures fine dust and allergens inside the vacuum – stopping them from escaping back into your home. High performance systems use multiple stages and whole-machine coverage.

Both UMLo and Dyson incorporate advanced HEPA filtration into stick vacuums as standard. HEPA filters capture over 99.97% of microparticles down to 0.3 microns. Greatly improving air quality compared to basic filters.

Some premium Dysons take things further, sealing HEPA filters throughout the entire airflow path. Ensuring no dust bypasses to exit exhaust air. This leads the market for allergy sufferers, though increases weight.

For most buyers the UMLo HEPA system gives perfectly adequate filtration. But Dyson’s sealed units excel for high dust homes or health conditions.

  • Warranty Policy
Dyson Outsize Plus Cordless Vacuum
Dyson Outsize Plus Cordless Vacuum

Warranty terms reveal how much faith a brand has in its own product quality and lifespan.

Short policies could indicate potential issues down the line.

Unfortunately UMLo and Dyson both offer relatively modest 2 year warranties on respective cordless vacuum ranges.

This falls behind some rival brands now matching or exceeding 3 years.

In Dyson’s defense, the 2 year coverage is market standard for advanced expensive electronics like their vacuums.

Plus manufacturing faults normally appear early on if present.

Nonetheless, the short UMLo warranty duration seems at odds with an otherwise well-made appliance. So keep proof of purchase just in case of any longer term defects.

  • Prices & Value

Affordability plays a major role choosing any new vacuum. Even if a model looks perfect on paper, high prices can make you hesitate.

Dyson products are universally more expensive. Their cutting-edge designs and features command premium pricing, often $500+ for flagships like the V15 Detect. Great cleaning performance, yet heavy impact on budgets.

Conversely UMLo vacuums retail at substantially lower price points despite competitive specs. Around $150-250 gives strong suction, lightweight bodies and solid accessories.

This makes UMLo our top value choice out the two brands. You get high functioning vacuums with all core features, without excessive spend. Dyson certainly lead outright performance, but comes at luxury pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What brands are better than Dyson?

Miele is considered at the same premium performance tier as Dyson but offer longer warranties on vacuums. Shark also matches Dyson cleaning capabilities at lower price points for better value.

What is the closest vacuum to a Dyson?

Shark cordless stick vacuums like the P50 and Apex series provide the most similar experience to Dyson models in terms of design, cleaning tech and tool sets.

Is Dyson better than other vacuums?

Dyson pioneered cordless vacuum innovation so remains ahead of competitors in maximum suction power, whole-machine filtration and attachments. But brands like Shark are helping to close the gap while undercutting prices.

What is the #1 cordless vacuum cleaner?

Currently the Dyson V15 Detect Cordless vacuum tops expert recommendation lists as the outright #1 cordless model thanks to class-leading suction capabilities, dust sensing tech and premium build.

Closing Remarks

So choosing between UMLo and Dyson cordless vacuums, Dyson takes the win for outright cleaning performance. Big suction muscle, flexible maneuverability and sealed filtration justify the renowned reputation.

But UMLo models make great alternatives that mimic Dyson’s design ethos in a simplified, affordable form. Losing some top-end technologies, yet maintaining strong everyday cleaning potential at a fraction of the cost.

We suggest Dyson for those who simply want the best vacuum money can buy. While UMLo suits buyers wanting great floorcare on a budget.

Ultimately both UMLo and Dyson make very capable vacuums packed with features that outclass basic models. Identify your personal priorities around budget, weight preferences and cleaning needs to decide the ideal brand.

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