OtO Lawn Reviews 2024: Is The Smart Sprinkler Worth It?

Are you tired of all the hassles you have to go through to maintain your lawn or backyard? Here’s a quick and smart choice for you to you water, fertilize and control the pest in your lawn with just one device, the OtO lawn.

OtO lawn is a newly developed lawn solution that runs totally without any kind of physical assistance. It is automated; you can easily connect it to your phone and control it from there.

If you’re skeptical about buying this product, we have listed the features of OtO lawn to make the decision easier.

Features of OtO Lawn

OtO Lawn Smart Sprinkler

Let’s dig into the features of OtO lawn for you to understand how the device works and if it fits your choices for maintaining your lawn or not.

  • Everything is Automated

OtO lawn is a new generation solution where you don’t need to physically do so much hard work to water or fertilize your lawn. Everything inside the device is automated. You don’t have to manage it manually.

All you need to do is download an app and connect it to the device to control it from your phone. It runs on wifi and you don’t need much manual labor to set it up as well.

It comes with newer innovative functionalities to make your irrigation system smart and easier to use.

  • Easy Setup Process

Setting up the OtO lawn does not require many steps. You don’t even need to assemble the device as it already comes assembled.

It has a small computer inside of it, which you can easily access through your phone. You just need to find a place suitable for it to set up and you will be done installing it in a few minutes.

  • Adjustable Water Pressure

Another amazing feature of this device is that you can easily control the water pressure of it according to your wish. It also has the intelligence of assessing when the water pressure should be low and when the water pressure should be high.

The main problem we often face while watering our lawns is the uncontrollable pressure of water. You will not face this kind of problem with the OtO lawn as there is no need to fix the water pressure again and again as we do with manual irrigation systems.

  • Fertilizer and Pest Control
OtO Lawn Sprinkler In Action

The most amazing feature about this device is that it not only waters your lawn but also takes care of its nutrition needs of it and saves it from pest attacks.

The device has three separate compartments for fertilizers and pesticides.

You just need to scan it with your phone to adjust it with the controls.

The fertilizers and pesticides provided with the device are completely organic and free of toxic chemicals that could harm your lawn. It also comes with mosquito repellents so when the grasses grow, you won’t face the problems of mosquitoes attacking your house.

  • Weather – Intelligent Water Schedule

The OtO lawn is also scheduled according to the weather. It can read the weather forecasts and water accordingly.

Say, for example, when it rains, it can foresee that beforehand and stops watering as the extra water accumulated in the plants or grass might damage the greeneries.

Unlike other manually handled irrigation systems, you don’t have to watch out for the weather and adjust the system or device manually.

With OtO lawn you can also fix the schedules whenever you like even when you are away from your home.

  • Custom-shaped Zone

Another best part of the device is that you can customize the shape of your lawn. Many lawns are irregular in size and this device has the amazing feature of recognizing the irregular shapes and water accordingly.

There might be sidewalks or a patio on your lawn. And with OtO lawn you can easily make it avoid those places. This saves energy and water from being wasted.

Also, you don’t have to clean your patio or see your sidewalks wet for any reason.

  • Budget Friendly

The OtO lawn costs $300-$900. You might think it is a bit too much for an irrigation system.

 But if you compare it with other irrigation systems along with its setup costs, you will find that with the setup costs you would have to spend a minimum of $100-$1200, or, even a lot more than that.

Whereas, OtO comes with no additional setup costs at all. It saves you time and money. You can multitask with this device unlike any other device found on the market. That is why OtO lawn is a budget-friendly option for you to use.

What Could’ve Been Better With OtO Lawn?

Everything comes with pros and cons. Although this is a revolutionary device of our generation, a few more specifications would have been better for the device to have.

  • Watering Range

The device has amazing watering features. But the range is up to 15 meters. It is suitable for use on small-sized lawns.

For the bigger ones, it needs to be shifted and carried up to the destination you want your device to water.

  • WiFi Range

The device has great connectivity but it needs an extender for the wifi as it is usually fixed outside of the house to water the lawn. Better wifi connectivity would be great for the specifications of the device in the coming days.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How does the OtO sprinkler work?

OtO sprinklers are connected to mobile phones through an app. From the app, you can easily control and monitor the device without setting it up manually.

What does Irrigreen cost?

Irrigreen comes with different models varying on the range you want. It costs from $200-500 depending on the model.

What sprinkler system is the best?

The most preferred irrigation technology is drip irrigation, which uses up to 90% less water than sprinkler systems, flood irrigation, or center pivot irrigation. Drip irrigation can have reduced energy consumption because it is a low-pressure way of providing crop watering demands.

How can I make my irrigation system?

You can easily set it up using the user’s manual. But if you are still confused and doing it for the first time, you can always call an expert to set it up for you.

Final Words

OtO lawns are a great solution for the maintenance of your lawns. You can easily control it from any part of the world if you have a stable internet connection.

So, if it fits your choices and budget, go grab one of the finest irrigation systems to ever exist.

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