Marvin Ultrex Vs. Andersen Fibrex: Which One To Pick?

As a homeowner, when you are building a home or replacing the window of your home, you would for sure think about getting the best window available in the market.

While considering Marvin Ultrex and Andersen Fibrex, you are supposed to be picking the one that suits your purpose best.

However, the purpose of this blog post is to let you know about the key features that both of the windows bring in and which seems the better of the two. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

A Quick Comparison Table

Are you in a hurry? Need to make a decision without investing much time? Then this part will be really helpful to you. You will get to know about the main differences between the two in brief to make a quicker decision for yourself.

Here you go.

SpecificationsMarvin UltrexAndersen Fibrex
Material Marvin Ultrex has a material of Fiberglass.Andersen Fibrex has a material of Wood and polymer fiber.
DurabilityMarvin Ultrex comes with a durability of 50 years.Andersen Fibrex has a durability of 30-40 years.
Strength of the windowIt is eight times stronger compared to vinyl.It is two times stronger compared to vinyl.
The price of the windowMarvin Ultrex has a price range of $800 to $2000 per unit.Andersen Fibrex has a price range of $750 -$1500 per unit.
Heat deflection rateIt has a heat deflection rate of 173° F.Andersen Fibrex has a heat deflection rate of 285° F.
Finish of the windowsMarvin Ultrex has an aluminum-clad finish.Andersen Fibrex has a polymer finish.
U-factorSometimes .20 or even lower.For Andersen Fibrex 0.26 or even lower.
Material composite Thermoset Polymer is the composite of this window.Thermoplastic Polymer is the material composite here.

Now you know these are some notable specifications of both Marvin Ultrex vs. Andersen Fibrex, if you are still having trouble making up your mind then the next part is for you.

Key Differences Between Marvin Ultrex And Andersen Fibrex

You know about the notable differences between Marvin Ultrex vs. Andersen Fibrex. Now, it is time to know about all those differences in detail here, as it would help you to take an educated decision later.

  • Material of The Window
Marvin Ultrex Windows
Marvin Ultrex Windows

The primary materials of both of the windows are different.

Marvin Ultrex is made of Fiberglass material whereas Andersen Fibrex has a material of Wood and polymer fiber.

Fiberglass comes with more longevity and strength than Wood and polymer fiber.

So, Marvin Ultrex is the clear winner here.

  • Durability

When taking the decision of purchasing a window, durability is often considered an important factor.

Marvin Ultrex has a durability of almost 50 years.

On the contrary, Andersen Fibrex has a durability of 30-40 years. Marvin Ultrex is the clear winner here as well.

  • Strength of The Window

Marvin Ultrex is eight times stronger than the vinyl windows. But Andersen Fibrex is two times stronger compared to the vinyl windows.

  • Price of The Window

Pricing of a product is a crucial factor when it comes to taking the purchase decision of a product. If you are on a tight budget, then it will not be prudent to go for the cheaper one while compromising the price.

Here, there is no significant difference in the price, but Andersen Fibrex is the cheaper one.

  • Heat Deflection Rate

Marvin Ultrex will not be unstable until the heat reaches a deflection rate of 173° F., for Andersen Fibrex it is 285° F. So here, Andersen Fibrex is more heat-resistant compared to Marvin Ultrex.

  • Finish Of The Windows

Marvin Ultrex has a finish of aluminum clad that resists the window from being worn off with time. This provides the needed strength to cope with the time.

However, Andersen Fibrex comes with a polymer finish.

  • U-factor

To understand the heatproofing, Marvin Ultrex comes with .20 or even lower. But for Andersen Fibrex comes with 0.26 or even lower. So, Andersen Fibrex stays ahead here, though the standard is .30.

  • Material Composite
Andersen Fibrex

Marvin Ultrex has a material composite of Thermoset Polymer.

It is definitely a very complex composite while providing it the characteristic of invincibility and super durability while producing the window.

On the contrary, Andersen Fibrex has a material composite of Thermoplastic Polymer.

It is also strong. But it may not be as strong and durable as the Marvin Ultrex.

Hence, Marvin Ultrex is the clear winner for the material composition as well compared to the Andersen Fibrex windows.

  • Eco-Friendliness

While taking any purchase decision, it is a citizen’s responsibility to consider if that product is causing any harm to the environment.

Here Marvin Ultrex is not eco-friendly whereas, Andersen Fibrex is an eco-friendly option, considering its production process of it.

So, these are the differentiating factors between both of these windows.

Which Window Should You Pick?

I hope by now you have already figured out the answer to the mentioned question.

Well, you cannot make a decision on price, as there is not much difference. Both come with some pros and cons. It is very difficult to go for a straightforward answer.

But, considering most of the aspects and most importantly durability of the window, you can go for Marvin Ultrex.

But if you like to pick an environmentally friendly option, then Andersen Fibrex is the one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Marvin Windows better than Anderson?

They both provide top-notch windows at competitive pricing. But Marvin definitely stands out in terms of strength and durability.

Which is better fibrex or fiberglass?

Fibrex is more versatile with a natural wooden look. But fiberglass composite material is meant to use only for windows.

Are Fibrex windows any good?

Compared to vinyl windows, Fibrex windows tend to save money and time for a long time.

Is fibrex more expensive than vinyl?

Since it brings in more durability and strength compared to vinyl it costs a bit more of course.

Wrapping up

While comparing Marvin Ultrex and Andersen Fibrex, you must have noticed both of the window brands comes with certain pros and cons. You need to pick the one that complies with your requirement more.

If you want a durable window then Marvin Ultrex window is the one for you. But if you are living in an area where your home needs to remain heatproof and you have a knack for eco-friendly options then Andersen Fibrex is more suitable for you.

I am sure you are going to pick the right one.


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  1. Thanks for this comparison, as I’m in the middle of deciding. My main concern is the picture windows facing the strong wind, rain, and snow. In your classification of “durability” does that include these weather factors (ie. leakage of water and heat)?

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