Milky Spore Vs. GrubEx To Kill Grubs (2024): Which One To Pick?

Milky Spore and GrubEx are grub-controlling chemicals that can be used in your lawns to retain a healthy and growing environment for the lawns. However, people recommend Milky Spore more than GrubEx because it stays in the soil for a period of more than 10 years.

But GrubEx requires you to apply it every after 4 months.

However, Milky Spore is a little more expensive powder than GrubEx, but officially it is more effective than GrubEx. Besides, both can be applied in the early Spring or fall seasons.

Yet, a small quantity of Milky Spore is best to cover more area, which is different from the GrubEx.

A Brief Comparison Table

Factors To DiscussMilky SporeGrubEx
Purpose of UsagePrimarily targets Japanese Beetle grubs, the soil-dwelling larval stageGrub Killer for Lawns, Kills White Grubs, Sod Webworms, and Larvae of Japanese Beetles
Application During SeasonsFall or SummerSummer or early Spring
Area Coverage2.5 lbs. for 10,000 sq. ft.28.7 pounds for 10,000 sq. ft.
Safe to use around pets?Yes, it can be safely used around pools and ponds, bees, fish, pets, and birdsIt is also safe to use around pets, as recommended by the manufacturers
Remains in the soilFor a longer period of up to 10 yearsRequires application once in 4 months
EffectivenessMore effectiveLess Effective
Does it affect the natural power of soil?No, it doesn’tYes, it does because it also kills off Katydids, crickets, clicking bugs, and things that sing in the gardens
Which takes more time in killing grubs?It takes more timeIt is speedier
Economic FactorIt costs you less priceIt costs you more price
Temperature recommendations for a soil60 to 70 degrees CelsiusNot mentioned
Recommendations from lawn keepersMoreLess
UsabilityEasy to useEasy to use

Key Differences Between GrubEx And Milky Spore Grub Killers

  • Purpose of Usage
Milky Spore For Grub Control

Both have a similarity when defining which powder is suitable to use for which purpose.

It doesn’t matter whether you’d apply the GrubEx or Milky Spore; you will be using them to protect your lawn from Japanese beetle or other herbicides.

Milky Spore is a naturally made, safer, and effective grub control product that remains in the soil for more time.

It is an OMRI-certified organic control of different killing herbicides.

It is also safe for pets like birds, bees, fish, and more. One can apply it evenly around the pools and ponds.

At the same time, the GrubEx is a little bit different but has the same purpose of protecting your lawns and other fertilizers in the house from Japanese beetle as well as Sod Webworms and Larvae of other toxic herbicides.

Therefore, there is no difference between using either material to protect your grass or lawn plants from the herbicides that affect their natural growth and stop them from becoming fruitful.

But their recommendations and other factors may make a difference, as we will discuss later in this article.

  • Application During Seasons

Applying Milky Spore in your soil is okay anytime you don’t have frozen soil. But usually, many people recommend using it during the Fall or Summer Season.

Because the soil temperature is usually high at that time, one can easily apply this powder to the soil.

On the other hand, the GrubEx is also recommended to use when the temperature of that soil is usually higher.

And this happens in August or another Summer or fall season. At that time, the Chemical stops those herbicides even before they grow and take a giant shape.

  • Area Coverage

Milky Spore wins the competition regarding knowing how much each powder should be applied to a specific area.

This powder covers more area with less quantity. Like, a pack of 10 lbs. can be applied for a full acre. Also, up to 10,000 sq. ft. area can easily be covered by applying only 2.5 lbs. of this powder.

In Contrast, you’ll need more of a GrubEx powder to cover a specific area of soil. Like for covering 10,000 sq. ft., a particular quantity of 28+ lbs. would be required.

It means the GrubEx is being used excessively to be applied on a similar area that Milky Spore covers in less quantity.

  • Safe To Use Around Pets?

There is no problem with Either Chemical being used around Pets, Pools, Ponds, bees, pets, fish, and other animals. They won’t have any effects on these birds or animals. However, GrubEx might be a little more toxic than the Milky Spore.

