RazorGage Vs. TigerStop Saw Gears: In-depth Differences

You need the best saw gear to chop down your wooden materials without hassle. While Razorgage is effective against hard steel and wood, TigerStop kits feature advanced settings and enough varieties.

Before the invention of different saw gears, humans had to give their hearts out to chisel solid wood and steel. You can easily shape any wood materials using the advanced saw gears from RazorGage and TigerStop.

Some fundamental features draw the line between RazorGage and TigerStop saw kits. Here is a quick comparison chart to give you a brief idea. 

A Quick Comparison Table

Blade MaterialMagnesium Coated BladeQuick Fence Cutting Blade
Surface RecommendationBrassMetal
Power SourceCorded ElectricCorded Electric
Technology Windows 10 ProfessionalWindows 11 
Special FeatureAutomated Detection DeviceAutomatic Pull and Push
Price $15000 to $35000$5000 to $10,000

Key Differences Between RazorGage And TigerStop

You have acquired some thoughts about the critical features of RazorGage and TigerStop. It’s time to move on to a detailed discussion on the key differences between RazorGage and TigerStop saw gears. 

  • Blade Material
RazorGage’s AutoPusher
RazorGage’s AutoPusher

You don’t want your saw gear to get stuck in the middle of chopping.

It is crucial to check the blade materials before purchasing the best saw and saw gears. 

RazorGage is leading the race when it comes to excellent blade materials.

The magnesium-coated footplate ensures smooth glide and chopping.

The stainless steel material can chisel heavy wood into thin pieces in no time.

Meanwhile, TigerStop has a wide range of products with varieties of blade materials. The quick-fence cutting blade can chop down heavy wood with ease. However, TigerStop is vulnerable to heavy metals like steel. 

You may suffer while chopping solid metallic materials by using TigerStop. Therefore, it is preferable to use RazorGage saw gears for a better experience. 

  • Surface Recommendation

You need to ensure a suitable surface on which the glider of the saw can move freely. Experts suggest that brass or metal surfaces are ideal for the best saw gears. 

RazorGage saw kits suit well on brass surfaces. The sharp blade of Razorgage can slide easily on the brass surface. As a result, you will require less time to cut those heavy woods or metallic bodies. 

TigerStop saw gears, on the other hand, need a metal surface to function. Due to its rigid blade materials, TigerStop saws don’t stick to the metallic ground and glide away smoothly. 

It’s tough to separate the two products based on the surface recommendation. You must be aware of your surface and purchase the best saw gears accordingly. 

  • Power Source and Capability

Saw gears need a resilient power source to function for a long time. You must consider the power source of the best saw gear so that you don’t have to bother about extra charges. 

RazorGage and TigerStop have similar power sources. The saw gears extract their battery charge from a corded electric source that provides a long-lasting battery life. 

However, the capabilities differ between the two products. In the Razorgage saw kits, the products exert 16 amps of power and a voltage of 120 Volts. In addition, the horsepower of the product ranges from 1-1.5 HP. 

Meanwhile, TigerStop saw gears produce 15 amps of power. The average speed of TigerStop gears is around 4000 RPM.

As you can see, RazorGage saw kits serve better power capability and battery life.

  • Added Technology 
TigerStop Automated Material Pusher
TigerStop Automated Material Pusher

Modern technologies have added a new dimension to saw gears.

You can manage and update the specific database with the help of saw positioners, which has Windows software installed. 

When it comes to featuring advanced technology, RazorGage and TigerSport are competing head-to-head.

Both companies have installed Windows software that will give you all the necessary updates. 

However, TigerStop’s recent saw gears have updated the Windows version, enhancing the product’s performance. You can easily access the database through cell phones or computers via cloud computing. 

The saw gear models of RazorGage feature the primitive version of Windows software. The latest model will provide you with the facilities of Windows 10.

But that doesn’t restrict the database management of the product. 

You can choose any products from RazorGage and TigerStop based on their computation technology. Either way, they will serve the maximum purpose with minimum limitations. 

  • Special Features

The unique qualities redefine the features of RazorGage and TigerStop saw gears. The added benefits can save you ample time for other duties. 

RazorGage tops the chart regarding special features. The automated defect detection technology of RazorGage will help you to detect any faulty materials. 

Hence, it becomes easy for you to remove the unwanted woods that can harm your architect. 

Meanwhile, TigerStop has an automatic push-and-pull feature to ease the movement of the saw blade. 

  • Pricing and Cost 

Pricing is the final aspect of the discussion. It can affect your selection process if you live on a tight budget. 

RazorGage positioners cost around $15,000 to $35,000. Most premium products feature some exceptional service and include an advanced database system. 

As a result, you must keep your budget relatively high to purchase RazorGage saw gear. 

TigerStop products are relatively cheaper than RazorGage. You can buy the TigerStop saw positioners for just $6000 only. However, their exclusive saw machine ranges around $10000. 

Which One Is A Better Option?

RazorGage PC Software
RazorGage PC Software

RazorGage saw gear is leading the race against TigerStop.

The combination of solid blade materials and dual-field motors has given the products a considerable lift over other brands. 

Moreover, RazorGage saw gears had gained plenty of positive reviews on different e-commerce platforms.

The products are highly efficient and can provide relentless service against complex substances. 

You might plan to design some lucrative architects with wooden or metallic materials. To shape your designs, RazorGage saw gears would serve as the best companion.


RazorGage triumphs over TigerStop in this RazorGage and TigerStop comparison. The exclusive models of RazorGage saw gears feature some exceptional qualities and benefits. 

If you can maintain your budget, you should place your bets on RazorGage saw gears. The products are worth all your money and will ensure long-lasting service.

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