Triplet Herbicide Vs. Trimec Lawn Weed Killer: Differences And Features

Weed control is a crucial part of your lawn maintenance. There is no way to deny this factor at all. For controlling weeds on your lawn, you will come across so many different products.

There is a very well-known debate between two of those products. It’s the battle between Triplet Herbicide vs. Trimec. The question is, which is better and which one do you choose?

I compared the two options and got into the differences between them to find out. So, here, I will list the differences you get to see between these two weed control products.

Let’s get through this, then.

A quick comparison table

SpecificationsTriplet HerbicideTrimec
Coverage1.1oz covers 1000sq ft.32,000 sq feet per gallon
BlendSelective blend3-way herbicide blend
Targets weedLimited230+


An In-Depth Comparison Between Triplet Herbicide And Trimec

  • Coverage
Trimec Lawn Weed Killer
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The first difference you see in the two-weed control system is that they have different coverages.

Now, this is primarily due to the two types of packaging. But, even after that, they both are pretty different in the area they cover on your lawn.

First of all, Triplet herbicide usually comes with a 32oz pack. It’s not the largest in quantity. The solution can cover 1000square feet with 1.1oz. So, you can expect to cover 32000square feet with the 32oz pack.

As for the Trimec, it usually comes as a gallon. With one gallon, you can cover up around 32000square feet of area. However, it may differ when you are dealing with southern lawns. In that case, it will have double the coverage.

Now, if you take a closer look at it, the parameters are quite different. While you get a 32oz package of Triplet herbicide, the number differs from the Trimec with a 1-gallon pack.

So, making a decision is quite tricky. If you have a smaller lawn, you can choose to go for Triplet, but if you have a more expansive yard, pick Trimec.

  • Effectivity

Effectivity should always be a concern for you. Whether it can control the weed in your lawn plays a considerable role in deciding the best option for your needs.

Why would you pick something that doesn’t work for you, right?

Luckily, the clear winner in terms of effectiveness is Trimec. It seems to be very much effective against weeds on your lawn.

With its concentrated formula, you can soak the yard with this solution, and it should work out just fine for you. Along with that, the 3-way herbicide blends the results you get from this solution are just perfect.

However, the picture is a bit different from the Triplet herbicide. It is not as effective as the Trimec one. Sometimes, you may find it utterly ineffective on your lawn, so this one has a performance issue.

However, this issue doesn’t persist in all cases, so you may still give it a try and see if it works out for you or not.

  • Usage
Triplet Post-emergent Broadleaf Herbicide
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The usage of both solutions is pretty similar. The only difference is the sprayer you are going to use for this.

Since they both have different containers, you will need to use other valuable methods for both of them.

Trimec is an excellent option for covering a larger space with the 1-gallon container. You can use a giant spray bottle to cover up the complete area without much trouble.

It’s relatively easy to use, as all you have to do is soak the lawn with the solution. And the best part is that it doesn’t require any preparation or unique process before usage.

In the case of Triplet herbicide, the usage is much simpler. You can even try using the solution directly from the bottle, as it’s much more lightweight to carry around.

However, the coverage isn’t as good, so you will need multiple containers when dealing with a more extensive lawn.

Truthfully, there is no difficulty in using either of the options. So, you can choose any one of them based on ease of usage.

  • Weed control

Let’s talk about weed control. This condition may make you wonder about its effectiveness, but I am mainly talking about the weeds that both options target.

So, you can consider the weed control factor before choosing one of the options.

Triplet Herbicide

Starting with the Trimec weed control solution, you get excellent effectiveness for more than 230 types of weeds that you can find in lawns.

It can kill these broadleaf weeds and doesn’t negatively impact the lawn grass.

So, it’s healthy for your yard while keeping it safe from weed control.

On the other hand, the Triplet herbicide is selective with weed control. So, you have to look at the types of weeds this solution can deal with easily.

If you have weeds that this solution can’t kill, I wouldn’t recommend this one for you. But if it can kill the weed present on your lawn, you can use it for sure.

Considering the weed control for two options, the winner will be Trimec. It can kill various weeds, so you will hardly miss out on anything.

  • Cost

For the most part, this will be the deciding factor that will dictate your decision on this argument. There is not much to discuss here. If you want to save money, choose Triplet as it’s much cheaper.

With Trimec, you will consider paying a bit more than the competing option.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Many people have a common question regarding the different weed control solutions. You can check them out and see if you find anything you may also be wondering about yourself–

Is Trimec a 3-way herbicide?

Yes, Trimec is a 3-way herbicide blend with great effectiveness and weed control for your lawns.

What is the difference between Trimec and Trimec classic?

The main difference between the Trimec and Trimec classic comes in seasonal use. You can use Trimec for the warmer season, and if you are dealing with a colder season, then Trimec classic is the best for you.

What type of herbicide is time?

Trimec is a post-emergent herbicide. It won’t prevent weed growth on your lawn. Instead, it will control all the weeds after they grow.

What is Triplet used for?

You can use Triplet for selective weed control, where you can control clover, henbit, dandelion, wild onion, etc.


Summing it all up, I can say the Triplet herbicide vs. Trimec debate has a clear winner in most scenarios which is Trimec. Whether it’s the quality, effectivity, weed control, and coverage Trimec will get you through everything. You won’t have any complaints about the product.

You should only pick Triplet herbicide when you want to save up on money. Also, if you have a smaller lawn, this will be the perfect option for you.

Because in that scenario, Trimec can become a bit too much for your need. So, you have to consider whether you want a better outcome or you want a budget option.

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