Magnolia Home Paint Vs. Benjamin Moore Paint

When it comes to choosing paint for your home, two popular options are Magnolia Home paint and Benjamin Moore paint. Both offer high-quality paints with plenty of color options, but there are some key differences between the two brands.

This comprehensive guide examines the pros, cons, features, and differences between Magnolia Home and Benjamin Moore paint to help you determine which is best for your next painting project.

A Brief Comparison Table

Paint FeatureMagnolia HomeBenjamin Moore
Number of Colors50 colorsOver 3,500 colors
Sheens AvailableMatte, velvet, suedeMatte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, high-gloss
Price Per Gallon$30-$50$30-$70
AvailabilityExclusive to Home DepotAvailable at BM retailers & independent dealers
WarrantyNoneLifetime warranty
Magnolia Home Premium Interior Paint

As you can see from the table, while both offer quality paints, there are some noticeable differences between the two brands.

Benjamin Moore offers over 70 times more color choices compared to Magnolia Home.

Benjamin Moore also provides paint finishes with higher sheens.

However, Magnolia Home paint tends to retail for slightly less per gallon.

Below we’ll analyze these paint brands in more detail across a variety of categories to determine the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Number of Colors Available

One of the biggest differences between Magnolia vs. Benjamin Moore paint is the number of unique paint colors each offers.

Magnolia Home paint comes in a curated palette of 50 colors. Joanna Gaines worked with interior designers to handpick her signature shades. Magnolia Home paint colors include warm, inviting hues like Silhouette, Saltwash, and Iron.

Comparatively, Benjamin Moore offers over 3,500 paint colors across its different lines. Their expansive color catalog includes popular hues like Black Forest Green and Chelsea Gray. Benjamin Moore also offers two interior lines with over 1,000 colors each:

  • The Aura line has over 1,500 choices
  • The Color Preview line has over 1,200 colors

Clearly, Benjamin Moore provides significantly more paint color options compared to the 50 shades available from Magnolia. This wider selection gives you more flexibility and customization for your space.

Paint Quality and Durability Comparison of Magnolia Home And Benjamin Moore Paint

Both Magnolia Home and Benjamin Moore are premium paint brands that produce high-quality paints. However, there are some differences in their formulations that contribute to paint durability.

Benjamin Moore Regal Classic Paint

Magnolia Home paint is a zero VOC formula made without harsh chemicals. It goes on smoothly and offers good coverage.

Magnolia Home does not provide details about the solids content of the paint or other specs related to durability.

Benjamin Moore paints are also zero VOC and free of many additives and solvents.

But Benjamin Moore does provide extensive details about its paint formulations.

For example, its Aura line has over 50% solids content in the matte and eggshell finishes.

Higher solids content typically indicates better durability and coverage. Benjamin Moore paints also feature color lock technology to resist fading.

So while both offer zero VOC paints, Benjamin Moore provides more transparency about its paint formulations and durability. The company’s longer history in paint manufacturing also supports its reputation for high quality.

Paint Coverage

How well a paint covers or hides the underlying surface is another important consideration when choosing interior or exterior paints.

User reviews indicate Magnolia Home paint provides decent coverage that’s on par with other mid-tier paint brands. It may require two coats for the best opacity, especially when painting over darker colors. But the paint goes on smoothly and evenly.

Benjamin Moore paints are specially engineered to provide excellent hide and coverage efficiency. For example, Benjamin Moore claims its Aura line offers one-coat coverage. This superior coverage means less time spent applying additional coats. Benjamin Moore also lists exact coverage estimates per gallon for each paint line.

If your painting project requires covering bold colors or making significant color changes, Benjamin Moore is the better option for hiding previously painted surfaces.

Paint Prices Comparison

On average, expect to pay the following prices for Magnolia and Benjamin Moore paint:

  • Magnolia Home paint: $30-$50 per gallon
  • Benjamin Moore paint: $30-$70 per gallon
Benjamin Moore Aura Paint

Magnolia Home paint falls on the more affordable end of premium paints, thanks to the Magnolia brand exclusive partnership with Home Depot.

Comparable Benjamin Moore paints cost slightly more per gallon.

However, Benjamin Moore often runs sales on its paints, so you can likely find periodic deals that match or beat Magnolia prices.

Benjamin Moore also has less expensive lines like Ben to offer budget options.

When estimating the total project cost, remember that Benjamin Moore’s superior coverage may require fewer coats, offsetting the slightly higher per gallon cost.

Availability and Accessibility

Where you can buy each brand of paint is another key difference:

  • Magnolia Home paint is sold exclusively at Home Depot stores and on It is not available at any other retailers.
  • Benjamin Moore paint is sold through its network of branded paint stores as well as independent retailers like Ace Hardware. You can find Benjamin Moore retailers across the United States.

The limited availability of Magnolia Home paint makes Benjamin Moore a more convenient choice for many homeowners. With ample retail locations plus online ordering, Benjamin Moore paint is easy to purchase.

Brand Reputation

Both Magnolia and Benjamin Moore have stellar reputations, but Benjamin Moore’s has been built over a much longer history.

Magnolia is a relatively new brand started in 2003, but it has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to co-founders Chip and Joanna Gaines’ home improvement TV shows and retail businesses. Consumers trust Magnolia’s stylish aesthetic and family-friendly values. The brand exudes Joanna’s signature farmhouse style.

Benjamin Moore has been manufacturing premium paints since 1883. It has nearly 140 years of brand recognition and trust. Benjamin Moore is the #1 paint retailer in North America and receives consistently high consumer satisfaction marks.

