Shark WANDVAC 200 Vs. 201 Cordless Handheld Vacuums

Keeping a home clean is no easy feat, especially when life gets busy. Kids, pets, spills, crumbs – messes happen in a flash. And who has time to lug out a heavy corded vacuum every time a dust bunny appears?

For quick cleanups in a hurry, a handheld vacuum can be a life saver. Shark’s WANDVAC series offers convenient, lightweight cordless vacuums to make tidying up fast and painless.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the Shark WANDVAC 200 and 201 models in detail. We’ll cover all the key specs, power, accessories, and real-world performance.

Read on for a complete breakdown of how these handy stick vacs stack up to help you decide which is best for your cleaning needs.

Shark WANDVAC Comparison Table

SpecsShark WANDVAC 200Shark WANDVAC 201
Suction Power8.0 amp10.0 amp
Battery Run TimeAbout 13 minutesAbout 16 minutes
Charging Time3-4 hours3-4 hours
FiltrationTwo foam filtersTwo foam filters
Dust Bin Capacity0.25 quarts0.3 quarts
Weight1.4 lbs1.5 lbs
AttachmentsCrevice tool, motorized brushCrevice tool, dusting brush, anti-allergen dust brush, motorized pet tool

Key Differences Between Shark WANDVAC 200 And 201 Cordless Handheld Vacuums

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at each vacuum.

  • Power and Performance

One of the biggest differences between the WANDVAC 200 and 201 is suction power. The motor determines how much airflow the vacuum generates to lift and suck up debris. More airflow means more cleaning power.

Shark WANDVAC 200

Shark WANDVAC 200 Cordless Handheld Vacuum
Shark WANDVAC 200 Cordless Vacuum

The 200 utilizes an 8 amp motor. It provides perfectly decent suction for quick cleanups, but likely won’t deep clean carpets or thoroughly remove pet hair.

The 200 works best for surface-level messes – think crumbs, dust, dirt tracked inside.

It excels at tidying these types of particles from hard floors, furniture, stairs, and upholstery.

You can use the motorized brush attachment to help loosen and lift debris for easier suction. Overall, the 8 amp motor gives you suitable pickup for light duty cleaning.

Shark WANDVAC 201

Shark enhanced the suction substantially on the 201, upgrading to a 10 amp motor. This results in 50% more power than the 200. You’ll notice the improved airflow immediately as you vacuum.

The 201 does a noticeably better job pulling up embedded dirt, dust, pet hair, and debris from carpets, rugs, furniture cracks and crevices. Its suction can compete with many full-size cordless stick vacuums.

The direct suction is strong enough to thoroughly clean bare floors too – no brush roll required. If you need to deep clean messes, especially from pet hair, the 201’s superior suction really shines.

Winner: Shark WANDVAC 201 for greater suction power

  • Runtime

No one likes their vacuum dying mid-cleaning session. So runtime is a big factor when choosing a cordless model. More minutes of cleaning per charge means less hassle and interruptions.

Shark WANDVAC 200

The 200 offers a max runtime of about 13 minutes from a full battery charge. For knocking out quick messes, that’s typically enough time to tidy up.

But if you have large areas to cover or lots of embedded dirt and pet hair, you may need to stop and recharge before finishing. The lithium-ion battery does recharge in a quick 3-4 hours. But the relatively short 13 minute runtime is a tradeoff for the 200’s smaller motor.

Shark WANDVAC 201

Shark WANDVAC 201 Cordless Vacuum

Thanks to upgraded capacity, the 201’s battery lasts around 16 minutes before needing a recharge.

That allows you to clean for a few extra minutes per session.

The 201 can typically handle small to mid-size rooms or vehicles on a single charge.

And if you do run out of juice mid-job, the fast 3-4 hour recharge time helps get you back cleaning quickly.

The 201’s improved runtime is a nice benefit if you have lots of square footage or messes to cover.

Winner: Shark WANDVAC 201 for longer 16 minute battery life

  • Dust Bin Capacity

A handheld vacuum’s dust bin capacity determines how much dirt and debris you can collect before stopping to empty it. Larger bins are more convenient since they require fewer trips to the trash can.

Shark WANDVAC 200

The 200 has a .25 quart dust bin. That holds a moderate amount of light dirt and dust for quick cleanups. But pet owners may find it fills quickly with hair. You’ll likely need to empty the bin after each room or vehicle you tackle.

This does keep the vacuum body compact. But more capacity would reduce interruptions.

Shark WANDVAC 201

Shark increased the dust bin size on the 201 to 0.3 quarts. The XL capacity means you can vacuum more debris before the cup fills up. Pet hair and dirt build up less frequently, allowing you to cover more ground between dumps.