  • Remains In The Soil
GrubEx To Kill Grub

Here is another difference between the GrubEx and Milky Spore that defines which is well worth the cost and which is not.

Usually, the Milky Spore comes with a 5 years warranty.

Still, many customers believe the powder remains in the soil for more than 10 or 15 years.

But that’s not the same with the GrubEx because this Chemical requires you to apply it in the soil every after 4 months.

It is not that durable and lasting powder in the soil.

  • Effectiveness

What do you think of effectiveness when it comes to using these powders in the soil? Which powder prevents those grubs from damaging the soil or lawn?

Right, in that regard, the Milky Spore is way more effective on the grub killing than the GrubEx powder.

Milky Spore powder has Bacillus Papillae, a special bacterium that effectively kills the grubs by multiplying inside those grubs. It will eventually cause them to die.

On the other hand, you might not find the extra level of effectiveness with the GrubEx powder because it takes time to kill the grubs and is not as effective as the Milky Spore.

  • Does It Affect The Natural Power Of Soil?

With Milky Spore, your soil would be safe and sound without any natural or harmful damage. However, some people have claimed issues with the GrubEx.

They say the Chemical kills all the things that sing in the soil. It includes killing the Katydids, Click Bugs, Crickets, and more.

You won’t find such cases and problems with the Milky Spore Powder.

  • Which Takes More Time In Killing Grubs?

The Milky Spore starts showing its results after a while when it is applied to the soil, which is not similar to the GrubEx.

GrubEx is often a little speedier in killing the Grubs but might not be as effective as the Milky Spore powder.

  • Economic Factor

Measuring both on the pricing sides, Milky Spore costs you more money than GrubEx. It is because the product has more usage; it requires less quantity and can be preserved for a long time.

However, the GrubEx is less costly and cannot be preserved longer. Besides, you need more quantity to kill the grubs and other herbicides from the soil.

  • Temperature Recommendations For A Soil
Milky Spore Grub Control

They say it’s perfect for applying Milky Spore on the soil when its temperature is almost 60 to 70 degrees Celsius.

But that’s not the same with GrubEx.

Because you won’t find the same features or specifications with the GrubEx, they just say to apply it in August, and it’s good to be in the soil in the Spring and Summer seasons.

  • Recommendations From Lawn Keepers

People having grass or lawn that they want to protect from grubs and other worms have higher recommendations for the Milky Spore.

They say that Milky Spore is better than GrubEx, and GrubEx is not that highly recommended by people who keep the lawn and grow their grass.

  • Usability

There is no problem with using either powder on the grass to kill grubs and worms that affect the soil’s natural power. They are easy to use and can be applied without any problems.

Which One To Pick For Grub Killing From Your Soil?

Milky Spore Powder is a way better product to kill Grubs and other Worms from your lawn or grass than GrubEx will ever be.

But if your experience with GrubEx has been quite good, I hope there won’t be a problem. Yet, Milky Spore is better the GrubEx at keeping that lawn protected and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Use Grubex And Milky Spore?

Milky Spore is Okay to use in the soil where other insecticides have already been used. But if you have already killed all the Grubs with that powder, the Milky Spore might not be as effective as it should be.

What Is The Most Effective Grub Killer?

The two chemicals, trichlorfon and carbaryl, are the most curative treatments to kill a vast and very dangerous range of grubs from the soil.

How Long Does It Take For Milky Spore To Kill Grubs?

It takes almost 7 to 21 days for the Milky Spore to kill Grubs.

Does Milky Spore Kill All Grubs?

The Milky Spore might not kill all the Grubs from your soil. But it will reduce the grub population below the damage threshold.

Final Thoughts

Comparing Milky Spore with GrubEx will always give you more reasons to fall for the Milky Spore than GrubEx. It doesn’t matter. Even if the price is a bit higher for Milky Spore, it is still an effective treatment for all the Grubs in the soil.

You must decide which one will go great in your soil before the Summer comes, and those Japanese Beetles may damage the fertility of your soil. Therefore, choose wisely and live better.

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