Its longstanding reputation makes Benjamin Moore a reliable and trusted paint manufacturer.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Eco-conscious consumers will appreciate that both Magnolia and Benjamin Moore offer low VOC and VOC-free paint options.

  • Magnolia Home paints have zero VOCs to support healthy indoor air quality. The brand also aims to use sustainable packaging and recyclable materials.
  • Benjamin Moore has several zero VOC and low VOC paint lines like Aura, Color Lock, Regal Select, and Natura. The company also takes steps to reduce harmful environmental impacts across its operations.

Based on available information, neither seems to have a significant advantage when it comes to sustainability initiatives or environmental friendliness. Both provide quality low odor paint choices.

Warranties and Satisfaction Guarantees

Benjamin Moore Regal Classic

Here is a clear category win for Benjamin Moore paints.

Magnolia Home paints do not have any published warranty or satisfaction guarantee.

Benjamin Moore offers a lifetime warranty on its paints.

If you are unsatisfied with the product, the company will provide replacement paint or a refund.

Benjamin Moore stands behind its products with this industry-leading warranty.

For DIYers who are newer to painting or want assurance they’re choosing a quality product, Benjamin Moore’s generous warranty provides helpful peace of mind.

Ease of Use

Both Magnolia Home and Benjamin Moore paints aim to offer a positive painting experience for DIYers and professionals alike.

According to reviews, Magnolia Home paint applies evenly and dries to a smooth finish. It does not produce a strong odor during application. The paint is thicker than cheap brands, providing good coverage.

Overall, Magnolia Home paint earns positive reviews for ease of application.

Benjamin Moore paints are also specially engineered to go on smoothly and evenly. The brand’s premium resins and additives mean less spattering and splattering during the rolling process. Benjamin Moore paint dries to a durable uniform finish.

With quality application brushes and rollers, you can achieve professional-looking results.

Based on user feedback, Magnolia and Benjamin Moore paints are on par when it comes to application and ease of use. Both provide a significantly better experience than lower quality bargain paints.

Pros and Cons of Magnolia Home Paint


Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Paint
  • Curated colors from Joanna Gaines provide stylish options
  • Zero VOC formula for healthy indoor air
  • Affordable price point for premium paint
  • Smooth application and even coverage
  • Exclusive availability at Home Depot stores


  • Only 50 color choices
  • Limited sheen options (matte, velvet, or suede)
  • No warranties or satisfaction guarantees
  • Must shop at Home Depot
  • Unknown solids content or paint specs

Pros and Cons of Benjamin Moore Paint


  • Over 3,500 colors to choose from
  • Wide range of sheens available
  • Better hide and one-coat coverage
  • Superior durability and color retention
  • Available at multiple retailers nationwide
  • Lifetime warranty on paints
  • Longstanding brand reputation


  • Paint is slightly more expensive per gallon
  • Overwhelming number of choices
  • Sample strips often required to narrow down colors

Should You Choose Magnolia or Benjamin Moore Paint?

For many homeowners, Benjamin Moore paint will be the best choice thanks to the unparalleled selection of colors, highly durable paint formulations, excellent coverage and hide, and lifetime warranty.

With ample paint choices, finishes, and retail availability, Benjamin Moore is hard to beat.

Benjamin Moore Advance

However, if you want paint colors curated by Joanna Gaines that seamlessly match Magnolia Home furnishings and décor, then the brand’s own Magnolia Home paints will appeal to loyal fans.

The affordable price point relative to other premium paints is another nice perk.

Magnolia Home paint offers a limited but stylish selection of trendy, neutral hues.

For budget-friendly access to Joanna’s designer palette, Magnolia paint is a great option. But DIYers who value variety and durability will prefer Benjamin Moore.

Ultimately, assess your specific project needs to decide if Magnolia’s cohesive colors or Benjamin Moore’s vast selection better suits your painting goals. Both offer quality paints that will give you a positive DIY experience with beautiful results.

Carefully weigh the pros and cons before visiting your nearest Home Depot or Benjamin Moore retailer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do painters prefer Benjamin Moore paint?

Professional painters often prefer Benjamin Moore because of its 3,500+ color options, durable paint formulations, thick coverage, and smooth application. Benjamin Moore paints make it easier for pros to achieve excellent results efficiently.

What company makes Magnolia home paint?

Magnolia Home brand paints are manufactured through a partnership with Home Depot. Joanna Gaines worked with Home Depot’s design team to create an exclusive line of Magnolia-branded paints.

Is Magnolia paint still fashionable?

Yes, Magnolia paint colors are still on-trend and fashionable. Joanna Gaines has a knack for creating timeless shades that feel fresh but not too bold or trendy. Her subtle, neutral palette has lasting appeal.

Is Benjamin Moore the best interior paint?

Benjamin Moore is consistently ranked as one of the top paint brands for interior and exterior paints. It is beloved by DIYers and professionals alike for its expansive color selection, paint quality, coverage, and durability across finishes. But many comparable premium brands also offer excellent interior paints.

Wrapping UP

When researching Magnolia vs. Benjamin Moore paint, it’s helpful to compare the key differences between the two brands. Consider factors like cost, color selection, availability, coverage, and warranties.

  • Magnolia Home paint offers curated colors from Joanna Gaines at an affordable price point. But the selection is limited and the durability is uncertain.
  • Benjamin Moore provides over 3,500 colors to choose from and superior coverage and durability thanks to professional-grade paint formulations. But the paint is pricier per gallon.

Whichever brand you select, apply two coats for the best results, and properly prep surfaces before painting. With some savvy research, you can choose the ideal paint to create a beautiful home interior or exterior.

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