Pulte Homes Vs. Toll Brothers: A Detailed Comparison

When it comes to buying a new home in the United States, Pulte Homes and Toll Brothers are two of the biggest names in the business. As major national homebuilders with operations across the country, both Pulte and Toll have established reputations for building quality homes.

However, there are some key differences between these two homebuilding giants that prospective homebuyers should be aware of. This article provides an in-depth comparison of Pulte Homes and Toll Brothers to help you decide which builder may be the best fit for your new home needs.

Here is a quick overview comparing some key attributes of Pulte Homes and Toll Brothers:

AspectsPulte HomesToll Brothers
Year Founded19501967
HeadquartersAtlanta, GAHorsham, PA
Homes per yearApprox. 23,000Approx. 9,000
MarketsApprox. 50Approx. 50
Typical home price range$200,000 – $1 million$500,000 – $8 million
Home typesEntry-level to luxury move-upLuxury move-up to high-end
Key featuresAffordability, choice of neighborhoods, range of home stylesLuxury features, exceptional quality, premier locations

As this overview shows, while both Pulte and Toll build homes across the country, Toll Brothers caters to a higher-end luxury market. Keep reading for a more detailed look at how these two homebuilding leaders compare.

Comparing Home Types and Prices of Pulte Homes And Toll Brothers

One of the biggest differences between Pulte Homes and Toll Brothers is the range of home types and prices offered.

Pulte Homes

Pulte Homes has a diverse portfolio of home designs targeted at first-time homebuyers, move-up buyers, those looking to downsize, and luxury homeowners.

Entry-level Pulte homes start in the $200,000s, while luxury designs can top $1 million.

Home sizes range from 1,200 to over 4,500 square feet. In addition to single-family homes, Pulte offers urban low- and mid-rise condominiums as well as rental apartments in some markets. With its Centex brand, Pulte also builds more affordable homes.

In contrast, Toll Brothers exclusively builds luxury move-up and high-end custom homes starting at around $500,000 and ranging up to $8 million or more. The company’s typical home buyers are affluent couples and families looking for spacious, high-quality homes in desirable communities.

To serve this market, Toll Brothers offers homes from 2,000 to over 10,000 square feet with luxury features and premium customization options. The company is particularly known for its extensive array of home personalization choices. Toll Brothers also builds luxury condominium buildings in urban markets.

So while Pulte can meet the needs of a broad spectrum of buyers, Toll Brothers specializes in custom luxury living. For home shoppers with budgets over $500,000 seeking a premium home in an exclusive neighborhood, Toll Brothers is likely the better fit.

First-time buyers and those seeking good value will find more options with Pulte.

Quality and Craftsmanship Comparison

Toll Brothers Homes

Both Pulte Homes and Toll Brothers have reputations for building high-quality homes.

As one of the nation’s largest and most established builders, Pulte Homes has fine-tuned efficient construction practices to deliver homes with great curb appeal and livable floor plans, while meeting demanding completion timelines.

Homebuyers can expect thoughtful design featuring popular current trends and options for personalization. While not at a luxury level, fit and finish is generally very good for the prices. Pulte stands behind their homes with a 10-year limited structural warranty.

For its part, Toll Brothers is synonymous with luxury quality, showcasing exceptional finishes, architecture, and attention to detail. Precision craftsmanship is a point of pride for the builder, which employs architects and designers to create stunning custom homes.

Interiors feature extensive millwork, high-end fixtures and finishes, and premium materials from marble and granite to top-of-the-line appliances. The company’s reputation for outstanding construction earned it the top rating for quality from BUILDER magazine.

Toll Brothers provides a comprehensive 2-year limited warranty and a 10-year structural warranty.

Homebuyers prioritizing quality construction and luxury amenities will be drawn to Toll Brothers, while those seeking great value can trust Pulte to deliver better quality than typical entry-level builders.

Both companies have proven systems to ensure homes are built to exacting standards.

Locations and Neighborhoods Comparison

Being national homebuilders, both Pulte Homes and Toll Brothers offer homebuyers broad geographic diversity. Pulte is present in approximately 50 markets spread across 23 states, while Toll Brothers is in over 50 markets across 24 states.

Pulte Homes

This gives home shoppers many regions of the country to consider these builders.

In terms of specific neighborhoods, Pulte Homes constructs homes in a wide range of communities from entry-level to upscale luxury.

Typical Pulte neighborhoods feature community parks, trails, clubhouses, and family amenities.

