Ritello Vs. Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner: In-depth Differences

Ritello vacuum cleaners come with Rex Air technology that can efficiently grab dust and dirt in the water. In contrast, Rainbow vacuum cleaners have a switched-reluctance technology that allows you to run the device backyard and forward smoothly.

Vacuum cleaners were invented in 1901, but it has evolved a lot over the years. Ritello and Rainbow are two popular brands of vacuum cleaners.

But which one suits you more?

The following guide will help you learn all the crucial differences between them.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationRitello Vacuum CleanerRainbow Vacuum Cleaner
TechnologyRex Air and water-based/separator technologySwitched-reluctance technology
Air TimerOnly a 30-minute air cleaner setting30, 60, and 90-minute air cleaner setting
MotorDual Power Replacement MotorPowerful Hurricane® motor
Brush TypeFloor and wall brushRound soft hair bristle dust brush
Speed OptionsFour different motor speedsTwo different motor speeds
CertificationIntertek, RoHS, and ZPmed certifiedAHAM and ASTHMA  Certified
WarrantyThree years limited warrantyFour years on parts and eight years on the motor
PriceSlightly more expensiveAffordable

Key Differences Between Ritello And Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

  • Technology
Ritello Vacuum Cleaner

Ritello Vacuum Cleaners come with Rex Air technology, which uses water efficiently to filter dirt and dust at the time of vacuuming.

Its water-based/separator technology quickly grabs dirt and dust in the water and shifts them through the exhaust system.

Contradictorily, Rainbow vacuum cleaners have Switched-reluctance technology, which you can run backward and forward.

Its ideal torque-inertia ratio ensures better speed control in different conditions.

  • Air Timer

Ritello vacuum cleaners have a single air wash timer that will continue for 30 minutes. You just need to press the “ON” button for 6 seconds, and it will be activated within 6 seconds.

In opposition, Rainbow vacuum cleaners are pretty versatile. You can choose 30, 60, and 90-minute air cleaner settings. This makes it versatile, as you don’t need to reactivate the unit.

  • Motor

Most vacuum cleaners come with universal motors for effective suction and efficient cleaning.

Ritello vacuum cleaners have a dual power replacement motor to ensure a smooth and consistent power source.  It also allows you to run each motor individually and separately to fit a particular cleaning task.

Contrarily, Rainbow vacuum cleaners have a Powerful Hurricane® motor to provide excellent airflow and up to 16,000pa-19,000pa of suction level.

You can utilize as high as 33,000 RPM power from such a game-changer beast.

  • Brush Type

Ritello offers both floor and wall brushes to clean items separately. They are effective enough to sweep and force dust and dirt to get inside the hose. Handling delicate areas and rough surfaces will be easygoing.

On the other hand, Rainbow vacuum cleaners come with a Round soft hair bristle dust brush. Cleaning delicate items like furniture will be worry-free. You don’t need to be concerned about scratching them.

  • Speed Options
Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner
Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

 Four different motor speeds are available for Ritello vacuum cleaners.

The first speed is enough for washing the indoor air. It is pretty silent.

You can handle Drapes and Upholstery effortlessly with its 2nd and 3rd speeds. They have moderate noise.

But, its 4th speed is ideal for deep-rooted sand to get precise results.

This comes in handy when dealing with challenging items that need in-depth cleaning.

Oppositely, Rainbow vacuum cleaners have only two motor speeds.  But some of their latest advanced models have four speeds motors. They are more costly than regular models.

  • Certifications

Ritello vacuum cleaners have Intertek, RoHS, and ZPmed certifications. All of their products met the trusted external and internal standards.

Plus, these vacuum machines don’t contain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic Equipment.

Conversely, Rainbow vacuum cleaners have AHAM and ASTHMA certifications. Their vacuum devices can eliminate tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen from the indoor air.

These machines met the strict set of standards that make them asthma and allergy friendly.

  • Warranty

Ritello offers three years limited warranty for the entire machine and accessories. However, you can’t claim any warranty if the machine gets damaged from wear and tear or misuse.

On the flip side, Rainbow provides four years limited warranty for the central cleaning system and accessories. But, you will get eight years warranty for the motor and controller.

Again, go through the warranty terms and conditions to clearly understand.

  • Price

A vacuum cleaner can be anywhere from $250 to $3500+. Ritello vacuum cleaners are slightly more expensive than Rainbow vacuum cleaners.

Its powerful motor increases the overall cost of the machine.

However, Rainbow vacuum cleaners also have some premium options that can cost more than some average Ritello products.

Which Vacuum Cleaner’s Brand Is Better For You?

Ritello Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

Our household requirements, preference, and budget vary from each other.

Hence, not everyone will choose the same brand.

Rainbow vacuum cleaners are a good choice if you prefer affordable and limited motor speeds.

They are usually suitable for lightweight and moderate cleaning.

