Nested Bean Vs. Dreamland Sleep Sack (2023): In-depth Differences

Moms choose sacks for their babies to ensure they enjoy Comfort by imagining that they are sleeping in their mother’s arms. But we can find a reasonable debate between the Nested Bean Sack and Dreamland Sleep Sack.

Well, they have a couple of differences that you’ll know today.

Nested Bean Sack is quietly more popular than Dreamland Sleep Sack and is cheaper than the comparative brand. However, the weight distribution with the Dreamland sleep sack is more justified than it is with the Nested Bean Sack.

Both come in varying sizes, but Dreamland is often recommended for younger toddlers.

A Brief Comparison Table

Factors To DiscussNested Bean SackDreamland Sleep Sack
Customers RecommendationsHigherLower
Pricing ComparisonIt costs lessIt costs more
Weighted ContactLess Weighted contact with your babyMore weighted contact with your baby
Sleeping SchedulesBaby learns to sleep faster with thisIt might take one week for your baby to sleep with this sack
SizesAvailable in sizes for babies from 0 to 24 monthsAvailable in different sizes ranging from 6 to 36 months, babies
Color and Pattern OptionsThis one comes in more colors and patternsIt comes in a smaller number of patterns and colors
ZipperTwo-way zipperTwo-way zipper
Made of100% cotton material100% cotton material
TOG Rating0.51.2

In Detailed Differences Between Nested Bean And Dreamland Sleep Sacks

Since both products have higher confusion and a lot of people have asked about their difference, I’ll clear those confusions in this post. Please take a closer look at what you are reading today as a mom; it would benefit you and your baby.

  • Customer’s Recommendations
Dreamland Baby Weighted Swaddle
Dreamland Baby Weighted Swaddle

While buying a sleep sack for your newborn, toddler, or grown child to help him get better sleep at night, what if you ask the moms who already have bought and used these sacks?

Of course, that’s a good idea.

When I conducted my research, I found that more moms and parents have used Nested Baby Sleep Sacks over Dreamland.

The former product reviews are in the thousands, and most moms highly recommend it.

These recommendations could be based on unique features, including the lower price and others.

However, Dreamland is also not a that bad option. But there are not many reviews about this product.

One can find their reviews and rating on Amazon that would help you make a more definite justification between both sacks. So, this difference would help you decide which sleep sack you need to go to.

  • Pricing Comparison

Another difference between these two sleep sacks for babies is their prices. Dreamland Sleep Sack costs more than Nested Baby.

Where Nested Baby comes only at $40 to $50 bucks, Dreamland Goes up to $80 bucks.

Hence, one is more expensive than another, which might change your thinking by keeping the budget in mind.

  • Weighted Contact

We can say that Dreamland Sleep Sack has a more distributed and evenly specified weight. It helps the baby get sound sleep and feel Comfort on every side of the body. Whether it’s a baby’s chest or back, he’ll feel the same on all sides.

On the other hand, the weight distribution with Nested Baby Sacks is not entirely satisfactory.

It might be more on the chest side, less on the back side, and vice versa. Therefore, you only need to get the sleep sack which is more comfortable for your baby.

Plus, it should be soothing enough to make his nights extra pleasing.

  • Sleeping Schedules

They say that with Nested Baby, a toddler or infant needs only one or two periods of sleep, and he will learn to sleep with Comfort. It doesn’t take much time for a baby to adjust to this sleep sack.

But that’s not the same case with Dreamland Sleep Sack. Because for a baby, it might take more than a week to adjust to this sleep Sack.

Moms usually recommend Nested Baby higher because they don’t have to do many struggles with it while making their babies sleep. But Dreamland may require babies to make more effort.

  • Sizes
Nested Bean
Nested Bean

Suppose you want to talk about the ages of infants for whom these sacks are suitable and easy fitting again.

In that case, there is a difference between our discussed branded sacks.

The Nested Baby Sleep Sack covers children with an aging period of 0 to 24 months.

It means your baby will outgrow faster from this sack.

In contrast, the Dreamland Sleep Sack covers babies from 6 months to 36 months which means they are made for younger Childs.

Compared to Nested Bean baby sacks, the children will outgrow later from these sacks.

  • Color and Pattern Options

You might want to get more aesthetic color while choosing a specific Sleep sack for your baby.

The Nested Beans give you more colors and patterns to choose from to meet those desires. They come in various unique patterns and colors depending on your needs.

On the other hand, the Dreamland Baby Sleep Sack comes in fewer colors and patterns. Therefore, your choice will be limited at Dreamland.

