Smokai Vs. Smoke Daddy: Which Cold Smoke Generator Is Best?

If you love smoked meats, fish, or cheese, a cold smoke generator allows you to add that coveted smoky flavor right in your own backyard. Two popular options for home smoking enthusiasts are the Smokai and Smoke Daddy cold smoke generators.

But which one is right for you?

Here’s a detailed comparison of the key features and performance of Smokai and Smoke Daddy to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureSmokaiSmoke Daddy
Smoke ProductionPure, subtle smoke flavorBold, rich smoke flavor
Fuel SourceHardwood sawdustWood pellets
Smoke ControlAdjustable fan speedVariable vortex speed
Ease of UseRefill sawdust periodicallyLarge pellet hopper
Cold Smoking AbilityExcellent, keeps temps lowGood, can get slightly warm
PortabilityVery portable at 5 lbsNot as portable at 15 lbs
DurabilityDurable stainless steelProne to some component failures
Warranty1 year90 days
Models Available2 (15W, 30W)3 (Big Kahuna, Magnum P.I.G., Wifi)

Key Differences Between Smokai And Smoke Daddy

How They Work?

Smokai Smoke Generator

Both the Smokai and Smoke Daddy are electric cold smoke generators that burn wood chips or pellets to produce smoke.

The smoke is then piped into a smoker box or chamber to cold smoke foods at temperatures under 100°F.

This imparts flavor without actually cooking the food.

The Smokai uses an electric heating element to smolder hardwood sawdust contained in a small smoke chamber.

A variable speed fan controls air flow through the sawdust to regulate smoke output.

The Smoke Daddy utilizes a unique vortex design that spins pellets in a rotating chamber to produce smoke. The speed of the pellet vortex determines smoke levels.

So while both use an electric element and fan, the Smokai relies on sawdust and the Smoke Daddy uses wood pellets.

Ease of Use

A key consideration for a cold smoker is how easy it is to operate and control smoke levels. Here’s how Smokai and Smoke Daddy compare:


  • Very simple controls – just set fan speed as desired
  • Load sawdust into chamber periodically
  • Provides consistent smoke but needs sawdust replenished

Smoke Daddy

  • Pellet hopper for hands-off operation
  • Variable speed vortex for smoke control
  • No need to add more pellets during smoking

For set-it-and-forget-it smoking, the Smoke Daddy’s pellet hopper is more convenient. The Smokai requires occasionally refilling the sawdust chamber for longer smokes.


Do you need a portable unit you can move around, or will it stay in one spot?

  • The Smokai is very compact and lightweight at just 5 pounds. It’s designed to be highly portable for smoking in different locations.
  • The Smoke Daddy is larger and heavier, weighing 15 pounds. It’s not as convenient for transport but can be moved if needed.

So the Smokai wins for mobility and using in multiple areas, while the Smoke Daddy is better suited as a fixed smoking station.

Cold Smoking Ability

A key measure of performance is how well a smoke generator can hold low cold smoking temperatures.

Smoke Daddy Smoke Generator
  • The Smokai excels at keeping temperatures low, even in hot conditions. Its sawdust-based smoke production doesn’t add much heat.
  • The Smoke Daddy uses an electric heating element so it can introduce some heat. It may struggle to keep temps low above 90°F ambient temperatures.

The Smokai appears to have an edge for true cold smoking purposes.

But the Smoke Daddy may fare better in cold weather where you want a little heat.

Smoke Flavor

When smoking foods, the flavor imparted by the smoke is paramount. Here is how they compare:

  • Smokai smoke flavor is subtler and more nuanced, great for delicate foods like cheese or fish.
  • Smoke Daddy produces a bolder, richer smoke flavor ideal for meats.

So your flavor preferences may dictate which is better – Smokai for lighter smoking or Smoke Daddy for hearty smoked flavor.

