Reznor Vs. Modine Heater: In-depth Differences With Features

A lot has to be put into consideration when buying garage heaters. You want to enjoy warmth during winter, and you must decide between Reznor and Modine. Reznor is way quiet than Modine. However, it is also a bit more expensive than Modine.

Other differences between the two garage heaters are discussed in the Reznor Vs. Modine heater guide below. Let’s get started:

A Quick Comparison Table

Power ConsumptionUses more powerRequire less power than Reznor
Safety FeaturesAutomatic shut-off timerDoes not have additional safety features.
Warranty5-10 yearsTwo years
Heat OutputProduces more heatProduces less heat than Reznor
Air FlowBetter AirflowIt has one vent for airflow
Noise ProductionQuietProduces less noise
MaintenanceEasy to maintainRequire more maintenance
InstallationEasy to installA bit complicated
SizeBigger and heavierSmaller than Reznor
PriceExpensive than ModineQuite affordable

Key Differences Between Reznor And Modine Garage Heater

Reznor garage heater
  • Sturdiness

The Reznor garage heater has a sturdy design and is strongly built. The Modine model is much lighter and less intense than the Reznor model.

  • Power Consumption

The Reznor uses more power than the Modine heaters, making it far more expensive and less efficient than the Modine heater. The operating costs are essential for garage heaters, especially for commercial applications.

  • Safety Features

The Reznor garage heater has a few safety features, like an automatic shut-off timer that helps prevent it from overheating. The Modine garage heater only comes with a thermostat as an additional function.

  • Maintenance

The Reznor model is easy to maintain as it uses only 2 – 3 quick bursts to heat up and has no moving parts to clean or replace. The Modine heaters have moving parts that are very difficult to clean and require more effort to maintain.

  • Noise Production

Despite Reznor being a powerful garage heater, it does not produce any noise during operation. This makes the heater ideal for offices, residential homes, and schools. Modine, om the other hand, produces some noise when the heater is operating.

  • Heat Output

On average, the Reznor garage heater produces more heat output than the Modine model. Still, the Modine model is equipped with a thermostat that can boost the heater’s overall heat output by up to 20% making it ideal for outdoor use.

  • Air Flow

The Reznor is better for airflow as it has two guide vent holes which help direct air from the front and back of the heater toward the ducting. The Modine model has only one vent hole.

  • Installation

The Reznor garage heater has a much more straightforward installation procedure than the Modine heater. The Reznor model is almost ready to go with low power requirements and no need for ducting or outlet power.

  • Warranty

The Reznor model is backed by a 5–10-year warranty, and the Modine model is backed by two years of coverage.

  • Price

Reznor garage heaters are pretty costly compared to Modine heaters. Reznor garage heaters are incredibly costly when compared to other garage heaters. In general, Reznor garage heaters cost more than other models from Modine and are more expensive than most types of heating products overall.

  • Size

The Reznor is significantly more significant than a Modine heater in terms of dimensions and weight. It is beneficial for its intended use as a commercial space heater but less advisable for residential purposes.

The Reznor model is heavier than the Modine, and at 7 pounds, it’s easier to move around, but it would be hard to crawl into your car trunk if you need to put it inside.

The Reznor model has a more modern and sleek design than the Modine model, which has more of a plastic look to it than the Reznor’s superior metallic finish.

Which Garage Heater Is Better?

Modine Heater
Modine Heater

We can see that with the price being higher, the Reznor garage heater is more efficient.

It has a thermostat that automatically turns off the heater when it is too hot to save energy.

This is probably why Modine heaters have other safety features like a manual shutoff and stop working while they are ready to heat up.

They are very similar, and the significant differences are their more efficient power consumption and the amount of noise they generate. Reznor heaters produce less or no noise during operation.

The heater is also very powerful but consumes a lot of power.

The Reznor gas-fired appliance is one of the most efficient heaters in its class. It is potent; it can heat a 900-square-foot room in just one hour.

It also has a low noise level and needs less ventilation, making it safe and efficient. The heater has automatic ignition and on/off control to ensure more convenience. This unit features a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year warranty on parts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Reznor heaters efficient?

Reznor heaters are single-stage gas-fired heaters and offer 82% thermal efficiency. This feature is facilitated by Reznor’s patterned heat exchangers, which are made of titanium-stabilized aluminized steel. This heater allows fan-only operation. You do not need to add relays.

How long do Reznor heaters last?

Reznor is pretty durable. Plus, the company offers a ten years warranty on the heat exchanger and five years on parts. You can install Reznor heaters in commercial buildings, homes, and even social halls.

Are Modine hot dawg heaters loud?

Modine hot dawg is quite a quiet heater. It does not make any noise during operation, making you enjoy the warmth without distractions.

What is the best garage heat?

There are several brands that manufacture excellent garage heaters. The best garage heaters are usually; gas-fired, ceiling-mounted, and forced-air garage heaters. Some installers may recommend infrared shop heaters. These heaters heat objects instead of air.


Reznor and Modine are two of the best garage heaters on the market. Both heaters have their features, pros, and cons. Consumers can choose from either garage heater depending on the type of use to which they will be putting it. This makes both products an excellent buy.

To help you understand the functionality of the two heaters, the Reznor and Modine garage heater comparison has all the information you may need.

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