  • Zipper

One of the similarities you can find is that they both have two-way zippers. These zippers make it easier to wear these sacks to your babies and get them off.

There won’t be any problems regarding this matter.

  • Made Of

Another similarity between both sacks is the material with which they are made. Both sacks are made with the %100 kinds of cotton.

This cotton is comfortable and soothing for a baby. That helps him sleep faster, be comfortable, and lends to his calm dreams.

  • TOG Rating
Dreamland Sleep Sack

The thermal overall grade rating that helps you measure the overall Comfort, the level of insulation, sleepwear, and bedding is different with both sacks.

When you look at the Dreamland Baby Sleep sack, it offers you a 1.2 TOG rating, which means it is more comfortable.

On the other hand, the TOG rating with Nested Beans is just 0.5, which states this sack is less comfortable.

Now, you can make a reasonable difference between both.

  • According To APP Recommendations

Since the Dreamland Sleek sacks come with evenly distributed padding, they may not be as effective for your baby’s sleep as other sleep sacks available in the market.

The New AAP recommendations have stopped parents from using sleep sacks that make the bones of infants fragile.

That’s why many people have turned their choice from Dreamland Sleep Sacks to something else. But the Nested Bean Sacks were not affected by this decision.

It means you can still rely on the Nested Beans if you can easily get them from the market.

  • Level of Comfort

After asking many moms about their experience with both sleep sacks, they stated that their babies felt more comfortable with the Nested Bean Sleep sacks.

It means these sacks offer more comfort than our sleep sacks. One can have them for a baby in case the mom or dad is looking for extra comfort.

But our team didn’t hear much of the comfort experience with Dreamland Sleep Sacks.

  • Machine Washable

One of the easiest things for mothers is to wash babies’ stuff into washing machines. That clothing is ugly, full of heavy-duty stain marks and more spots.

In that case, if you have purchased the Nested Bean Sack for your baby’s sleep, it will be easier for you to wash it into a washing machine.

But things are different when you consider using the Dreamland Sleep Sack for your baby and want to wash it in a machine. It is not machine washable and can only be washed on hands.

  • Free Shipping and Return

Another great thing to remember about Nested Bean Sleep Sacks is that you can enjoy free shipping and return benefits with these sacks when you purchase from Amazon.

On the other hand, the Dreamland Sleep Sack doesn’t give you such a facility.

  • Durable

We also have asked many parents about the lasting time of each Sleep Sack. They have recommended Nested Bean more over Dreamland.

It is because they believe and experience that these sacks last longer than Dreamland sacks. This thing is true even if it comes under your experiment.

Which One Is Highly Recommended?

Since, in recent news, the authorities have stopped parents from using any of these sacks, you might don’t want to bother any of them. But in case you are okay with your purchase, I guess both are good options.

If you want more colors and a variety of selections at lower prices, Nested Beans will suit you best.

But if you want more Comfort for your baby and more padding, Dreamland will be best for you. So, it depends on your needs as to what you want for your bay.

Here is another comparison table between the two for you!

FeaturesNested Bean SackDreamland Sleep Sack
According to AAP recommendationsThese are not forbidden to useThese are forbidden to use
Level of ComfortMoreLess
Machine WashableThese are machine washableThese are not machine washable
Free Shipping and ReturnProvided Through AmazonNot provided

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Is Better, Nested Bean Or Dreamland Sleep Sack?

More mothers recommend Nested Beans, so it’s way better than Dreamland Sleep Sack.

Why Are Weighted Sleep Sacks No Longer Recommended?

With weighted sleep sacks, the infants feel and carry more weight on their chests while sleeping. It may constrict them from making usual movements, resulting in unsafe sleep positions for a baby. That’s why they are no longer recommended.

Do Pediatricians Recommend Weighted Sleep Sacks?

No, they do not recommend them. Instead, they discourage the usage of such sacks for babies.

Is Dreamland Weighted Sleep Sack Worth It?

Yes, the Dreamland is entirely worth it for the pricing and against the comparing level of Comfort. You can use the masterpiece to give your baby the extra-long, most comfortable sleep for the nights.

Final Wording

Lastly, while comparing the Nested Bean with Dreamland Sleep Sack compare their usual features such as the level of Comfort, the TOG rating, Breathing for a baby, and weight distribution.

Hence, you can make a difference and find the right sack. So, be sure you are no longer using any weighted sack for a baby, as it is no longer recommended.

But you must buy a lightweight and recommended sack like Nested Bean Baby Sleep Sack.

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