The builder strives to offer homes in areas with convenience to major roads, shopping, dining, and recreation. Affordability and accessibility are priorities in Pulte’s locations.

Since it targets luxury homebuyers, Toll Brothers is highly selective in its locations, favoring exclusive gated communities and luxury resort-style living. The company seeks premium sites with top school districts, recreational amenities like golf courses and marinas, and proximity to major metro areas.

Toll Brothers is a preferred builder in some of the nation’s most desirable communities. Homebuyers can expect a prime, upscale neighborhood.

Overall, Pulte prioritizes value and convenience in its locations, while Toll Brothers is synonymous with exclusive luxury communities.

Customization and Personalization Comparison

One of the great appeals of buying from a national production builder is the opportunity to personalize a home to your tastes. Both Pulte and Toll Brothers offer numerous options to create a customized home.

Pulte Homes provides new home buyers with a range of included features plus optional upgrades across three design packages: Classic, Deluxe, and Premier. Options include appliances, flooring, cabinets, lighting, technology, and finishes.

Pulte’s online visualizer tool lets buyers preview selections. The builder also offers flex space options and can accommodate other structural customizations. While not at a full custom home level, Pulte allows ample personalization.

Where Toll Brothers excels is in luxury customization using the company’s Design Studio experience. Homebuyers work one-on-one with a professional designer to tailor every aspect of the home from layout to finishes.

With seemingly endless options, choices range from gourmet kitchens to spa-style bathrooms, luxurious outdoor living areas, home automation, and more. Toll Brothers homes can be completely customized to the homeowner’s vision. For the utmost in luxury personalization, Toll Brothers is the clear leader.

Customer Experience Comparison

Toll Brothers Homes

The homebuying journey involves many interactions with sales representatives, construction supervisors, and customer service.

Both Pulte and Toll Brothers aim to make this process positive and satisfying.

Known for its professionalism, Pulte Homes endeavors to provide excellent customer care throughout the building timeline.

Homebuyers work with knowledgeable sales reps to tour models, select options, and personalize their home.

Ongoing communication provides updates during the construction milestones. Homeowner orientation thoroughly explains the home’s features, warranty details, and maintenance. Support continues with Pulte’s customer care team after move-in. Overall, customers can expect responsive, helpful service.

From designing a dream home to welcoming buyers at completion, Toll Brothers pulls out all the stops for a truly white-glove experience. A personal Project Manager guides homebuyers through every decision and handles communication from purchase agreement through final walk-through.

Move-in ready homes are presented impeccably. The Toll Brothers experience is one of luxury service designed to cater to upscale buyers. Their exclusive approach has earned high praise and loyal repeat customers.

Pulte Homes provides professional and steadfast customer care, while Toll Brothers is celebrated for over-the-top luxury service.

Financial Stability

When buying a new home, the builder’s financial stability offers peace of mind. Both Pulte Homes and Toll Brothers score well in this area.

As part of the PulteGroup, publicly traded Pulte Homes has maintained steady financials over its 70+ years in business through various economic cycles. Conservative fiscal practices and a focus on operational efficiency contribute to Pulte’s stability.

The company has delivered consistent profitability and maintained a strong credit profile. Pulte’s size also provides economies of scale advantages. Homebuyers can feel secure in Pulte’s financial footing.

Likewise, Toll Brothers has an exceptional balance sheet as a profitable public company. The luxury niche provides higher margins, and demand for high-end homes has fueled Toll’s strong earnings and share price appreciation.

The company’s limited debt, substantial liquidity, and sizable land holdings provide financial flexibility. Toll Brothers’ position seems rock-solid.

With their long track records, disciplined management, and strategic focus, both Pulte and Toll represent low risk options for homebuyers prioritizing builder stability.

Environmental Practices

Today’s homebuyers are increasingly interested in sustainability and efficient homes that are kinder to the environment. How do Pulte and Toll Brothers compare in their green practices?

Toll Brothers

Pulte Homes includes a range of standard features to increase energy efficiency and water conservation in their homes.

These include programmable thermostats, Low-E windows, ENERGY STAR certified appliances, spray foam insulation, and water-saving plumbing fixtures.

Homebuyers can also opt to add solar panels and EV charging pre-wiring. A portion of Pulte’s communities are certified eco-friendly. While not radically green, Pulte makes efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

For its part, Toll Brothers provides numerous impressive green options that can earn homes LEED or NGBS certification. Energy efficiency features include triple pane windows, tankless water heaters, renewable energy systems, EV chargers, and more. Water conservation options include rainwater capture and graywater recycling.

