Libman Vs. O-Cedar Spin Mops: Which Is Better For Your Floors?

Mops are a cleaning essential in most homes. They allow you to quickly and easily wash your floors without having to get down on your hands and knees to scrub.

Spin mops take the convenience even further with their easy ring-out systems. Just a few pumps of the pedal and the mop head spins, removing dirt and excess water.

Libman and O-Cedar are two of the top brands when it comes to spin mops. They each offer well-designed tools that make washing floors a breeze. But they have some key differences that you’ll want to consider when making your choice.

In this guide, we’ll give you a detailed overview of Libman and O-Cedar spin mops. We’ll look at the features of each, their pros and cons, and do a side-by-side comparison.

Read on to learn which is best for your needs and your floors!

A Detailed Comparison Table

FeatureLibman Spin MopO-Cedar Spin Mop
Mop HeadTriangular microfiber, pivotsTriangular microfiber, dual-sided
Mop Head Size18″12″
HandleStainless steel, telescopingAluminum, telescoping
Handle Height26″ – 51″24″ – 51″
BucketPlastic angler with wheelsPlastic with splash guard
Bucket Capacity7 quarts7.5 quarts
WringerStep pedalStep pedal
Weight5 lbs4 lbs
Colors AvailableBlueMultiple

As you can see by the comparison, the mops share many similarities but also have some key differences:

  • The Libman has a larger mop head at 18″ compared to 12″ on the O-Cedar.
  • The Libman handle is stainless steel vs aluminum for O-Cedar.
  • Libman’s angler bucket has built-in wheels.
  • O-Cedar offers the mop head and bucket in multiple color choices.
  • Both models have telescoping handles that adjust to user height.
  • They both use triangular microfiber mop heads that glide easily and pick up dirt.
  • The pedal wringing system makes it easy to remove dirty water from the mops.

Overview of Libman and O-Cedar Spin Mops

Libman Spin Mop

Libman Tornado Spin Mop

The Libman spin mop features a triangular mop head that pivots to get into corners and along edges.

It has a built-in spinner that allows you to wring out the mop head by pumping a pedal.

This removes excess water and dirt.

The mop head is microfiber and is machine washable.

Libman says it can pick up more dust and dirt than a traditional string mop.

They also say the triangular head can clean up to 40% more floor space.

Other key features:

  • Telescoping stainless steel handle adjusts from 26″ to 51″
  • Angler bucket with integrated splash guard
  • Sturdy wheels make it easy to transport full bucket
  • Cotton chenille dusting pad included

O-Cedar Spin Mop

O-Cedar RinseClean Spin Mop & Bucket System

The O-Cedar spin mop also uses a triangular mop head, but it has microfiber “PowerWring” technology.

This lets you wring out the mop head by stepping on a pedal and spinning away excess liquid.

The microfiber triangle head glides across floors and can be machine washed.

O-Cedar says their mop picks up 50% more dirt and has 20% more scrubbing power than a traditional mop.

Other features:

  • Telescoping metal handle adjusts from 24″ to 51″
  • Durable plastic bucket with built-in wringer
  • Angled splash guard on bucket
  • Mop head has two scrub zones for cleaning

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of each spin mop.

Pros and Cons of Libman and O-Cedar Spin Mops

Libman Spin Mop Pros:

  • Angler bucket designed not to tip over
  • Wheels on bucket make transport easy
  • Cotton chenille pad included for dusting
  • Stainless steel handle won’t rust
  • Mop head has eco-friendly recycled microfiber

Libman Cons:

  • Plastic pieces may be prone to breaking
  • Only comes in one color option
  • Not as ergonomic as the O-Cedar

O-Cedar Spin Mop Pros:

  • Ergonomic handle and pedal design
  • PowerWring gets more water out of mop
  • Dual-sided mop head has scrubby and soft microfiber
  • Several bucket color choices
  • Better edge cleaning with dual mop head

O-Cedar Cons:

  • Bucket may leak over time
  • No wheels on bucket
  • Handle can loosen over time
  • Only a small mop head included

As you can see, both spin mops have excellent features and very few drawbacks. The Libman may have a slight edge for convenience with the wheeled bucket, while the O-Cedar offers better ergonomics.

Key Differences Between Libman and O-Cedar

While Libman and O-Cedar share many similar features, there are some notable differences between the two spin mops:

Mop Head Size

One major difference is the size of the mop heads.

  • Libman has an extra large 18″ mop head.
  • O-Cedar’s mop head is smaller at 12″ wide.

The Libman’s bigger mop head lets you cover more floor area with each pass. This makes cleaning larger spaces faster. It’s a good choice for bigger rooms.

