Quikrete Countertop Mix Vs. 5000 Concrete Mix: Differences And Features

Right concrete mix is the prerequisite for completing a countertop makeover or casting project. 

So, if you have one in your schedule, you must look into Quikrete countertop mix vs. 5000, two different concrete mixtures made from cement, sand, and aggregated stone.

Although made of similar components, their process is different, and they perform differently. Here I will discuss these two concrete mixtures; you will know which one will be a better option when you finish reading.

A Quick Comparison Table Between Two Mixes

Here is a quick comparison table between Quikrete countertop mix and 5000 mixes. It will give you a quick idea about their differences when you glance at them.

AspectsCountertop Mix5000 Mix
Concrete Mix UsageCountertop Castingdriveway aprons, deck supports, patios, sign footings
Concrete Mix Featuressuper-plasticizer additive; high flow formulacommercial blend concrete mix; cold weather application
Available Size80 lb.60 lb.80 lb.
Yield0.6 Cu Ft (17 L)0.6 Cu Ft (17 L)0.45 CU Ft (12.7 L)
Compression Strength1 Day- 2,000 PSI7 Day- 4,000 PSI28 Days- 6,000 PSI1 day 1500 PSI3 day 2500 PSI7 days 3500 PSI28 days 5000 PSI
Priceabout $23about $4 for 60 lb.$6 for 80 lb.

Key Differences Between Quikrete Countertop Mix and 5000 

The countertop mix is a specially formulated flowable high-strength concrete mix made of cement, sand, aggregated stone, and some other ingredients at a different ratio than standard cement. 

It is used for pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete countertop application.

On the other hand, Quikrete 5000 concrete mix is more of a commercial-grade concrete mix blend of stone or gravel, sand, and cement. It is specially designed for higher strength early and especially in cold weather. 

Here, I will give you a detailed comparison between their features. So, let’s get started.

  • Concrete Mix Usage  
Quikrete Countertop Mix

We can understand from the name that Quikrete countertop mix is specially designed for casting concrete countertops.

It has all the necessary ingredients in a formulated ratio only to cast countertops. 

On the other hand, you can use Quikrete 5000 concrete mix for casting countertops.

But it is not specially designed for countertops only. You can use them for other purposes, including making driveway aprons, deck supports, patios, sign footings, etc. 

We can see that the Countertop mix is only designed for casting countertops, but the 5000 mix has many other uses and applications.

  • Concrete Mix Features 

Quikrete Countertop Mix is specially designed for casting countertops. Its super-plasticizer additive provides a flowable mix at a low water/cement ratio. 

Besides, its high flow formula minimizes the need for mechanical vibration while mixing.

This concrete mix is durable economic, and you can make any style out of it. It is available in standard grey and as a light-colored tint-base. 

Quikrete 5000 is a commercial blend concrete mix for various purposes. It is a mixture of cement, sand, gravel, or stone designed for higher early strength—ideal for cold weather application.

  • Available Size 
Quikrete 5000 concrete Mix

Available size bags can be a vital element for choosing a concrete mix.

You will have more freedom to choose from if your concrete mix is available in more size bags. 

But unfortunately, Quikrete Countertop Mix is available in only one size.

You will find an 80 lb. (36.2 kg) bag available for this concrete mix.

On the contrary, Quikrete 5000 is available in 2 sizes: 60 lb. bags which will take 56 bags per pallet, and an 80 lb. bag, which will take 42 bags per pallet. 

Quikrete 5000 concrete mix is more versatile than Countertop Mix if only bag size is considered.

  • Yield 

Yield indicates how much concrete mix you will get after mixing it with water and other necessary ingredients. You will yield approximately 0.6 cubic feet or 17 liters of mixed concrete from each 80 lb. 

Quikrete Countertop Mix. You will have to add 1 gallon of freshwater to the mixer for getting this volume.

In contrast, Each 80 lb. Quikrete 5000 Concrete Mix bag will yield approximately 0.6 cubic feet or 17 liters of mixed concrete, just like Countertop Mix. But a 60 lb. (27.2 kg) bag will yield approximately 0.45 cubic feet or 12.7 liters of the mixture.

  • Compression Strength 

Compression strength heavily distinguishes between Countertop Mix and 5000 Mix. You will get 2,000 PSI after 1 day, 4,000 PSI after 7 days, and 6,000 PSI after 28 days from Quikrete Countertop Mix.

On the other hand, Quikrete 5000 is famous for higher strength at a quick time. You will get 1,500 PSI after 1 day, 2,500 PSI after 3 days, 3,500 PSI after 7 days, and 5,000 PSI after 28 days from this concrete mixture.

Here is a review of the countertop mix from an experienced builder.

  • Price 

Price is a critical factor between these two concrete mixes. Because Quikrete Countertop Mix is extremely expensive than Quikrete 5000 Concrete Mix, it is because the Countertop mix is specially designed for casting countertops. 

As a result, it has all the necessary elements needed for a countertop.

An 80 lb. Quikrete Countertop Mix bag is available at around $23 per bag. On the contrary, An 80 lb. 5000 Concrete Mix bag will cost only around $6, and 60 lb. bag will cost around $4. 

Here, we can see that Countertop Mix is almost four times more expensive than the 5000 Mix. 

Which Concrete Mix Is Suitable for You? 

Both Countertop Mix and 5000 are very high-performing concrete mixes. From our above discussion, we can see that both concrete mixes offer pretty good quality.

But you have to understand that Countertop Mix is only designed for casting countertops. On the other hand, you can use 5000 Mix for almost everything, including any project that requires 2 inches or more thickness and high strength.

If you only plan on casting some countertops, you should choose Countertop mix if you do not have an issue with spending an insane amount of money. But if you have other things to build, go for 5000 mixes.

It will give you high strength at a quick time.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

Can you use quikrete 5000 for countertops?

Yes, you can use Quikrete 5000 for countertops. It is designed to gain strength in a short time. Besides, you can make 2 feet linear countertop with an 80 lb—5000 mix bag.

Is 5000 psi concrete good for countertops?

Quikrete 5000 is a concrete mix for casting countertops and using on many other projects. This concrete mix is designed for gaining more strength in a shorter time than other concrete mixes. It will achieve 5,000 compressive strength after 28 days.

Can you use Sakrete 5000 for countertops?

Yes, you can use Sakrete 5000 concrete mix for countertops. It is a high-strength and high PSI concrete mix that will stay strong and durable over time.

What is the best cement mix for countertops?

Quikrete Countertop Mix is the best option among cement mixes for countertops. It is a specially formulated mix only for making countertops. This mix will gain 6,000 PSI after 28 days.


A strong, sturdy, and durable countertop is all you need to make your kitchen and entire home look good. Only the best concrete mix can provide you with that. After knowing Quikrete countertop mix vs. 5000, I hope you have found the best concrete mix.

Do not forget to maintain proper water and concrete ratio no matter which one you buy. Best of luck with your project!

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