Advanced air filtration/circulation systems are available. Toll Brothers also employs sustainable and non-toxic materials in construction. Homebuyers wanting an ultra-green luxury home will appreciate Toll’s commitment in this area.

Though Pulte incorporates sensible eco-features, Toll Brothers stands out with comprehensive sustainability built into its DNA. Homebuyers wanting to strongly minimize environmental impact would do well to consider Toll.

Pros and Cons of Pulte Homes And Toll Brothers

To summarize the comparison, here are some pros and cons for each builder:

Pulte Homes


  • Offers excellent value across diverse range of home types and price points
  • Broad geographic presence in approximately 50 markets
  • Choice of neighborhoods with convenience and community amenities
  • Provides ample personalization options without luxury pricing
  • Professional customer experience throughout homebuying process
  • Strong company financials and stability


  • Doesn’t offer true luxury level features and finishes
  • Locations favor affordable practicality over exclusivity
  • Environmental features are modest and not a focal point

Toll Brothers


  • Specializes in luxury move-up and custom estate homes
  • Unmatched quality, detailing, premium materials, and craftsmanship
  • Desirable locations in exclusive luxury communities
  • Design Studio delivers ultimate whole home customization
  • White glove customer service provides an exceptional experience
  • Excellent sustainability practices available for green building
  • Leader in luxury niche with outstanding financial position


  • Limited to luxury market, with high price range starting around $500,000
  • Smaller geographic presence than competitor Pulte
  • Brand not widely recognized by first-time buyers

Which Builder Is Right For You?

In deciding between Pulte Homes and Toll Brothers, you can narrow down which builder best fits your priorities:

If you desire value, quality, and convenience, Pulte Homes offers these attributes across a wide breadth of home types, locations, and budgets. Shoppers focused on practicality and livability will find good options with Pulte.

For luxury living, exclusivity, and customization, Toll Brothers can bring your high-end home dreams to reality. Homebuyers seeking prestige, status, and the utmost quality are the target Toll market.

While there are some overlaps in geography and price ranges, the distinctions between Pulte and Toll Brothers remain fairly clear cut. By determining your must-have priorities and lifestyle needs, you can pick the builder that best delivers the home buying experience you seek.

With their reputations, nationwide reach, and depth of experience, both Pulte Homes and Toll Brothers represent wise new home choices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Toll Brothers biggest competitor?

Toll Brothers’ biggest competitor is PulteGroup, the parent company of Pulte Homes. As the nation’s largest home builder based on closings, PulteGroup surpasses Toll Brothers in sales volume and number of homes built. However, the two builders operate in different segments, with Pulte offering a range of home types and prices while Toll focuses exclusively on luxury. Within that high-end niche, Toll Brothers dominates the market.

What companies are similar to PulteGroup?

Some companies with home building operations similar to PulteGroup across multiple markets and price points include D.R. Horton, Lennar, Taylor Morrison, Tri Pointe Homes, and KB Home. Like Pulte, they build homes ranging from entry-level to move-up luxury.

Is Toll Brothers a good developer?

Yes, Toll Brothers is widely regarded as one of the premier developers and builders of luxury homes in the United States. They are known for exceptional quality construction, luxury features and finishes, premier locations, and excellent customer service. Homebuyers can expect a fantastic, highly customized home buying experience from Toll Brothers.

How long has Pulte Homes been in business?

Pulte Homes has been in business for over 70 years. The company was founded by William J. Pulte in 1950 and originally built homes in Michigan. Through steady growth and strategic expansions, Pulte Homes now operates nationwide. The 2009 merger with Centex Homes further expanded PulteGroup as the largest homebuilder in America. Pulte has endured through shifting markets, maintaining its reputation for quality and value.

Wrapping Up

When researching top national home builders, Pulte Homes and Toll Brothers stand out as leaders in their respective segments of the market.

While their products, services, and reputations share some commonalities like quality, customer service, and stability, key differences give each builder a distinct profile. Pulte offers affordability, choice and smart value, while Toll Brothers is synonymous with luxury living.

Determining your budget, desired home features, location priorities, and lifestyle needs can make it clear which brand’s strengths most closely match your new home goals.

With excellent options on both ends of the spectrum, Pulte Homes and Toll Brothers have demonstrated their enduring ability to deliver homes and neighborhoods that meet American homebuyer needs.

By making an informed decision guided by your personal priorities, you can feel confident choosing between these exceptional builders for your next home.

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