Pergo Gold Vs. Pergo FloorMate: Which LVP Is Best For Home?

When it comes to luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring, two big names stand out: Pergo Gold and Pergo FloorMate. Both offer durable, waterproof planks with realistic wood or stone looks. But there are some key differences that may make one better suited for your home than the other.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Pergo Gold and Pergo FloorMate on factors like:

  • Durability
  • Water resistance
  • Installation
  • Appearance
  • Texture/feel
  • Warranty
  • Price

We’ll also cover pros, cons, and frequently asked questions to help you decide which of these popular LVP collections is the best fit for your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturePergo GoldPergo FloorMate
Wear Layer Thickness20 mil12 mil
Scratch ResistanceUltraShield coatingStandard coating
Dent ProtectionFoam backingNo foam backing
WaterproofingWater-resistant core100% waterproof core
UnderlaymentNone pre-attachedPre-attached pad
InstallationClick-lock with underlaymentUniclic Smart-Lock one-step
Texture FeelModerate grain textureMinimal texture, softer
Style Choices40+ colors/patterns20 colors/patterns
Warranty LengthLifetime residentialLifetime residential
Water Warranty10 yearsLifetime
Average Cost$3-5 per sq. ft.$2-3 per sq. ft.

Overview of Pergo Gold and Pergo FloorMate

Pergo Gold Premium Underlayment

Pergo, now owned by Mohawk Industries, was one of the first brands to make luxury vinyl plank flooring popular in the 1990s and 2000s.

Their high-quality LVP options remain top choices today.

Pergo Gold launched in 2013 as a premium, extra-durable line.

It features a thicker wear layer and enhanced scratch, stain, and dent resistance compared to standard Pergo LVP.

Pergo FloorMate debuted in 2016 as a new collection focused on waterproof performance. It has a dense vinyl core and pre-attached underlayment pad for superior moisture protection.

While both lines offer stylish, versatile planks, Pergo Gold emphasizes durability and Pergo FloorMate emphasizes water protection. But they share many performance features and aesthetic options in common too.

Durability Comparison

Durability is a major selling point for luxury vinyl plank flooring vs. natural materials. LVP resists scratches, dents, stains, and wear better than real wood or stone.

Between Pergo Gold and Pergo FloorMate, Pergo Gold is the more durable option:

  • Wear layer: Pergo Gold has a 20 mil thick wear layer, while Pergo FloorMate’s is 12 mil. The thicker layer makes it more resistant to indentations and scratches over time.
  • Proprietary treatments: Pergo Gold planks are coated with UltraShield, an extra scratch-resistant coating. Pergo FloorMate lacks this advanced treatment.
  • Enhanced dent protection: Pergo Gold uses a special foam middle layer to prevent dents from heavy impacts. FloorMate does not have this foam backing.

So for high-traffic areas like kitchens or entryways, Pergo Gold is the better choice. But FloorMate still provides good durability for most household uses.

Water Protection Comparison

Waterproof protection is crucial for floors prone to spills or moisture. Both Pergo lines offer superior water resistance, but Pergo FloorMate has the edge here.

  • 100% waterproof core: FloorMate features a dense composite core that blocks all water from penetrating the planks. Pergo Gold has an older core technology that resists water but is not 100% impenetrable.
  • Pre-attached underlayment: FloorMate’s pre-attached pad seals the planks together tightly. Pergo Gold requires a separate underlayment purchased and installed.
  • Water warranty: FloorMate provides a limited lifetime warranty against damage from water exposure. Pergo Gold’s water warranty is just 10 years.

So for basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms or other wet areas, Pergo FloorMate is the better waterproofing solution.

Installation Comparison

Installing LVP flooring is considered DIY-friendly, and both Pergo lines are easy to work with. But there are some differences:

  • Pergo Gold uses a traditional click-lock system so planks click together directly. Installation requires taping seams and laying underlayment first.
  • Pergo FloorMate has a unique Uniclic Smart-Lock design with pre-attached underlayment, so planks click tightly together in one step. No taping or separate pad required.
  • Floor prep: Both require an existing flat, smooth, and dry subfloor to install over. Pergo Gold can go over more existing floors while FloorMate needs bare concrete/wood.

Overall, Pergo FloorMate wins for easier and faster do-it-yourself installation. But Pergo Gold is still very DIY-friendly, especially for those comfortable using an underlayment and taping seams.

Appearance Comparison

When it comes to aesthetics, both Pergo collections offer gorgeous, natural-looking floors. They share similar plank sizes, styles, and color options.


  • Hardwood looks – oak, hickory, ash, walnut
  • Tile visuals – stone, marble, travertine
  • Distressed/handscraped planks


  • Plank widths: 5″ and 7″
  • Plank lengths: 18″ to 48″


  • Matte and semi-gloss sheens
  • Distressed textures

One key difference is Pergo Gold has more color/style choices, with 40+ total vs. FloorMate’s 20 options. But FloorMate covers all the most popular wood tones and stone looks.

So unless you want a very unique color like whitewashed teak, the appearance options are very comparable. Both offer stunning vinyl planks perfect for any decor.

Texture and Feel Comparison

Luxury vinyl flooring mimics the look of natural materials very convincingly these days. But how vinyl feels underfoot can vary:

  • Pergo Gold has a moderate textured grain you can feel on bare feet or socks. This enhances the realistic hardwood appearance.
  • Pergo FloorMate has a smoother, more minimal texture. It lacks the detectable grain of Pergo Gold.
Pergo FloorMate

FloorMate’s smoother surface makes it feel a bit softer and warmer.

