Lepage Windows Vs. Marvin Windows: In-depth Differences

Marvin windows are designed for residential use and are durable with excellent craftsmanship. They offer sound control, energy efficiency, and better insulation than most other brands, adding value to your home while enhancing curb appeal.

Lepage windows, on the other hand, are designed specifically for commercial use. They’re durable, offering excellent thermal efficiency and durability, but they don’t offer the same craftsmanship as Marvin windows.

The other differences between the two are discussed in this guide below:

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsLepage WindowsMarvin Windows
Choice of materialwood, fiberglass, and aluminum optionsHardwood, fiberglass, and aluminum options
Energy EfficiencyMore energy efficientSaves up to 25%
QualityInternationally standardsNationally recognized
Flexibilityinstalled up to 2 feet wideInstalled up to 1.5 feet wide
Durabilitymade from a high-grade aluminum alloy that is corrosion-resistant  Strong and can withstand decades of use.

Key Differences Between Lepage And Marvin Windows

  • Design
Lepage Windows
Lepage Windows

Marvin windows were designed with the traditional look in mind.

Marvin windows are made of wood and come in many styles, such as classic, colonial, and craftsman.

They are offered in a wide range of colors and designs.

Marvin’s windows can be customized to match any style of home.

Lepage’s design blends modern technology and innovative design with an artisan feel.

Lepage’s windows are handmade to ensure fantastic quality and timeless beauty.

They come in a wide array of colors, shapes, and patterns. They are even customizable to match any style of home.

  • Choice of Materials

Marvin offers Hardwood, fiberglass, and aluminum options for their windows. Each material has its benefits, depending on your home type.

Lepage offers wood, fiberglass, and aluminum options for their windows. Every window is handcrafted from the commercial-grade grade aluminum alloy the doors are made of.

The only difference is that each window’s frame is made from wood for a unique style and look.  Each window is also scored to allow for an easier installation since the glass can be easily replaced if it breaks.

  • Energy Efficiency

Marvin windows are made from wood, a natural and sustainable resource. Wood is an insulator, making it an energy-efficient material that can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

All Marvin wood windows are Energy Star® certified for up to 25% energy savings. If you choose Marvin windows, you should download the energy guide.

Lepage windows are more energy efficient than standard vinyl windows due to the triple pane glass used in some models. Triple pane glass allows the window to block up to 90% heat transfer, even on warm sunny days.

  • Weather Protection
Marvin Windows
Marvin Windows

Wood is a natural material used in Marvin windows.

It’s a renewable resource that can be used repeatedly without harming the environment.

In the same way, our triple glass (or security) windows are made from a renewable resource.

The glass is manufactured from recycled materials such as old appliance parts.

Lepage triple pane glass allows the window to block up to 90% heat transfer, even on warm sunny days.

  • Quality

Marvin windows are made in America and manufactured by skilled craftsmen. Every detail is put into designing and creating the perfect window for your home.

Lepage works with a worldwide network of artisans who locally handcraft and individually assemble our windows. This ensures a perfect fit, classic style, and superior performance.

  • Flexibility

Unlike vinyl windows, Marvin windows are made from more versatile hardwood. Marvin windows can be installed in any home, opening up to 1.5 feet wide.

Lepage and Marvin’s windows are handmade in small foundries and specifically designed for each window’s architectural details and size. As a result, they are smaller than the vinyl windows and can only be installed up to 2 feet wide.

  • Durability

Marvin windows are made from hardwood which is more durable than vinyl. The wood used in Marvin’s windows is strong and can withstand decades of use. This means you won’t need to worry about your windows for years.

Lepage windows are handmade and designed to last a lifetime. The windows are made from a high-grade aluminum alloy that is corrosion-resistant and won’t be affected by moisture.

They are even finished with UV inhibitors to keep them looking newer for longer.

Which Windows Is Better?

Beautiful Lepage Windows

Lepage windows are more expensive than Marvin Windows, but they have a 15-year warranty and a better energy efficiency rating.

They also have a lower installation cost.

On the other hand, Marvin Windows may be cheaper upfront, but their lack of warranty makes them riskier in the long run.

Lepage is made using a combination of skills from international designers.

This means their designs are unique and appealing to the eyes compared to the basic Marvin Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Marvin’s Windows as Good as Pella’s?

Marvin’s windows are made to be as cheap as possible. They are still good at noise reduction, but they aren’t perfect when it comes to durability.
Marvin uses aluminum frames for their windows, which don’t hold up very well in comparison to the steel frames used by Pella. This can cause premature failure and cracks because of strong winds that cause flexing in the steel frame. Aluminum also doesn’t offer the same level of safety as steel.

How Do Marvin Windows Rank?

Marvin Windows received an A+ Score with Better Business Bureau.

Are Marvin Windows Good Quality?

Marvin windows promise a sound quality that will last decades with minimal maintenance.

What Wood Does Marvin Windows Use?

Marvin windows are made from a selection of hardwoods, including; Vertical grain Douglas Fir, Mahogany, and Pine.


Based on the different features between Marvin and Lepage windows, it is clear to say you should buy a window that fits your style.

Marvin window scored an A+ with Better Business Burial but is less energy efficient than Lepage windows. Both windows offer a unique design; however, Marvin is the cheaper option of the two window systems.

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