Porte + Hall Vs. Ruggable: Which Washable Rug Is Best?

If you’re in the market for a stylish yet practical washable rug, two brands likely on your radar are Porte + Hall and Ruggable. Both offer machine-washable rugs in trendy designs and sizes ideal for high-traffic areas of the home.

But with different materials, construction, and price points, which is the better option?

To help you decide, we’ll compare the key features of Porte + Hall and Ruggable washable rugs side-by-side. We’ll also break down the pros and cons of each brand so you can determine which provides more value and aligns with your needs.

Let’s dive in!

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturePorte + HallRuggable
ConstructionTufted cut pile polypropyleneTufted cut & loop pile polyester & polyamide
BackingLatex + polypropylene meshVelcro
Wash MethodMachine wash delicate cycle + air dryRemove top layer and machine wash delicate cycle
Sizes3′ x 5′ to 9′ x 12′2.5′ x 7′ to 9′ x 12′
DesignsGeometric, global, nautical, floral, abstractGeometric, global, abstract, graphic
Price Range$69 – $899$109 – $769

Now let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of each brand.

Porte + Hall Pros

Porte + Hall Washable Rug
  • More luxurious construction: Porte + Hall rugs feature a tufted cut pile made from 100% polypropylene that creates a plush, silky soft texture reminiscent of wool. The 0.45″ thickness also provides more cushioning underfoot.
  • Stain Resistant: The polypropylene fiber is inherently stain resistant, so spills and messes are less likely to permanently set on Porte + Hall rugs.
  • Durable: Porte + Hall’s polypropylene fiber is abrasion resistant, colorfast, and strong. The latex backing also helps the rug hold its shape better.
  • Vibrant designs: Porte + Hall collaborates with artists and designers globally, resulting in unique patterns and vibrant colors that make a statement.
  • Larger size range: With options from 3′ x 5′ up to 9′ x 12′, Porte + Hall accommodates tiny bathrooms to large living rooms.
  • Machine washable: You can toss the entire rug in the washing machine to freshen it up. Lay flat to dry.

Porte + Hall Cons

  • Expensive: Porte + Hall’s rugs cost significantly more than Ruggable’s, with some styles over $800. Budget buyers may want to look elsewhere.
  • Heavy: The plush polypropylene pile and latex backing make these rugs heavier than Ruggable’s. Harder to lift for cleaning.
  • Longer dry time: The thickness requires nearly a full day to air dry after washing.
  • Shedding: Like all cut pile rugs, some shedding can occur initially.
  • Not ideal for kids/pets: The plush pile shows wear more than tight loop piles. Frequent washing is needed in high-traffic homes.

Ruggable Pros

Ruggable Washable Rug
  • More affordable: Ruggable rugs start around $100, about half the cost of Porte + Hall’s lower end. Great value for budget buyers.
  • Lighterweight: The flatwoven polyester top layer is thinner and easier to lift for washing than Porte + Hall’s designs.
  • Quick drying: The removable top layer can air dry in just a few hours.
  • Kid/pet friendly: The tight, flatwoven loops conceal stains and shed less than cut pile rugs. Holds up to heavy traffic.
  • Range of sizes: Ruggable offers smaller 2.5′ x 7′ rugs perfect for runners and bath mats. Maxes out at 9′ x 12′ like Porte + Hall.
  • Machine washable: The top layer detaches via velcro to throw in the wash.
  • Stylish designs: Ruggable collaborates with artists and designers to offer stylish, unique patterns that complement any decor.

Ruggable Cons

  • Thinner pile: At just 0.25″ thick, Ruggable rugs don’t have the same plush cushiness underfoot as Porte + Hall. The flatwoven construction can feel scratchy.
  • Synthetic materials: Made from 100% polyester and polyamide, Ruggable rugs lack the silkiness and inherent stain resistance of Porte + Hall’s polypropylene fiber.
  • Prone to pilling/snagging: The tight loops can pill or snag more easily than a cut pile, impacting appearance over time.
  • No latex backing: Without a latex backing, Ruggable rugs may shift more underfoot or curl up at edges.
  • Two pieces: You have to reattach the top layer after washing, which some find inconvenient. The velcro can also wear out over time.
  • Limited larger sizes: Ruggable’s biggest size option tops out at 9′ x 12′, so they don’t work as well for massive living rooms.