But, overall, Ritello is a better choice due to its powerful motor that can handle lightweight to heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

You don’t need to buy another vacuum cleaner to deal with demanding jobs.

But they are a little bit heavier. Fortunately, these devices have rubber wheels to move them effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Ritello?

Ritello is a powerful vacuum cleaner that can trap dirt, dust, and tiny particles from the surrounding air.

What is comparable to Rainbow vacuum?

Ritello, Dyson, Quantum, and Sirena are the best comparable brands to Rainbow vacuums.

How much does a rainbow system cost?

The average cost of a rainbow system can be anywhere from $800 to $3,000. High-end models are pretty expensive than regular options.

Final Words

Are you still confused about choosing between Ritello and Rainbow vacuum cleaners?

When it comes to choosing dry/wet vacuum cleaners, both options are reliable. But Ritello is slightly better than Rainbow due to its Rex Air and water-based/separator technology.

When selecting a vacuum cleaner, consider technical features, cleaning performance, motor power, noise level, design, filtration capabilities, and other aspects. You don’t want to overlook its suction strength, dirt disposal mechanism, controlling abilities, and ease of use.

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6 thoughts on “Ritello Vs. Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner: In-depth Differences

  1. This is a big lie!!!! Ritello is way better than Rainbow!!!! The RPM is 27000 vs rainbow rpm 23000 only,,, it has 120 minutes air purification timer, up to 2 hours, With 4 speed and has super advance technology features. ABS plastic material , lightweight but very durable compared to Rainbow super heavy. Has a medical device certification, that’s why people can use their FLex insurance card and hospital spending account in investing Ritello because the Air purification really works compared to Rainbow the water is not even moving on the first speed. The Ritello can suck the water of Rainbow that’s how powerful the suction power. The manufacturing warranty give 3 yrs but all ritello distributors added 7 years- total of 10 yr warranty overall- Ritello is made in Germany that’s why it’s so powerful.

  2. Addtitional info

    Rainbow is made in the USA by Rexair.

    Where is ritello made? Turkey? before they move their manufacturing to germany

  3. Ritello has a brush motor which means it emits carbon dust into the motor and exhausts it into the air. It is NOT a certified air cleaner in the US! Carbon dust destroys motors which is why it won’t last as long as a Rainbow! Carbon dust emitted into the air is toxic, which is why it’s NOT a certified air cleaner in the USA!
    The Ritello is actually a Very inferior knock off of the Rainbow! Rexair has patents on it most recent technology! Ritello is like buying a much older version of a Rainbow made of inferior material and parts.
    The intake of a Ritello is smaller to help it to have stronger airflow, and the base of the power head opening is smaller also to help it have stronger airflow. This also explains why it constantly clogs at the power nozzle as well as the intake! A big complaint people have with the Ritello is that it smells due to carbon dust being emitted into the air, and when you open it to replace the filter inside it’s filthy because it’s covered with a brown dirty dust (carbon dust!). Another problem with the Ritello is that the digital screens constantly stop working. It takes a long time to have anything fixed on a Ritello because parts take forever to come in to repair the machines. The cord rewind on the Ritello becomes very difficult to work with after using it for a while. The cord rewind is similar to a bad car seat belt . Another thing that is frustrating about the Ritello is that it has a very short cord. That can be very frustrating. Most people complain that it is too loud even on the lower settings. Also, the attachments are very cheaply made. The dolly the Ritello sits on is very insignificant made, and it’s very easy for the Ritello to tip over. If you were to take the Ritello apart and look at the inside you would then see what a extremely INFERIOR product the Ritello is compared to the Rainbow!

  4. A salesman came to my house to demo a NEW style Rainbow. Little did I know, it was NOT affiliated with Rainbow at all. I really liked it. Unfortunately it quit working after about 3 months. The rep would NOT answer my phone calls or return any of my calls. I finally got ahold of the person that was HIS boss and we said he would exchange it. He did. But the one he gave me was USED!! VERY DIRTY AND PET HAIR GALORE!! I cleaned it up and used it……ONCE! It quit working as well. At this point I’m wanting to talk to someone higher in the company. I couldn’t find ANYONE to report this to. Ugh!!! So, my opinion… Ritello sucks…and NOT IN A GOOD WAY!! Still paying on it and it’s been almost 4 yrs.

    1. I think you should contact Rexair directly to get your vacuum in order again. They do go after the distributors.

  5. I just purchase a new Ritello to replace my over 10 yrs old Rainbow. The only issue I have with my Rainbow was that it really gives me a loud noise every time I use it to vacuum or purify the air inside my house. I also have an issue with the belt that always burnt from overheating when there’s entangled hair or anything that traps on the brush roll. I choose Ritello now instead of upgrading my Rainbow because It has more powerful brush to vacuum the my thick rugs. It’s more quite than Rainbow and more slimmer that Rainbow so I can save space in my cabinet.

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