LOXON XP Reviews 2024: Is The Masonry Coating Worth It?

You will find many masonry coatings in the market. But not all of them will give you the result you expect. You do not have to sweat blood searching for the right product, as I’ve brought to you Loxon XP, a high-quality waterproofing masonry coating. 

After studying many customer reviews, I’ve written this article from my own experience and consulting with professionals. So, you will get authentic information from here. 

So, let’s get down to business. 

Features of Loxon XP Masonry Coating 

Many unique features make Loxon stand out from other masonry coatings. You must know them to understand why so many professionals use them on their projects. 

So, here are some key features of Loxon XP Waterproofing Masonry Coating: 

  • An Excellent Choice of Masonry Coating 
LOXON XP Masonry Coating

Loxon XP is a high-build masonry coating from Sherwin Williams, one of the biggest names for paints and home improvement product manufacturers. 

The unique thing about Loxon XP is that you can apply it directly to a concrete surface.

Besides, it is flexible, durable, and weather-resistant. 

Another good thing about this coating is that you will get maximum performance with one less coat compared to others. That’s why you can finish your task quickly and efficiently. 

In a word, Loxon XP is an excellent choice for homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, and contractors. 

  • Great & Easy Application 

Using Loxon XP, you can coat your exterior surface and make them waterproof. It will protect your house’s wall from snow, wind-driven rainwater, and other moisture-related issues. 

You will get outstanding results using concrete, stucco, CMU, and shotcrete-gunite. 

Applying Loxon XP is comparatively easy than other coatings. You can withstand as low as 35°F of temperature. Use a brush, paint roller, or an airless sprayer to apply this coating to your concrete surface. 

It will be wise to wait overnight before applying a second coat if necessary. You can both spray and backroll on porous surfaces. Here is a great application video of this coating.

  • A Long List of Benefits 

Sherwin Williams Loxon XP brings a lot of benefits with it. Because of these intriguing benefits, it is a go-to choice for many contractors. Let’s see what benefits you’ll enjoy by applying Loxon XP. 

We know that you can directly apply Loxon XP to a new concrete surface. However, it has to be at least 7 days old. 

Besides, it can be applied on high pH surfaces with a rating of 6 to 13. You will get an excellent resistance against wind-driven rain with two coats. 

Loxon XP is also highly resistant to alkali and efflorescence. I did not have to use any primer on it. Plus, you will get pretty good mildew resistance from this waterproofing coating. 

  • Outstanding Performance 

Loxon XP becomes touch dry in just 6 hours at 35-45°F temperature. However, it takes only 4 hours at more than 45°F. At 35-45°F, you can recoat in 24 to 48 hours. But at 45°F, it becomes ready for another coat within 24 hours. 

According to many professionals with field knowledge, you can cover 85 to 110 square foot area per gallon of Loxon XP. 

  • Available Color & Sheen 

You will have 4 color options and 2 sheen options for Loxon XP. Extra White, Deep Base, Ultradeep, and Light Yellow are the four colors available for this coating. 

On the other hand, it comes with two sheen options. 

A Flat sheen with a non-reflective look effectively hides surface impurities, and a Satin sheen with a slightly glossy look offers a richer outlook. 

  • Easy Cleanup 

Cleaning Loxon XP is relatively easy. You will need warm water and soap to clean any spills, spatters, tools, and your hands. But make sure to wash off the coating immediately after using. 

Use a compliant cleanup solvent to flush spray after cleaning your tools; otherwise, they might erode. 

  • Price 

The list price of Loxon XP is $85.50. But you will get many discounts on various online and offline stores. But there is a mixed reaction among users about its price. 

While some think the price is okay, other things are a bit expensive. 

What Could Have Been Better With LOXON XP? 

LOXON XP Coatings

With so many positive features, it’s easier to think that it has no bad side. But it will be naïve of you to think that. Loxon XP has some drawbacks too. 

After knowing them, you will get a complete picture of this product. Let’s see some of the cons of Loxon XP: 

  • Extra Dry Time 

Loxon XP takes more than 2 days to dry at a lower temperature. It even takes a day to become touch dry at more than 45°F. Besides, you can recoat after 24-48 hours of your initial coat. It’s a lot of waiting for both drying and recoating. 

  • Less Color option 

Loxon XP offers 4 color options: Extra White, Deep Base, Ultradeep, and Light Yellow. But many people expect more colors of this product. 

So, Sherwin Williams should focus on it and introduce more colors so that customers can choose their desired one. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

How good is Loxon XP?

Loxon XP is a superb waterproofing masonry coating for exterior surfaces. It effectively protects your house wall from snow and rainwaters. 

What is Loxon XP used for?

Loxon XP is a surface coating used for waterproofing exterior masonry walls. It protects your wall from moisture and resists mildew, alkali, and efflorescence. 

How long does it take for Loxon XP to dry?

Loxon XP takes up to 48 hours to become touch dry at lower temperatures. But it will take up to 24 hours at higher temperatures. 

Is Loxon XP elastomeric?

Loxon XP has high elastomeric flexibility. As a result, you will see excellent results and longevity from this coating. 


We all know the importance of sealing our houses against wind-driven rainwater and snow. If we do not use a proper coating, moisture won’t take long to show its action.

After reading my LOXON XP reviews, I’m sure you are convinced that it is a good option for waterproofing your masonry wall and other surfaces. I can say it will bring great value with all the pros and cons. 

Ralph Wade

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7 thoughts on “LOXON XP Reviews 2024: Is The Masonry Coating Worth It?

  1. Hey Ralph
    I’m Jim I bought 3. 5gal. Bucket’s so far I need to waterproof my entire exterior walls back, side and front. My house is old and damp especially the basement. The exterior walls are some kind of cheap pores wanna be stone applied to with mortor and screening. I’m filling in cracked joints ect… With mortor and Fortifier liquid and smaller areas I use mortor in a tube. But over all I found your article very helpful thank you. And this project is taking more time to prep than to apply the product.

  2. Hey Ralph. The extra white base is for tinting light colors. The deep base is for medium colors,and the ultra deep is for dark colors. The yellow base is for colors in yellow range. This makes it possible do make just about any color you like.

  3. Is this considered a stucco where it fills in the cracks around a house/ My house is 13 years old and needs repainting. Would 5 gals work or do I need 10 gals? Thx

  4. The colors you mentioned, and only being 4 colors, is wrong. Those are bases, not colors. They then use tint formulas in those bases to make any of hundreds of colors. This is how all of their paints are, with 3 or 4 tintable bases. All paint gets tinted to the desired colors in the store.

  5. Just had painters use Loxon to paint all the stucco on my house (entire front of a 2 story house). Took 3 coats (12 gallons), as the 30 year old stucco had never been painted. Even spraying and backrolling still had issues with giving a patchy appearance, didn’t blend that well with previous coat and took significant time to get it right. Painter wasn’t very happy with Loxon, and said he wouldn’t use it again, but he did what it took to have a good final result.

  6. Question…..can I paint my outdoor brick stairs with this product? Or will it make stairs slippery when wet, from rain or snow.

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