The additional capacity is extremely useful if you’ll be using the vacuum to tackle lots of messy zones.

Winner: Shark WANDVAC 201 for its larger 0.3 quart dust cup

  • Weight and Ergonomics

Since handheld vacuums are designed for quick spot cleaning, you’ll likely be holding onto them for extended periods. So weight and comfort are important factors. Your hand and arm shouldn’t fatigue easily during use.

Shark WANDVAC 200

Shark WANDVAC 200 Cordless Vacuum
Shark WANDVAC 200 Cordless Vacuum

Weighing in at just 1.4 pounds, the 200 is extremely lightweight.

You can lift and maneuver it comfortably without straining.

The slim stick shape fits naturally in your grip.

And the wand flexes to reach under furniture and clean at odd angles.

Overall, the ergonomic design makes cleaning easy on your body.

You can zip through tidying rooms, stairs, upholstery and more with no arm fatigue.

Shark WANDVAC 201

The 201 gains a bit of heft to accommodate the larger motor and battery. It tips the scales at 1.5 pounds. While not a huge jump, the extra weight is noticeable during longer cleaning sessions.

However, the 201 maintains the comfortable stick shape and flexible MultiFLEX wand. The ergonomics stay solid despite the slightly heavier body. For most users, the 201 remains very comfortable and easy to maneuver during quick cleanups.

Winner: Draw – the 200 may feel lighter during extended use, but the 201 retains excellent ergonomics

  • Attachments and Accessories

Hand vac attachments help you clean more surfaces and reach tight spots. Having the right tools for the job makes cleaning easier and expands what you can vacuum effectively.

Shark WANDVAC 200

The 200 comes with just two basic attachments:

  • Crevice tool: Great for cleaning corners, baseboards, drapes, vents, and other tight spaces.
  • Motorized brush: The spinning brush helps lift hair and debris from upholstery for easier suction. Also great for stairs, couch cushions, car interior.

With just these two tools, you’re somewhat limited in what surfaces the 200 can handle. It excels as a basic vac for quick pickups from floors and open areas. But furniture, ceilings, shelves, and more delicate tasks are tricky without additional brushes.

Shark WANDVAC 201

The 201 includes a more versatile set of 4 attachments:

  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting brush: The soft bristles grab dust from shelves, sills, lamp shades, and electronics.
  • Anti-allergen dust brush: The bristles on this wide brush are designed to attract dust and allergens in fabric and carpets.
  • Motorized pet multi-tool: The spinning brush loosens and lifts pet hair from furniture, stairs, cars, etc.

With this versatile attachment set, you can effectively vacuum almost any surface – carpets, rugs, hard floors, upholstery, drapes, ceilings, and more. The pet multi-tool is excellent for removing stubborn hair other vacuums leave behind. Overall, the 201’s accessories provide exceptional versatility for whole-home cleaning.

Winner: Shark WANDVAC 201 for its more varied and useful attachment set

  • Filtration

Effective filtration is crucial for preventing vacuumed particles from escaping back into the air. This is especially important if you suffer from allergies.

Shark WANDVAC 200 and 201

Both the 200 and 201 utilize a two-filter system. Dirt first passes through a foam pre-filter to trap larger debris. Then a felt filter captures more fine dust and allergens before they reach the exhaust. This dual-foam filtration provides decent trapping of dust and dander inside the vacuum.

However, the filters themselves are not HEPA quality. So very small particles could potentially pass through and become airborne again.

Those with severe allergies may want to upgrade to a model with true HEPA or washable filters to get the cleanest air exhaust. But for general debris pick-up, the foam filters on both WANDVAC models work fine.

Winner: Draw – the 200 and 201 have identical filter systems

  • Maneuverability

Since handheld vacuums are made for quick cleanups in tight spaces, maneuverability is key. You need to be able to easily steer the vacuum into corners, under furniture, and at odd angles.

Shark WANDVAC 200 and 201

Both WANDVAC models excel when it comes to maneuverability and ease of handling. At around 1.5 lbs or less, they are lightweight and easy to wield. The stick shape fits comfortably in your hand for precision control.

Even better, Shark’s MultiFLEX technology allows the wands to bend so you can lay them nearly flat. This makes reaching under couches, beds, appliances a breeze. You can also flex the wand for more comfortable standing storage.

The swiveling heads provide excellent control to clean corners, ceilings, cabinets, and more tricky angles. Combining the flexible wand and swivel head gives you amazing agility to direct suction wherever it’s needed quickly.