Which Offers More Value Overall?

When it comes down to deciding between the two brands, you’ll need to weigh your priorities and which pros matter most for your needs.

If you want the plushest, most luxurious feel underfoot and have a bigger budget, Porte + Hall is likely the better choice. The polypropylene fiber mimics wool’s softness and comfort with better stain resistance. Porte + Hall rugs will also hold up better aesthetically in higher traffic areas like living rooms and hallways.

Porte + Hall Washable Rug
Porte + Hall Washable Rug

But expect to pay a premium, deal with longer dry times, and plan to wash more frequently if pets and kids are in the home.

For shoppers wanting maximum convenience and affordability, Ruggable’s lighter, flatter rugs make maintenance a breeze.

The top layer detaches easily for washing and dries faster than Porte + Hall’s.

Ruggable’s lower price point provides excellent value.

But you’ll sacrifice some plushness and sturdiness. Ruggable best suits low-traffic rooms like bedrooms where quick cleanups are more important than cushy softness underfoot.

Ultimately, if cost and convenience are your top concerns, Ruggable likely provides more overall value. But Porte + Hall is the way to go if you prioritize quality construction and don’t mind splurging.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a competitor to Ruggable?

Yes, Porte + Hall is one of Ruggable’s top competitors in the washable rug space. Both specialize in stylish, machine-washable rugs. Other competitors include nuLOOM Washable Area Rugs, Safavieh Easy Care Collection, and Unique Loom Washable Rugs. Each brand offers a similar easy-care construction but with different materials, sizes, and designs to suit various needs and budgets.

What brand is the best washable rug?

There is no definitive “best” washable rug brand. Ruggable and Porte + Hall are among the highest quality options, but whether one is better than the other depends on your priorities. Ruggable is best for affordability and convenience, while Porte + Hall offers a more luxurious construction. Other top brands like nuLOOM, Safavieh, and Unique Loom provide great easy-care rugs at lower price points.

What’s so special about Ruggable?

Ruggable’s standout feature is the two-piece modular design – the top layer with the rug’s design detaches via velcro from the bottom gripper layer. This allows you to remove and machine wash just the top portion, rather than the entire rug. The velcro system also allows you to swap out Ruggable’s decorative tops to change up your rug’s style. Their array of trendy patterns from emerging artists is also unique.

How ethical is Ruggable?

As a relatively new company founded in 2015, Ruggable does not have extensive information about its ethics and sustainability practices publicized yet. However, the brand states its rugs are manufactured in facilities that meet OEKO-TEX environmental and safety standards. Ruggable’s materials include recycled polyester and their packaging uses recyclable cardboard. The machine-washable design produces less waste than traditional rugs. More transparency from the brand regarding ethical commitments would be beneficial.

Wrapping Up

Porte + Hall and Ruggable both offer quality washable rugs that make decorating with trendy styles effortless. While Porte + Hall provides a more luxe, wool-like texture, Ruggable’s convenient two-piece system enables easier cleaning.

Consider where the rug will go and how much traffic it will get when deciding between these brands. Porte + Hall better suits plush rug lovers who want long-lasting construction, don’t mind the cost, and have time for longer dry times.

Ruggable appeals to budget-focused shoppers wanting convenience, especially in low-traffic rooms prone to kid and pet messes.

Whichever washable rug you choose, both Porte + Hall and Ruggable eliminate rug maintenance headaches with their innovative machine-washable designs. No more stressed scrubbing when inevitable spills and stains occur.

Just toss your rug in the wash and you can keep your floors looking fabulous for years to come. That’s something both brands can agree on.

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