Wood Pellet vs Sawdust

The fuel source used affects smoke quantity, quality, and convenience:

  • The Smokai uses sawdust placed in its chamber, which must be replenished every 1-3 hours depending on settings.
  • The Smoke Daddy utilizes store-bought wood pellets fed through an auger into the vortex chamber. A large hopper holds hours’ worth of pellets.

Pellets are more convenient, especially for overnight smoking sessions. But sawdust may produce a cleaner, lighter smoke.


You want your smoke generator to provide years of reliable service. Here’s how they stack up:

  • The Smokai is constructed from high-grade stainless steel and feels very solid. Users mention years of trouble-free smoking.
  • The Smoke Daddy also uses stainless steel but some users report issues with component failures after a year or two.

The Smokai appears to be the more durable and robustly built option of the two.

Design & Size

If space is limited or appearance matters, design may factor into your decision:

  • The Smokai has an elegant cylindrical shape and is very compact at just 10″ high x 5″ in diameter.
  • The Smoke Daddy has a wider, oblong silhouette and is larger at 9″ high x 11″ wide x 11″ deep.

The Smokai’s smaller footprint gives it an advantage for tight spaces and mobility. The Smoke Daddy is larger but not hugely so.

Models Available

You’ll also want to consider the specific model options:


  • Smokai SQ15S (15 watt home smoker)
  • Smokai SQ30S (30 watt pro model)

Smoke Daddy:

  • Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna (basic pellet cold smoker)
  • Smoke Daddy Magnum P.I.G. (larger capacity with warmer)
  • Smoke Daddy 3D Wifi (app control and video camera)

The Smokai keeps it simple with two variants, while Smoke Daddy offers more models with advanced features like WiFi/app connectivity.


Affordability may be a deciding factor too. Here are current prices:

  • Smokai SQ15S ($129)
  • Smokai SQ30S ($179)
  • Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna ($279)
  • Smoke Daddy Magnum P.I.G. ($399)
  • Smoke Daddy 3D Wifi ($499)

The Smokai units are significantly cheaper than the Smoke Daddy models. But you get more functionality with Smoke Daddy’s higher-end options.


The warranty partially reflects expected reliability and durability:

  • Smokai offers a 1 year full warranty
  • Smoke Daddy provides a 90 day warranty

Smokai clearly stands behind their product with a generous 1 year warranty versus Smoke Daddy’s 90 day coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best cold smoke generator?

Based on this comparison, the Smokai stands out as the best overall cold smoke generator for home use. It produces ultra-pure smoke flavor ideal for delicate smoked foods, excels at maintaining low temperatures, and is extremely portable. Durable construction and affordable prices add to the appeal.
That said, the Smoke Daddy is also an excellent choice, especially if you prioritize set-it-and-forget-it convenience and bold smoke flavor. Larger models like the Magnum P.I.G. are good for major smoking sessions.

Can you use pellets in a Smokai?

No, the Smokai is designed solely for use with hardwood sawdust. The Smoke Daddy is the cold smoker that utilizes wood pellets.

How long does a cold smoke generator last?

With proper care and maintenance, a high-quality cold smoker like the Smokai or Smoke Daddy can provide many years of service. The Smokai in particular is praised for its durable stainless steel construction and trouble-free operation over an extended lifetime.
Expect 5-10+ years from a Smokai. The Smoke Daddy may have a slightly shorter lifespan around 3-5 years, based on some user reviews noting component failures.

How does a smoke daddy work?

The Smoke Daddy uses an electric heating element to ignite and burn wood pellets stored in a large hopper. The pellets are fed into a rotating vortex chamber that spins and smolders them to produce smoke.
Variable speed controls on the vortex and a temperature sensor allow the Smoke Daddy to regulate the amount of smoke produced and maintain lower cold smoking temperatures. The smoke is pumped externally to a smoker box or chamber for cold smoking purposes.

The Verdict

For portable cold smoking and premium smoke flavor, Smokai is our top pick. But the Smoke Daddy is also a great choice if you want max convenience and bold smoke output.

Either smoke generator will upgrade your cold smoking game and let you enjoy deliciously smoked foods at home.

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