Best Shellac Brush You Should Try In 2024

Natural fiber brush and Artist’s Taklon brush are the two best shellac brushes that you can trust. They will get the job done if you know the right techniques.

Not every brush is for shellac. The suitable ones will give you outstanding results and satisfaction. This article will show you some of those shellac brushes and their features, and you can choose one that fits your requirement.

So, let’s jump right in.

3 Recommended Shellac Brushes

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  • Suitable for oil & acrylic paints.
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Winsor & Newton
  • Suitable for oil paints.
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  • Suitable for acrylic paints.
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With comprehensive research and customer feedback from some verified customers, I have come up with three shellac brushes reviews. They are equally capable of providing excellent finish on your wood furniture.

Here are in-depth details of each of the 3 product and their features. Check them out to find your preferred one.

Brustro Artists Gold TAKLON Brushes

Artists TAKLON Brush
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Are you a fan of black and golden? Then this shellac brush from Brustro Artists will be your favorite pick. This Gold Taklon set comes with 10 brushes of different sizes.

Whether you are a beginner planning out your first DIY shellac finish or have done it several times, you will get an excellent result from this synthetic brush set.

It comes with 3 Round brushes, 2 Flat brushes, 3 Bright brushes, and 2 Filbert brushes. One this is for sure, with the assorted size, you can take on any corner and folds on your furniture and structures.

Brustro Artists has used Taklon hair to make this brush set. Taklon is a smooth and soft synthetic fiber that offers excellent painting results. With Taklon brushes, you’ll always get a better result than Nylon ones.

Although it’s tailored for beginners, anyone can use this long-handle brush set can be the best brush for shellac primer.

The best part is that this brush set allows you to use it for any oil and acrylic paints as well. With its high-quality chisel and sturdy handle, you can use it for home use like painting furniture or in schools for canvas painting purposes.

Caution & Tips: While painting shellac on your wood furniture with this brush set, you should be cautious about its long handles. Many people find it exceptionally useful, and many people don’t.

If you are in the latter group, make sure you hold the brush correctly. Do not hold it too close to the tip. Do not hold too far either.

Winsor & Newton Winton Long Handle Brush

I bring you the next brush set from Winsor & Newton. This 5-count brush set comes with long handles. Plus, its exotic green color handle will blow your mind.

Winsor & Newton has made this brush from high-quality materials. This natural bristle brush set has fine-quality hog bristles.

Winsor & Newton Winton Long Handle Brush

Besides, its corrosion-resistant ferrules in the handles make it at the top of its class.

The most impressive feature about hog bristles is that their natural curve makes them highly resilient. As a result, it can go back to its original shape even after heavy use.

Using this brush set, you will get excellent accuracy and control while you shellac in on your furniture. Your hand will not become fatigued holding these brushes.

As a result, the chances of accidental stroke are minimum.

This 5 count brush set from Winsor & Newton contains 1 Round 2 Brush, 1 Round 6 Brush, 1 Short Flat 2 Bright Brush, 1 Flat 6 Brush, and 1 Filbert 4 Brush.

All these 5 brushes will make sure you can reach every inch of your wooden furniture and structures. Apart from shellac, you can also use these brushes for canvas painting with oil, alkyds, and acrylics paints.

Caution & Tip: This brush set also has long handle brushes. So, keep that in mind while painting with them.

Although, the bristles can bend quite exceptionally because of their material. But do not experiment too much with them. Otherwise, they might come out of the brushes. Clean them well after use.

Plaid Flat Brush

Plaid Flat Brush

Yet another gold Taklon brush set from Folkart, the Plaid 50557E set comes with 2 flat acrylic brushes. The size of the brushes is 1½ inches.

Don’t get fooled by the brush count. It is probably the best brush for applying shellac. Its flat type and brush size have made it untouchable in its class.

You will get amazingly smooth and even brushstrokes with the high-quality golden Taklon bristles. Plus, its thick handle will give you ease and comfort while holding the brushes.

The brush set comes from a long trusted brand, FolkArt, with trusted quality. For many professionals and DIY enthusiasts, FolkArt brushes are an everyday staple.

FolkArt has designed this brush, especially for base-coating in large areas. You can easily shellac your furniture with this brush. Besides, because of its size, it can coat a large area at a time. So, you can actually finish your project quickly with this brush set.

On top of that, the Plaid 50557E flat brush set offers excellent results on wood surfaces. So, you can choose from several wood surfaces to shellac in on and get a fantastic result. Moreover, you can easily clean this brush set with just water and soap.

Caution & Tips: We know you can easily clean this brush set with just water and soap. But you have to make sure you immediately clean the brushes after use while it’s still wet. Otherwise, it will become difficult to wash off the paints.

Use warm water if the brushes become dry before cleaning. Give them original shape using your fingers after they become dry.

Points To Remember Finding Your Shellac Brush

Now that you know the best shellac brush for your woodworking project, it’s time to look at some must-consider factors. You cannot overlook them while choosing the right brush for you.

Let’s get right in.

  • Brush Material
TAKLON Brushes

You must look into brush materials before making any decision.

Good materials will always give you superior results. The material of the chisel is especially important.

While the natural bristles will give you the best result, some Taklon fibers are also capable of providing an excellent result.

The handle material is also essential. It will make sure your brush set lasts longer.

  • Brush Size

Brush size is another essential factor you should look at before purchasing one. The tip size will control whether you will get a thin stroke or a thick one.

Plus, some people prefer long handles, and others regular ones. Make sure which one you want before you make any purchase.

  • Brush Counts

The number of brushes in a set is an essential factor. Many of us would want to select a shellac brush set with a larger count and assorted sizes.

Different sizes will offer many perks while painting shellac on furniture and wood structures.

Final Thoughts

A paintbrush can make and break your DIY painting project. So, you should always make sure you have the right one at your disposal.

Applying shellac on furniture can go wrong in many ways, including not getting even finishes.

But after going through this review, now you know the shellac brush you need. So, nothing will break your project now.

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