Winner: Draw – the 200 and 201 offer identical maneuverability and handling

  • Price and Value

With any purchase, price usually plays a role in the decision making process. Let’s see how the WANDVAC models compare on value.

Shark WANDVAC 200

The 200 model typically retails around $$ depending on sales and retailer. For the price, you get capable mid-range suction in a convenient, lightweight body. The 200 works great for small everyday cleanups. But more power and accessories would improve the value.

Shark WANDVAC 201

Shark WANDVAC 201 Handheld Vacuum

The enhanced suction, longer runtime, XL dust cup, and varied attachment set really add value.

The 201 can tackle almost any quick cleanup task thanks to these upgrades.

For the price bump over the 200, you get a high-performing hand vac suited to whole home cleaning.

Winner: Overall value leans towards the Shark 201 for the performance upgrades at a still-reasonable price point

Anything Else? Extras, Design, Warranty, Etc

To wrap up this comparison, let’s touch on a few other factors that may sway your purchasing choice:

  • Design and Aesthetics

The WANDVAC 200 and 201 look nearly identical, sporting a sleek white and gray stick shape with red accents. Both models utilize handy docking stations for upright storage and charging. From a design standpoint, it’s a draw between the two. Pick based on function, not flash.

  • Warranty

Shark covers both vacuums with a limited 1-year warranty. This protects against defects and premature failures. Extend your coverage by registering your vacuum at Overall warranty coverage is equal between models.

  • Battery Fade

Like all batteries, the lithium-ion packs in these vacuums will fade over time after years of recharging. Expect gradual shortening of max runtime as the batteries age. The 201 may maintain usable runtime longer thanks to its beefier battery specs.

  • Availability of Replacement Parts

As popular Shark models, both the 200 and 201 have replacement wand sections, filters, battery packs, chargers, attachments and other components readily available. So you can easily find parts to keep your vacuum running for years.

Which Shark WANDVAC Is Best For You?

Now that we’ve covered all the details on suction, runtime, bins, accessories, and more, let’s summarize which model works best for different cleaning needs:

The Shark WANDVAC 200 is ideal if you…

  • Want basic, affordable cleaning performance
  • Have mostly light surface messes to tackle
  • Need to vacuum small areas like cars or staircases

The Shark WANDVAC 201 is the better option if you…

  • Need more suction to deep clean carpets, furniture, and pet hair
  • Want the extended 16 minute runtime per charge
  • Need to vacuum large rooms between emptying
  • Value the convenience of the accessory brushes for versatility

Both Shark WANDVACs deliver cordless convenience and quality cleaning for quick pickups. But the 201’s enhanced power and accessories justify the higher price for most households.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between Shark WV201 vs WV200?

The WV201 has stronger suction (10 amps vs 8 amps), longer 16 minute runtime vs 13 minutes, and more included accessories like a pet brush, dusting brush, and anti-allergen brush. It also has a larger 0.3 quart dust bin compared to the 0.25 quarts on the WV200.

How long does the battery last on the Shark Wandvac models?

The Shark WANDVAC 200 battery lasts for approximately 13 minutes per charge. The upgraded WV201 model has improved battery life, running for about 16 minutes before needing a recharge.

Is the Shark Wandvac cordless handheld any good for pet hair?

The WV200 will pick up some surface pet hair, but lacks the power to deep clean hair from carpets and furniture. The WV201 is much better suited for pet hair cleanup thanks to its stronger suction and included motorized pet hair removal tool.

What voltage is the Shark WANDVAC 201?

The Shark WANDVAC 201 runs off a 21.6 volt lithium ion battery for the cordless operation.

Can you wash the filters on the Shark Wandvac models?

Unfortunately, the filters on the WANDVAC models are not washable. They need to be replaced roughly every 2-3 months with normal use. Replacement foam and felt filters are widely available.

How long does the Shark Wandvac take to charge fully?

Both the WANDVAC 200 and 201 require 3-4 hours to charge fully from empty. Make sure to recharge completely each time to maximize battery life.

Are the Shark WANDVACs good for car cleaning?

Yes, the lightweight, cordless design makes both models excellent for cleaning your vehicle’s interior. The 201’s flexibility and extra tools like the crevice tool are especially handy for detailing.

The Final Verdict

Shark’s WANDVAC cordless hand vacs are packed with convenient cleaning power. The 200 offers solid performance for budget-friendly quick cleanups. But the 201’s enhanced suction, runtime, bin size, and attachments provide greater versatility to tackle more messes.

While the 201 costs a bit more, its upgrades justify the investment for most households. Convenience is king when it comes to handhelds, and the 201 delivers with advanced power and accessories.

Whichever model fits your needs and budget, Shark WANDVACs make cleaning a breeze!

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