Pergo Gold feels slightly more rigid and cool underfoot.

Comfort also depends on the attached foam padding on FloorMate.

Gold requires installing separate underlayment to replicate this cushioned feel.

So Pergo FloorMate wins for having a slightly more comfortable texture and foot feel out of the box.

But Pergo Gold can be equally pleasant underfoot with proper installation.

Warranties Compared

A good warranty proves the brand’s confidence in their flooring’s performance. Both Pergo lines provide strong assurances:

Pergo Gold Warranty Highlights

  • Lifetime limited residential warranty
  • 10 years waterproof
  • 35 years wear-through

Pergo FloorMate Warranty Highlights

  • Lifetime limited residential warranty
  • Lifetime limited waterproof
  • 25 years wear-through

The warranties cover manufacturing defects, finish wear-through, staining, fading, and more.

Overall, Pergo FloorMate offers better water coverage since its waterproofing warranty is lifetime (not just 10 years). Other terms are similar.

Of course, real-world performance depends on proper install and maintenance. But both lines clearly provide excellent assurances.

Cost Comparison

In terms of price, Pergo Gold runs $3-5 per square foot, while Pergo FloorMate averages $2-3 per square foot.

So Pergo FloorMate is the more budget-friendly option overall.

Keep in mind Pergo Gold’s higher cost comes from its thicker wear layer and enhanced scratch/dent-resistance treatments. Those features improve durability and longevity to justify the investment for many homeowners.

But FloorMate still provides pleasing aesthetics and waterproof peace of mind at a lower price point. So it offers excellent value, especially if you don’t need Gold’s extra durability.

Pergo Gold Pros and Cons

Pergo Gold Pros:

Pergo Gold Underlayment
  • Thicker 20 mil wear layer prevents scratches, dents
  • Proprietary UltraShield scratch resistance
  • High clarity visuals and color accuracy
  • Foam backing resists indentation
  • Wide 40+ style and color options
  • Matches well with other Pergo collections

Pergo Gold Cons:

  • Expensive – over $3 per square foot
  • Not 100% waterproof through plank core
  • Shorter 10-year water warranty
  • Must install separate underlayment
  • Slightly cooler, firmer feel underfoot

Pergo FloorMate Pros and Cons

Pergo FloorMate Pros:

  • 100% waterproof through entire plank
  • Pre-attached underlayment for 1-step install
  • Lifetime limited waterproof warranty
  • Budget-friendly – around $2 per square foot
  • Minimal texture feels softer underfoot

Pergo FloorMate Cons:

  • Thinner 12 mil wear layer
  • Not as dent/scratch resistant as Gold
  • Smaller 20 plank style/color options
  • Must install on flat, bare substrate
  • Not compatible with other Pergo lines

Which Is Better For You?

So is Pergo Gold or Pergo FloorMate better? There’s no universally “best” option since it depends on your needs:

Pergo Gold is ideal if you want:

  • Maximum scratch and dent resistance
  • Don’t need 100% waterproofing
  • Traditional click-lock installation
  • Prefer a more textured floor feel
  • Large selection of colors/styles

Pergo FloorMate is better if you need:

  • 100% waterproof plank core
  • Pre-attached padding for easy install
  • Budget-friendly price under $3 per square foot
  • Minimal texture and softer surface feel
  • Flexible subfloor installation

Both provide beautiful, durable floors. Pergo Gold caters to durability with enhanced protection and feel. Pergo FloorMate focuses on waterproofing and easy installation.

If your main concern is scratched and dented resistance, go with Pergo Gold. If you want affordable waterproof flooring that’s simple to install, choose Pergo FloorMate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some common questions homeowners have when deciding between Pergo Gold and Pergo FloorMate:

Does Pergo Gold have a vapor barrier?

No. Pergo Gold lacks a vapor barrier, so a separate moisture barrier must be installed with it over concrete subfloors. Pergo FloorMate’s pre-attached underlayment acts as a vapor barrier.

How thick is Pergo gold?

Pergo Gold planks are 6.5mm (0.25 inches) thick. The wear layer is 20 mils of that total thickness.

What are the disadvantages of Pergo?

General drawbacks of Pergo LVP include:
1. Not suitable for extremely heavy rolling loads
2. Can dent from heavy falling objects
3. Avoid direct hot items contacting surface
4. Occasional fading in direct sunlight
5. Regular cleaning required
6. Higher cost than alternatives like laminate

What is the IIC rating of Pergo FloorMate?

Pergo FloorMate has an IIC (Impact Insulation Class) rating of 60. This means it provides significant sound dampening from floor to floor. An IIC over 50 is ideal.

Can you use Pergo Gold in a bathroom?

Yes, Pergo Gold can be installed in bathrooms. Make sure planks are kept 1/4 inch away from shower walls and tub edges. Also caulk around toilets and piping.

Does Pergo FloorMate need expansion gaps?

Yes, Pergo FloorMate should be installed with 1/4 inch expansion gaps between flooring and walls or fixed objects. The attached underlayment allows for normal expansion/contraction.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to Pergo Gold and Pergo FloorMate, choosing the best option depends on your flooring priorities and project needs.

Pergo Gold is ideal for maximizing wear-resistance in high-traffic areas of your home. Pergo FloorMate offers superb waterproofing and easy installation at a more affordable price point.

Both transform spaces with beautiful, realistic luxury vinyl visuals. Make sure to compare the durability, water protection, installation, texture, warranty, and cost differences outlined here. This will ensure you select the Pergo line that’s the best match for your home decor goals and lifestyle.

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