The O-Cedar’s compact head makes it great for getting into tighter spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. It provides good control and maneuverability.

So consider your floor space when choosing between the large Libman head vs the smaller O-Cedar.

Handle Material

The handles on these two mops are made of different materials:

  • Libman uses stainless steel for its handle.
  • O-Cedar utilizes aluminum for its handle.

The stainless steel handle on the Libman mop should provide better durability. It won’t bend or warp as easily as aluminum does. Stainless steel also won’t rust over time.

However, aluminum is lighter in weight. The O-Cedar mop weighs a pound less than the Libman’s. So if you want a really lightweight option, the O-Cedar may be better.

Bucket Design

There are some clear differences in the bucket design between Libman and O-Cedar:

  • Libman’s bucket has built-in wheels for rolling across floors. This makes transporting it very easy.
  • O-Cedar’s bucket does not have wheels. You have to carry it when full.
  • Libman uses an angled bucket shape to prevent tipping.
  • O-Cedar uses a standard bucket design.

Libman’s wheeled bucket is hugely convenient for moving the mop from room to room.

The angled shape also keeps the bucket steady.

But the O-Cedar bucket does have a slightly larger capacity at 7.5 quarts over Libman’s 7 quarts.

Wringing Mechanism

Both Libman and O-Cedar use foot pedals to operate the wringing mechanism that spins water out of the mop heads. But O-Cedar’s system removes more liquid:

  • O-Cedar’s PowerWring technology is specially designed to wring out all excess water and leave floors drier.
  • Libman’s wringer works well but doesn’t remove as much liquid as the O-Cedar.

If leaving floors really dry is important to you, the O-Cedar may be the better option. The PowerWring system lives up to its name.

Scrubbing Ability

When it comes to scrubbing power, O-Cedar again has an edge:

  • Its microfiber mop head has two zones – one for scrubbing and one for absorption.
  • Libman’s mop head is just regular microfiber without special scrubbing zones.

The dual-zone O-Cedar mop head lets you scrub tougher messes and stains while also cleaning the floor thoroughly. Its scrubbing zone has specially designed microfiber to scour surfaces.

Color Choices

O-Cedar offers their spin mops in several color options for the mop head and bucket:

  • You can choose from red, blue, green, grey, and more.
  • Libman only makes their mop in one color – blue.

The ability to choose colors gives the O-Cedar an aesthetic edge over the single blue option from Libman. Pick your favorite shade to match your decor.

So Which Is Better – Libman or O-Cedar?

Libman Spin Mop
Libman Spin Mop

Based on this detailed comparison, which spin mop comes out on top – the Libman or O-Cedar?

The Libman spin mop wins when it comes to having the largest mop head and a wheeled bucket for convenience.

Its stainless steel handle also gives it durability.

But the O-Cedar rates higher for its ergonomic design, dual-sided mop head, and color options.

The PowerWring technology really does an excellent job of wringing out all excess liquid.

Both spin mops will effectively clean floors and are easy to use. The Libman may appeal more to those wanting a large mop head and wheeled bucket. The O-Cedar is perfect if you want better ergonomics and a dual-scrubbing mop head.

You can’t go wrong with either brand. Both Libman and O-Cedar make high-quality spin mops that will have your floors clean in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best brand of spin mops?

Based on expert tests and customer reviews, the best spin mop brands are O-Cedar and Libman. They rate highest for their easy-to-use designs, effective cleaning power, and durable construction. Other top brands include Bissell, Hurricane, and Carrand.

How good is the O-cedar spin mop?

The O-Cedar spin mop consistently ranks among the best spin mops available. It earns high marks for its triangular microfiber mop head, sturdy aluminum handle, and hands-free wringer. Reviewers praise how easy it is to use and how well it cleans floors.

Why is the O-Cedar mop so popular?

There are several reasons for the O-Cedar spin mop’s popularity:
1. Its exclusive microfiber mop head is highly effective at picking up dirt.
2. The PowerWring technology makes wringing out the mop super easy.
3. It’s very affordable compared to other spin mops.
4. The ergonomic handle and pedal design are comfortable to use.
5. It’s lightweight while still being durable.
6. Multiple color options allow you to choose your style.

Is Libman made in the USA?

Yes, Libman spin mops are made in the USA. The company manufactures its mops and other cleaning tools at its facility in Arcola, Illinois. Libman is family-owned and has been making quality cleaning products in the US since 1896.

Wrapping Up

Whether you choose the convenient Libman or ergonomic O-Cedar, a good spin mop can make washing floors much easier. Both brands offer excellent cleaning performance and durability.

Make your decision based on the features that matter most – mop head size, bucket style, handle design, and price. With proper care, your new spin mop should provide sparkling clean floors for years to come.

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